Cabañas La Habana | Established Campground



Last Visited: 2 months ago
GPS: 15.663060, -96.516200
Altitude: 15.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: Yes - Slow
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Cold
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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Cabanas, camping, trailer park right on the beach.


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One of best surprises of the vacation. About 15 bungalows/ cabanas for rent at 600 pesos per night. And about 15-20 spots for tent camping on the beach for 100/pesos/person per night. Amazingly quiet at night for the amount of guests present. Lots of dogs on the beach, but even they didn’t bark at night. Two of the best nights sleep we had in Mexico. Great mix of free spirits here, nudists, hippies, gay. Nothing in your face. Owners / Managers need to work on tact and smiling a bit more, but it is what it is. We still enjoyed the place a lot. Parking is free, but limited. It is definitely not an RV park, and not the spot for a RTT or pop top van. Also, cheapest cold beers on the beach at 20 pesos.

Nice place! we spent 5 days here. they have 2-3 space for small rig.lots of shade. cold shower. restaurant right next door. small town near to shop basics.

Great views they have all we need 80MX$ per person

We stayed there for 3 nights, 100$ pp. Nice beach, good showers, lots of shade, small parking area & wifi didn't work ...
The restaurant to the right/south is nice and with wifi ☺

Nothing bad to say. Ok you are in a parking lot (the village is so small, almost impossible to Park anywhere else) but you're in front of the océan and can relax under the cabanas for shadow. The owner is not nice. She has different prices for différent reasons and it doesnt make sense. Be sure to deal when you arrive and pay when you deal.

Unfortunately the pictures are not correct anymore. There are only 2 parking spaces for 2 small campers

20.02.19 bis 03.03.2019
Leider stimmen die Bilder nicht mehr. Es gibt nur noch 2 Stellplàtze für kleine Wohnmobile. Durch Erweiterung der Cabanas.

What a disappointing spot. This place is soooo overrated. I bet it's nice if you stay in the cabanas or in a tent but living in your van is different experience. There's no place between campers/cars, you almost can't fully open your doors and you hear your neighbors snoring, nice.

We stayed for one night and paid 120$ without electricity. When we asked for the cabanas they told us it was 400$ thanks.

But bathrooms and showers are reaaaally clean:))))) and the beach is nice!

Not recommended for truck campers or small rvs. Barely any room to park. We are 22 feet and 11 ft high. Tricky getting in. Had to push a power line up on the street to get in and out. Also, If you want to walk around naked at camp, this is the spot.

The ambience and the vibe on the beach is still as relaxed but unfortunately the overnight stay was unbearable. The bawling and the loud music until the early morning hours is nerving and do not let you sleep at night. The parking lot is now even smaller because more cabanas and a bar were built. And thus remains only little space between the cars.

It's a beautiful campspot. They asked us for 150p while the cabañas are 200p. In the end we stayed for 120p p/vehicle.

The owner charges what he wants.
This time, first he asked 250pesos for the night with electricity. Since we paid 120pesos three months ago without electricity, we managed to lower the price to 150pesos for the night with electricity.

paid 100 peso for a camper truck two persons. On the beach. Clean bathrooms and showers but NOISY from the early morning due to construction of new cabañas. A lot of naked people walking on the beach. Fun. We met two other campers.

150 pesos/night for a cabana

Justo en la playa, en estos dias las olas llegan hasta las cabañas asi que las casas de campaña se mojan hay que acampar en el parqueo y es muy asoleado, el restaurante de al lado sal y pimienta es muy bueno y las porciones muy abundantes, baños limpios, ricas duchas frías. 100 pesos el Motorhome 200 pesos las cabañas.

Muy buen lugar, solo dos RV por ahora, se puede organizar camping debajo de las cabañas, baños y duchas bastante limpios, de vez en cuando pasa un nudista... playa no apta para niños.

Now 120pesos the night. Convenient place. Very clean sanitarios.

Stayed in the "camping" area for the cars. Nothing to rave about and definitely not our favourite place. However only 100mx a night. No electric. The bar beside us pumped music until at least 3AM. People rode around on quads all night too. No shade to park under. Would look for somewhere else to car camp if we came back to zipolite again.

We have been here a few days already, and will probably be at least a few more! Hard to leave a place so chill. I don't know about "junkies", but there are many nudists/hippies/young/old/locals/all types of people here. The vibe is very relaxed. We are among 4 other camper vans and have formed a kind of little community. The cabanas are 300 pesos, smaller ones 250, and camping is 100 (without electricity). Wifi works sometimes really well, others not the best. Very clean showers and bathrooms. There is a space to wash dishes/laundry and ropes to hang to dry. Restaurant La Habana and Sal y Pimienta are both SO GOOD and very cheap with massive portions.
*edit* we stayed for two weeks. Great place

nice spot to hang around. 150 mxn for 6m rig and 2 people. loc is next to beach. opposite to it's map entry.

