New Samula Trailer Park | Established Campground




Last Visited: over 5 years ago
GPS: 19.817220, -90.552220
Altitude: 12.0 masl
Place Website: Facebook/trailerparkcampeche Old Days


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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Unfortunately this place has been closed recently. Anita, the owner, is no longer able to run the campground due her age and health.

This trailer park is a tiny one not too far from centro Campeche. The hostess (Anita) is a lovely old lady whom speaks decent English and has operated the only trailer park in Campeche for over 50 years. She loves to chat about the old days when the park was across the street and much bigger. Her family is very helpful and compassionate and they also speak half decent english as well. The current park can hold maybe 4 or 5 small rigs but bigger units (25 feet +) will have troubles pulling in off the street. 100 pesos per night. They have a few dogs and chickens here, but the dogs do stay to themselves- nothing for dog haters! The camping is on a beautiful lawn, and amenities include a simple shower and electricity for small consumers (otherwise it may end up smoking from the socket). We have heard that Anita and her family make incredible authentic dishes, so if they invite you, be sure to dine with them. A bus also runs along Calle 12, that will take you quickly and easily into the historic district.


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Unfortunately this place has been closed recently. Anita, the owner, is no longer able to run the campground due her age and health.
We arrived late and her son in law let us camp there, even they were closed., The restroooms and the showers are not working anymore.

Difficult place to drive in with large concrete hump. Grass was dirty with dog business; had to step around it. Place is quite run down. Anita has been unwell for the last month and her elderly brother looks after the place. Son in law brought us a nice lunch. Everyone was most helpful and friendly. Nevertheless will not go back there.

Own risk, Anita Coleman had Alzheimer And she cant give good service, is end of a institution of tourism on campeche, she old 95 years old and can't walk propertie, if you decided visitit, take care and open the gates, preference 12 pm to 4 pm , more later you open free gates, cancell Internet , just basic wc , no other options on campeche

Endroit tranquille 50$mex par personne, possibilité d'aller au centre ville en bus (7$ mex) seulement 5 emplacements déconseiller au gros CC, douche Wc

Pros: very friendly and helpful staff, grassy campground, beautiful old town itself.Cons: 4-5 km away from the city center, Samula is not a nice district (but safe to walk to the center during the day), grass stinks of dogs poo, lots of mosquitos in the shower, sanitaries are very simple and dirty. All in all not our spot. 100 MXN/night

So dificult to acces by city under construcción , follow signs And You gps, ask, calle 16 entre 19 y 21, samula, one month no internet, now Yes !!!

There are construction of megadrenaje for season of rainy days, government proyect . Add pics . And sorry for inconvenience , the RV stay open all year, thank you for support Anita Coleman

A great place to meet local people! Anita (94 years old) loves meeting visitors and tell the story of her life. Freddy and Doña Pretona will make you feel at home. She is a great cooker and they also have a simple restaurant near Parque Novia del Mar where you can try the best Sopa de lima ever. Highly recommended

M$100 per night. The location is actually in their front yard. Bathrooms have flush toilets but showers only had cold water. The owners are sweet. It is loud here at night. Their dogs bark at the neighborhood dogs throughout the night. The neighbors play LOUD music all night on weekend. They are very close to bus stop and for M$7 you can get to the Center which is about 3-4 miles away.

Welcome our trailer Park for 54 years, is not luxuries but You are not a customer , you are a friénd ! Visit campeche ,

Internet is free, laundry área , 54 years service ,

Very friendly place.

This is a fantastic gem of a rv park. Anita (the 94 year ol owner) has operated the Samula trailer park for 50 plus year. The park used to be across the street from its current location an also used to be much bigger. As tourist travel into Mexico ground to a halt after 9/11, Anita was forced to downsize to the current location (which is really sad). The family (Anita and her grandson Robert) are super friendly and genuinely see to enjoy the travelers that come through. They take great pride in offering a place to stay with good company and conversations. Apparently they will feed you here too. We had to unfortunate cut our stay here short, as my lady love was hit by a car (while walking on a sidewalk in the historic district). Thank the stars she was alright, and let it be known to other tourists that they love you here- we got tremendous care from the tourist police and hospital. The fellow that struck her was a young man who was texting while driving, and I believe Anita and Robert when they tell us Campeche is quite safe (despite our accident). I hope that anyone that stops through this spot is lucky enough to meet such great travel companions and fellow adventurers like we were. Stay smart, stay safe.

Anita the owner is 94 years old and is great to chat with. She speaks English as her deceased husband was American. The place is a bit tricky to find as Campeche is under constant construction and GPS directions fail. Approach from the seaside and you'll be fine. Don't expect much. It's like a local home visit.

decent price, cold basic showers, friendly host and decent internet. Watch the bottom of your rig at the entry gate is a sudden drop and will hit the chassis of your vehicle.

A tiny trailer park not far from centro Campeche. Very nice hostess! 100 pesos per night.

- 100 pesos
- trailer park is probably an overstatement, this is basically a small garden in front of a family house
- basic showers (coldish) and flushing toilet (both shared with the family)
- lots of dogs (and guess where they do their business)
- there was an unlocked wifi probably from the neighbouring houses, but the signal was weak (best by the palm tree in the corner of the garden)
- a bit higher clearance is necessary to get through the gate
- navigating the neighborhood might be tricky for larger vehicles

Very small parking for few cars by an old Doña. 100Pesos/night for us 2. Has many dogs here, nothing for dogs haters! Has beautiful lawn, simple shower and electricity for small consumers, otherwise probably smokes from the socket! So no A/C! Water is horrible in Campeche, despite filter it is not drinkable because it is salty!

Very original mini-camping in the front yard of a private home. Too many dogs who left their poop on the grass. A toilet, a shower. Good bus service to Campeche Centro.