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Step 1: Seaboard Marine office to get your paperwork to get the car out of the container. Start here if shipping with Tea or Boris/Seaboard. Small little building not well marked--easiest to ask workers nearby.
Requires passport and temp. Bill of Lading. They will give you a checklist that explains how to proceed. Forget Boris' 21 step list - it’s much easier!


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Shipped from Guatemala with Seaboard, so this is where we started the process- as everyone describes. It can be a bit of a shitfight dealing with siesta times and back and forth from DIAN, but overall, not too complicated. It’s worth noting that the office is open M-F 8-11, 2-5. We showed up straight from the airport at 1:45, waited til they opened, got orders to pay our $173000 peso fee at the grocery store or Citibank, only to arrive at the store and the “baloto” station didn’t open until 3. Plan on doing some waiting, regardless of what time you show up. Also, DIAN closes at 5, but the COMPAS port office stays open until 6.

*See photo of our “checklist” given by Linda

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As described. Use the picture and location included here and you won't miss it. We arrived, provided our Bill of Lading from Panama. We also had already emailed the form "Información Tributaria No Residente de Colombia" and copies of our passport to Alison and Linda. We went to the supermarket (walking distance) to pay $173,188 pesos while the documents were being prepared. We received everything once we got back. Entire process lasted 2 hours.

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Tell the taxi driver to turn right on Transversal 49. The taxi driver will not know the address given by Tea or Boris! Once you turn, you will see a large gate ahead. The entrance is to the right of the gate, behind a large tree.look at photos.

Opens at 8am. We arrived 8:10 since we got lost a bit...and had to wait until 8:30 to be seen since no workers showed up until then!

We took taxi to Citibank since the grocery store wasn’t open. Returned with receipt. She didn’t have the final copies ready, so she gave us what we needed to go to the DIAN.

Come back here after going to DIAN to get official stamped copy.

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Start here if shipping with Boris/Seaboard. Needs passport and temp. BoL. They will give you a checklist that explains how to proceed. Forget Boris 21. step list - it’s much easier :)

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LoLo with Seaboard from Colón to Cartagena: Step 1 for us.

Linda is very nice and helpfull.
We had to show the temporary BoL (from Panama) and the passport.
We have got a new temporary BoL and a bill over 50 $ (extra for a large flatrack, not for a container ?) to pay in COP at a Citibank.
With the bill of payment we had to come back and got the BoL and the keys.

Olimpic supermarket info: the balotto open at 10, but at this day they were not able to make a connection to Citibank. So we took a taxi to the next Citibank.

After this we were send to the DIAN.

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Good luck finding this one! Best to turn at the third right after Texaco Gas Station if coming from downtown Cartagena. Blue and white building with dark tinted window and door. Closes mid day until 2PM go to left window behind the blue metal bars. They will take your info. Give you a temporary Bill Of Lading to go pay at Citi Bank near DIAN. Pay and come back for stamped BOL .

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Don’t go with Seaboard! They don’t respect the BOOKING.

NO crucen sus carros con Seaboard Marine, NO respetan el BOOKING
Una vez que llenas el contenedor se desentienden del cliente.
Nuestro contenedor tardó 15 días más de lo pautado en el Booking porque nunca lo subieron al barco cuando debían. Y además nos cobraron estadía en el puerto por el retraso se SU Barco.

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After payment for Bill of Lading at Olympic supermarket return to Seabord and get final BoL. Then go to portuario and proceed there for next important steps. car inspection and paperworks.
Iveco 90-16

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A small little office that is somewhat hard to find (no signs), it's down a small path and inside it is in the side window area. Easiest to just ask around for Seaboard Colombia.

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Seaboard Marine office to get your car out of the container

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