Tecún Umán Border Post | Customs and Immigration



Last Visited: about 2 months ago
GPS: 14.67496, -92.14214
Altitude: 29.0 masl


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160Q is the cost of TIP (good for 3 months) for a camper Van, 38Q for fumigation: total cost to enter Guatemala from Mexico. Copies of passport, drivers license and registration plus copies of the Guatemala stamp and some others after you pay at the bank. Copy store just across of Aduana (has a sign for foto store, ask the guys on tricycles to tell you) 1Q per page). All good but very slow. (Plus 17 mexican pesos for auto or 8 pesos for moto for crossing the bridge at the mexican side).


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We went both ways, entered Guatemala and two days later we returned to Mexico (for a border run). In Guatemala they were kind but very thorough (most thorough search of car and papers of all of three crossings). The TIP took a long time, but that was the case at all guat crossings. We came back within the 90 days of having to be outside, and he at first didn’t want to make us a TIP. We got through the first time by switching on who’s name the TIP is. He didn’t believe this could work, but he ended up doing it anyway without issues. He checked the car and all the data twice (our registration is about to expire and he did mention this). All in all, it went fine but they are more thorough than other crossings!
- 170Q for the TIP
- 17Q for the bridge
- 37Q For fumigation (we paid with credit card)

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Crossed with my motorbike this morning. No signs when you get close to the border, the first port is on the left, its the commercial port which you don't use. Continue into town, follow google maps to the non-commercial entry point. Very quiet this morning, I never waited in line for anything. First stop is Mexico Banjercito to return your TVIP, straight forward. Then pay 9 pesos to cross the bridge into Guatemala. As soon as you cross I didn't have to fumigate my motorbike but vehicles need to. Theres's a lady in a booth right there collecting the fee for vehicles to fumigate. Then park to your right, there's a building on your left you go into to get our tourist VISA. As soon as you park money exchangers will ask if you want to exchange your Mx pesos or US $ to Guatemala quetzales, fair rates. No helpers were present, you don't need them, easy process. Then go enter the building, first you have to show the nurse your vax card OR a negative covid test. Then enter the office, fill out free tourist VISA form, he'll stamp your passport, keep the VISA and give you a piece of paper he writes a number on. Then I hopped onto my bike drove a little ahead and you'll see the SAT office ahead. Park to the right by the building. Go in, they'll wanna see the piece of paper with the tourist VISA number on it. Then he'll ask for your passport, driver's license, and vehicle title, and they want one copy of each. I forgot to get a copy of my passport after they stamped it with the Guatemala entry VISA, guess you could walk into town and get a copy, but the guy in the SAT office was nice and did it for me. He'll issue you a note to pay 160 quetzales which you do and the bank right behind you in the same building (they provide change), then go back to the SAT guy and show him the receipt. He'll walk out, do a quick vehicle inspection, and place an SAT sticker on your windshield. Then I hopped back onto my bike, and as you ride by the SAT offices they recheck your paperwork and sticker, and you're good to go.

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We're gone from Mexico to Guatemala. Actually you need a Vaccination certificate and a antigen test. Ask at the passenger shelter for a registration number for the TIP. You need this number to get the TIP. We paid 160 Quetzal for the TIP.

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From Mexico to Guatemala.
Easy crossing.
On Guatemala border, for non vaccinated people, you need a negative test (PCR or antigen) and make two copies of it. One copy goes to the guy that takes your temperature, the other copy goes to the migracion officer.

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We crossed the border on Monday, March 1. Everyone was very friendly. They asked for our Covid test before starting the immigration process. It was a woman sitting at a little white table, she takes your temperature and accepts a copy of your negative COVID test then gives you a piece of paper with your temperature written on it and you go to immigrations. After immigrations you go to get the TIP across the lot. I believe it was $26 for 90 days. You have to pay in cash. If you don’t have cash you can exchange currency across the street. They did 7.20q per USD. You can always make copies across the street. They searched the car a bit. They didn’t take away any of our food and searched our duffel bags pretty intensely, but all was good! Very pleasant border crossing experience. Must have taken an hour total once we left Mexico. They also fumigate your car and give you a certificate before you do the Covid check. Safe travels!

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everything as described. super easy and super friendly people. I'm driving my truck south with all my surfboards in the back and the parking was secure. took about an hour max to go through fumigation, immigration and SAT for the TIP. Copy shop across the street was closed. hang a right on the main road in front of SAT and go about a block. there's another copy shop there.

they wanted copies of title, license, passport (photo page and stamp page) and that's it.

