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Very relaxed border crossing with friendly officials. Only multi entry VOA Togo visa here (35.000 CFA + 1 photo). ' Laisser-passer' possible for 5000 CFA.
Since the road is so bad mostly pedestrians and motorbikes crossing here.


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Easy border, friendly and helpfull staff. Got our Togo visa for CFA 35k pp. He told us that we were lucky he had the stamps here for the visa, he said we had to have E visa, was easier for them., otherwise he had to sent us back to Accra. But he was very friendly and helpfull. Also health check only yellow fever and narcotica check for the car.

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Easy and quite fast. We payed in cedi (800 per person. Bad rate but there are no money changers at the border). No need anything (no photo, no copy of passport, no hotel booking).
At the border there is a nurse checking vaccin card.

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very easy border. customs down the road at Kpadape where border road joins road to Kpalime

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As below, very nice relaxed border, only visa is the multi entry at 35,000. Has to wait for the stamp to arrive but all very chilled. Road on Ghana side is amazing. Road to Kpalime lots of pot holes but is only 20km until the township. Easy

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Same as description, super easy and chilled border, the officer (Rudolph) is very nice and can also speak a little bit of English, which helped.

Only visa he issues is CFA35k, gave me 15 days, but not actually sure if it's multiple entry. Very easy, bit slow, but nice place to sit in the middle of the bush.

The trail between border posts isn't so bad, just a narrow sandy track with a few puddles, even in rain, as it's sand, would be fine. Mostly bikes passing through, but saw one sedan, so 4WD would be easy.

No fixers or anyone else at all, also no money changers, so need to have cash ready for the visa.

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Ghana to Togo

Customs (no CDP)
First they make you stop at the customs.
They just needed my (international) driving licence and carte grise to write the info down in their book.

We had to fill in a form and than got the exit stamp.

Health check
We needed to show our yellow fever card. They took our temperature. And they told us to be careful with eating chicken and other birds in Togo as there was an outbreak.

Togo Side
VOA 35.000CFA multiple entry - we discussed a long time to get a simple entry visa (25.000CFA) but only wanted to give us a multiple entry visa (35.000CFA). We had contacted the Togolese administration who had confirmed we could get the 25k visa in every border. The immigration officers told us that it's true but that at this border there was a problem of seals (the visa consists in seals of different values and a stamp) which made it impossible. Seemed like a sort of scam, but we didn't manage to get the visa for 25k.

Customs (without CDP)
Possible to get a laissez-passer for 7.000CFA in Kpadafé very easily.

No health check at all.

The road on the Ghana side is excellent tarmac. When crossing into Togo the road is quite bad till Kpalimé, mostly very bad tarmac with a lot of potholes and some stripes of piste. Nevertheless easily doable even in rainy season.

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Ouch, 35.000 xof for the visa on arrival for Togo. Bring enough xof with you, there are no exchange guys here to change cedis and they only accept xof.

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crossed here but they could not do the Visa here. a guy on his motorcycle brought me to Sevenkope where I could make the visa. so better cross from Shia.
Visa is now 35.000cfa for 2 weeks. still cheaper as at the embassy in Accra.
1 picture requiered and be shure to have the 35k in cfa with you. Carnet got stamped in Kpadape. You will get stoped there at the gate anyway.
next to the Duane in Kpadape you can change money. I changed Cedi to Cfa.
Good luck

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Bike without carnet, easy to get passavant, 7000 cfa with receipt, kind officers. Entered with the visa d'entente taken in Ouagadogou after crossing Ghana

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Very relaxed border crossing with friendly officials. Got my 7-day Togo visa here (10000 CFA + 1 photo). Laisser-passer possible for 5000 CFA.
Since the road is so bad mostly pedestrians and motorbikes crossing here.

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