This is one of the best spots we have found so far. Park steps away from the ocean with a covered space near to hang a hammock. Vendors walk by all day and there is a great taco stand across the street for a cheap dinner. What was going to be one night became 5 and we could have stayed longer! 100/nt w/o electricity.

It was a great place to stay. Put out hammocks and was able to relax and just enjoy the view. 150 pesos for 4 people with electricity. Everyone was very nice and friendly and had vendors walk by selling food, drinks, hammocks and more...

I'm not sure where the other reviewers stayed, but camping at this place is way too close for me. No space between spots. My idea of camping is not side by side in a full parking lot. Just a bunch of partiers on the beach. No thanks.

Great place to set up camp and stay awhile. $150 pesos a night. Wifi, electricity, clean showers and bathrooms and room for 6 or so rigs. Perfect location right on the beach.

Simple and nice. The bathrooms are ok. Friendly people!

Super chill place on the beach. We were going to be here for a night or two but ended up staying for 2 1/2 weeks. New Years celebration got VERY crowded but still stayed pretty chilled out.

Stayed here almost three weeks. 50p camping on the beach. Fast wifi, clean and functional toilets and showers. Sal y Pimenta next door is fantastic, especially the burgers. Ate once at the restaurant they just opened up on site: reasonable prices but no so great food (but it was opening day). Across the street a lady sells 20p michealadas (cheapest in Mexico) that are great. My favourite place in all of Mexico.

Our favorite spot so far. 150 Pesos with electricity for our 24ft rig. Tell them if you don't use aircondition. Otherwise they charge 50 Pesos extra for electricity. If you pick the first site near the restrooms you have a pretty fast internet. Very clean bathrooms. Put your hammock out and enjoy a place right on the beach. The only Con: It's hard to leave.

Definitely a totally relaxed place. Awesome sunsets, nice breeze. Clean baños and friendly staff.

Stayed here for 4 days. Awesome beach and full of nude hippes. The restaurante next to the camping called Sal y pimienta is delicious and alot cheaper than most beach restaurants.

Great place, we didn't want to leave! They charged us 200 pesos for a cabaña (judging by some previous posts, maybe we should've bargained a bit!). Camping was 50p per person. Beautiful spot, really chilled. Some nudists on the beach. Clean bathrooms, nice bars and restaurants on the beach and in town.

Enjoyed this great spot right on the beach for 5 nights. Didn't want to leave!

Great place to camp right in front of the beach, stayed 5 nights after planning on staying 1. staff are slightly rude and tried to get 50 pesos for electricity so we decided to not use it. hung our hammocks up under the cabanas and enjoyed the sea breezes and views! there are people walking around selling stuff all the time too- we got fresh tuna everyday! 100 per night for camping with clean toilets and showers. they have a washing machine which you can also rent or there is a laundry in town and a few good stores which are small but extensive!

Nice cabañas just in front the sea for 150p for two people. the cost for sleep in our van was 100 without electricity and 120 with, but we finally slept 4 nits in the cabañas. highly recommended but the staff is not very friendly. the toilets are clean. the beach is amazing and there is also a nice restaurant on the side where the fish burguers are really good.

Stayed 4 nights. One of the better places for the money. 100pesos for two people and you get clean bathrooms with toilet seats and sometimes even TP, and the shower has water pressure!!! Great hammock spots, long Beach walks, surf if you like. Walk all the way to the end at the left side and there is a stair case to playa Armor. Cute little private beach nice for swimming. Interest cut out a couple times. otherwise fast. Favorite thing about our time here was running into two other overlanders!!!!

dog friendly cabana for 150. one of my favorite places.

Day 2 here and loving it. 100 peso/night for the two of us without electricity. Other amenities as per other posts. Parked the truck up to palapa and hung our hammock up. Beautiful spot. May brings very warm, humid weather. Therefore lots of time paddling in the water. Down the left end of the bay the water is a bit safer as not as strong rip/undertow. Could easily spend anotger few nights here.

There is a restaurant directly across this hotel , beach front eating. I camped there overnight and there is also a hammock to sleep in. I talked to the owners son in law Luis and he said camping was free and you can set up your tent under the palapa and sleep with the ocean waves and wake up to a beautiful view. I'm also riding my motorcycle all over central america so there is safe motorcycle parking in the restaurant at night where you can pull your bike in. Great food and some of the best views definitely worth the $100 pesos dinner I had last night and got to camp for free. There is also a tour for $180 pesos to go see dolphins and sea turtles that leaves at 10am. Very quiet night and no one bothered me. felt super safe in this area.

