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3 months ago
380.0 masl


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ADMIN NOTE: No overnight camping allowed, please respect the wishes of the locals.
Hot springs resort with 3 large pools and fango. Some barbecues with tables and seats. Entrance fee 80 ARS per person per day.
The only drop of bitterness are the mosquitoes.


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We loved the place! So nice to have thermal hot baths and a clean camping area. Mae, the owner, is so friendly. She told us they want to upgrade the place in the future to make it even more eco friendly. Entrance to the baths: 700 pesos a person; camping 2 pax: 700 pesos. Nice to know: from 6 pm to 10 pm you have the baths for yourself because the day visitors are gone. The baths are not dirty at all (they refresh the water daily), maybe the pool itself just need a new layer of paint ;-)

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We where aloud to camp there and have been the only people. We didn’t go in the pools because they were dirty. Ok for a quiet stopover. The Restaurant was closed.

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Love this spot, just a shame camping no longer allowed (Campsite just to the west by bridge apparently). 3 hot but not too hot pools, one under a roof. Huge hot pool. Also tiny pool at source but you wouldn't stay in that very long! Nice leafy surrounds, tables, seats and bbqs. Friendly host who speaks English. 200 each now. We had a lovely relaxing afternoon here.

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Entry for the pools is 150 pp. Water was clear but from a distance may look green as pools need a paint job. Hot showers.

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The water is totally green ... not a plaisant place.

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The venue can no longer be camping and functional only during the day until 18 hours.

O local não pode mais acampar e funcional só durante o dia até às 18 horas

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3 nice pools friendly host. late afternoon arrival 3 pools 48-42-38 degrees. allowed to stay overnight. 360 pesos for 24 hours 2pac plus motorhome.

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Un peu trop cher on est pas resté. 100pp (enfant payant le même tarif dès 2ans!) + 150 pour passer la nuit. Les piscines étaient vertes....

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The price is now 100 per person and 100 for the car. Quit expensive but still a nice place.

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It is a very Place to relaxe for a few Days

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Really nice place to stay overnight and enjoy the hot pools in the evening and early morning. The price for staying overnight did encrease. It costs now 100 Pesos for the car, so 2 people with car costs totally 260 Pesos.

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Hot springs resort with 3 large pools and fango. Some barbecues with tables and seats. Because there were no other people, we were allowed to park our cars on the grass next to the pool.
Entrance fee 80 ARS per person per day. For staying overnight we payed 160 ARS for 2 persons plus 40 ARS for the car.
The only drop of bitterness are the mosquitoes.

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