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Crossing to guatemala from
mexico. We are from Canada with an RV and 2 cats.
- fumigation is still on.
- They asked us if we had animals, we said yes. Then a nightmare began. We were surrounded by like 4 men to tell us what to do... One of them spoke english and went through the whole process with us. So we had to tell them to be more calm and we will do one thing at a time, they were rushing us. So we went with the animal quarantine inspector guy to know what we needed. Then he handed us a small piece of paper with hand written prices for the cats. We had to go pay at the bank that is a bit further (where there is a gate at the end of street), inside the building on the left. The girl saw i was with a stranger and told me to be careful they wanted money. So i took even more precaution.. But the guy was really nice. (yes he was a helper but i didn’t know that because the guy looked really clean and official and didn’t told me he was doing this for money, anyways i refused to pay him).
- Then we had to make so many copies of documents and to go back and forth in between the copie shop and the aduana.. They forgot to tell us how many copy they needed for each document and it was just a nightmare, even the lady to get my TVIP was not accepting the copies i had made home because it had to much informations on them that they didn’t needed..
- Finally the rest is accurate it was just really long mostly because of the cats.
- We paid about 217 quetzals for 2 cats to have an importation permit for all the central america countries.
- (they didn’t ask for it at el salvador border)

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Remember to ask the “declaracion jurada” in guatemala side when you get stamped the passport because you need thar for customs and for the car papers.
Slow but the guy was helpful.

Los tres militares que nxs revisarxn fueron muy tranquilos y amables. Apenas asomaron la cabeza en el camper. Fuimxs con buena onda y modo turista. Cruzamxs con frutas, verduras, miel y todo lo que siempre llevábamxs en Mexico.
En total tardamxs 30min en cancelar el permiso de importación temporal mexicano, 15 min en sellar la salida y 15 min sellar lngreso guatemala (y fumigacion) y casi 1 hs en hacer los papeles de la camioneta.

No se olviden de que en caso de que maneje más de uno, pedir que se incluya a todos los conductores. Hay que presentar pasaporte y licencia vigente de todxs, y las fotocopias es mejor hacerlas ahí porque piden la fotocopia del sello de ingreso a guatemala y la del papel de la declaración jurada.

Mucha suerte compañerxs!

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Hi,we crossed at Ciudad Hidalgo on the Mexican side to Tecan Uman on the Guatemalan side. It was very straightforward. We drove into the compound and parked the car. We visited the Bandjercito (Mexican side) and checked we could keep our car permit (TVIP) open for the car as we are returning through Mexico at a later date.She said yes, this is fine. We went to Mexican immigration for exiting Mexico, a little hut a hundred metres away. We got our exit stamp and had to hand in BOTH the tourist entry card and proof of payment (this was an A4 piece of paper for each of us with our details on and stating we had paid on entry). We did not get charged an exit fee. We paid 17 pesos to cross the bridge to Guatemala-this was clearly marked, similar to the cuota booths throughout Mexico. We then parked at the car fumigation stop and paid 17 Quetzals to an official and got a printed receipt. We then drove to Guatemalan immigration (very close) and parked. The lovely gentleman stamped us into Guatemala and there was no charge. He gave us a form to fill in for the car. We then went to the aduana, who was brilliant. We gave him the drivers passport, driving license, the car ownership document and he gave us a piece of paper which we took over the hall to the bank, paid our 160 Quetzals, returned to the aduana-who came with us to the car and stuck out Guatemalan permit on the windscreen. He did not need any copies of our paperwork. This was our experience today.

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take care, lot of robber...

we had to pay near 3000 pesos for 4 to get a stamp on our passeport (mexican side to leave). it was impossible to enter guatemala without this stamp. lot of robber!!! take really care. we will leave guatemala to honduras asap.

the guy of immigration ask us money to enter Guatemala. don't pay.

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160Q is the cost of TIP (good for 3 months) for a camper Van, 38Q for fumigation: total cost to enter Guatemala from Mexico. Copies of passport, drivers license and registration plus copies of the Guatemala stamp and some others after you pay at the bank. Copy store just across of Aduana (has a sign for foto store, ask the guys on tricycles to tell you) 1Q per page). All good but very slow. (Plus 17 mexican pesos for auto or 8 pesos for moto for crossing the bridge at the mexican side).

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