Our favorite camp spot to date! Camping under cabanas right on the beach. Clean bathrooms and showers with laundry sink available. If you want to get out of your hammock it's an easy 3 min walk to town where there are lots of good restaurants and some tiendas. Or stay in your hammock and wait for the next vendor to bring you chocolate pastries, tacos, coffee, chips, Mezcal, etc. We LOVED it!!

Great place right on the beach. They wanted 150pesos a night but we got them down to 125pesos per night with electricity for 2 people. Wifi is good. No shade. Clean toilets and showers

We loved this place almost felt like paradise. 150 pesos with electricity. Basic bathrooms are cleaned everyday. Owners are very nice. If you are in the mood to go to a restaurant there are plenty. Best fish was in the restaurant right next to us!

30.11.2015 bis 17.02.2016 ein Wohlfūhlplatz

great little spot. decided to stay 3 nights not one. paid 150p with power. Wi-Fi was pretty good; hung sometimes. awesome sunsets. very relaxed.

Neat camp spot in front of nice sandy beach. Park behind the palapa style cabanas to camp in your vehicle for 100 pesos a night (2 people). 50 pesos for electricity. Clean restrooms and somewhat salty showers. Nice restaurant right next to cabanas. You can hang hammocks or pitch a tent under the palapas. Perfect weather in Mid January. Very diverse crowd. Local Mexican families, foreign and national tourists, hippies, snowbirds, europeans and nudists. Fun place with a good vibe.

Still 150 for cabana. Barely got wifi in our room, third from the office. Had to sit around the office if you really wanted to use it. Showers still salty. Not great for swimming, really wavey with strong currents. Overall great place though, it was hard to leave. Fantastic restaurant next door - Sal y pimeneta (sp?), went there every night for dinner.

150 pesos per night for cabanas on the beach with electricity and a fan. Really salty showers. Wifi was okay and we could get a signal from the cabanas closest to the office. Loved the hammocks. Great place!

100 pesos par jour douche wc wifi palpa sur la plage

Superbe endroit nous y sommes restes 10 jours l'emplacement pour un CC avec palapa 100Mex par jour avec WC et douche le proprio est super sympa, plage naturiste

Great hippy/backpacker vibe, great beach. Got crazy around Semana Santa which changed the whole feel. Highly recommended on non holidays.

Este es un bello lugar, pagamos por estar un mes entero 3,000 pesos. El encargado se llama Miky y se pueden negociar los precios con él, al principio quería cobrarnos 200 pesos al día por alquilar una de las cabañas y después llegamos a un arreglo de 100 pesos por día de cabaña, lo mismo pasa cuando acampas en tienda de campaña o llegas con tu RV ya que cobra en este caso 50 pesos por persona, los cuales he escuchado que han llegado a negociar 30 pesos por persona el día, ESTE ES UN LUGAR TRANQUILO! es playa nudista y la playa es preciosa al atardecer

Playa Zipolite! This place is a wonderful little utopia. Camping and Cabañas right on the 'Clothing optional' beach. Plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes within walking distance, this place is the quintessential laid back beach town. Vendors selling everything imaginable along the beach to ensure that you enjoy your time in Zipolite! Unfortunately, we were here for the week of New Years, and for the first three days was party central 24 hours a day and none of the Cabañas were available. Camping was 120p per night with electric. Cold showers were decent, Internet didn't work for us, probably because they were packed.

Cost: 70 peso night for tent camping, 100 pesos for night for camping with electricity (small rigs), and 150 peso per night for the cabanas
Dates stayed: 3-11 December 2014
Shower: Cold but due to the sun the water is always warm
This is a very mellow beach spot. The accommodation whether tent or cabana is rustic but the bathrooms are kept very clean throughout the day and the internet was good speed. We camped one night and then moved into a cabana. People walk by throughout the day selling types of food (pastries, tamales, etc).

70 pesos a night. Amazing!

Loved this place! Wished we could have stayed longer! Hard to get to with the road under construction.

Nice place, directly on the beach (sand). Cold showers OK. The street to get there is really narrow.

Camping on the beach with our own palapa. 70 pesos/night plus 50 pesos/night for electric. The second week the owners gave us a small discount making it 100 pesos/night. Fast wifi (good enough to skype and download movies!), flushing toilets, showers. Vendors stop by all,day with everything imaginable. Breakfast available at camp from Maria, 15/pesos gets your choice of chilaquiles, quesadillas, or Mexican eggs. One of our favorite Mexican camping spots!

This was the best and cheapest beach stay we had in Mexico. 70 pesos a night for staying in the camper with our own palapa right next to a decent restaurant and a nearby beach bar. Internet worked fine with our extender antenna. Vendors will stop by frequently selling tamales, peanuts, chocolate croissants and coconuts. Enjoy it.

Cabanas, camping, trailer park right on the beach. This place is full of hippies who are mostly naked and will start smoking marijuana at 8am every morning.