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9 months ago
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Esben Bøll


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Camping right at the Waterfall. There are toilets and shade under a tree.
Toilets down the road a little. About 200 meters before there is more camping and tables.
There are pools to swim in and a cliff to jump in.
In the right corner of the parking lot there is a trail leading to a viewpoint. It's 1 km east way but will take about one hour to do.
Many people during the day but alone a night.
Update there is a gate now and it is 20 pesos to go swim.


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It doesn’t look like you can camp at the upper lot now, gate locked with attendant and mostly pedestrians going up. You can probably camp at the lower lot.

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Mi-february, no water falling down. I didn’t trust the pools except one that seems clean. Paid 20 pesos. A guide wanted 200 pesos to hike up the cascade. We declined. Didn’t sleep here.

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There is now a gate and it is locked for the night. We arrived 5:30 and it was closed. Not sure if they would allow to stay behind gate for the night if arriving early enough. Also fee for entrance to waterfall is now 20pp.
Anyway we decided to stay at the first parking lot, by the new gate. To feel better, we went to ask the guard at the nearby Central Hidroelectrica Camilo Arriaga if it is possible. It was very nice guy, told us that it is better to stay at the parking lot by the Hidroelectrica as there is light and he will be on duty all night. We later cooked dinner and gave him a plate for which he was very happy, we had a nice chat with him and he even opened the gate to use the banos for the whole night.

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Visited but did not camp here. Reminder as previously warned the last part of road is rough but passable in my 2WD Sprinter. Unless camping, use the parking area below.

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Gorgeous river and pools. I saw no sign of toilets or tables, vendors etc. I arrived last night with a plan to stay the night but two separate sets or local people said it was 'muy peligroso' at present - couldn't tell whether that was standard reaction to the idea of staying alone somewhere slightly remote or with cause, so I decided to be prudent and go down to El Meco, where I stayed opposite the restaurant/campsite marked in the app, in a big carpark which was empty and free.

Came back today to hike up to the top and have a beautiful refreshing swim (needed after sweating my way to the top!) If hiking up you'll get to two little pools once you stop climbing. Stick between the two and then bear left - there is a path but it's fairly easy to lose. You want to approach essentially from the left side of the rim. If you're not careful you'll end up snarled up scrabbling up and down the rocks where the water normally flows. A 20-min walk took me an hour as a result of doing that!

I assume access to the viewpoint is only possible when the waterfall is 'off' (there is a midway one which would be well worth the short climb to when it's flowing though) - apparently it's only flowing during the rainy season, approx June-Oct.

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Really beautiful place. We enjoyed climbing around the rocks and jumping into the different pools. After reading some other’s posts about no water, we are here during rainy season and there was ALOT of water. Multiple huge waterfalls with a giant pool of water. Attaching photo.

The road near the end was not passable by regular cars. We drove up in 4x4 truck. 2 wheel drive vehicles came up as long as they had clearance.

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Good place to camp, with shade, next to the pools and the waterfall. (the water today was diverted to the hydroelectric plant on April 13) the pools with very clear and fresh water. The place is frequented by Mexican families on the weekend.

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very nice river
the waterfalls are not working all the time, as the water is used to produce electricity. but some locals on this parking lot can tell you when it'll work.
came with a 7.2m long, 3.12m high motorhome (but slightly high rised) the dirt road is steep and bad quality but only at the end, just before arriving to the parking place. it's doable but not comfortable.
people are nice
very peaceful night
beware of hungry mosquitoes!

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amazing place. waterfalls were dry, but the pools were great. many jumping opportunities. the small waterfall was opened next morning.

No amenities. No toilettes!!!
trashy in the forest and street corners.

locals rent life vests and sell sweets.

was very busy, but we had a nice stay.

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Gorgeous place, even the dry waterfall, the natural pools continue to, Super beautiful. We do not pay anything to get in and sleep very well! But as Mexico is full of surprises, we awoke with a group of young people with two men and switching men were "joking" with a weapon, shooting at the tall, I asked if it was okay to be there, they were kind, even we were very fearful and we were running!

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Amazing place quiet and beautiful. Don't miss is. Go easy on the road.

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Didn't sleep here because of other comments mentioning "bad hombre", but we came for a swim (it's amazing) and would probably sleep here next time. When we arrived in the morning, a dad and his son spent the night there. At the power plant gate, take the unpaved road in your left. The last bit of the road is a bit rough, but we made it with our 2x4 Ford Transit. A small low clearance car might struggle, but it's a short walk if you don't make it (100m).

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nice little spot, the falls are no longer flowing but their is a hike up to the top of the rim. lots of people coming and checking th pools out.

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Beautiful set of pools. The waterfall unfortunately had no water when we were there.
The flat parking lot was a bit dirty with rubish and the road to get here in some short stretches quite bumpy and steep (high clearance if not 4x4 necessary when you want to drive right to the end)
You can park/camp 250 meters before, suitable for normal cars too until there.

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this was a beautiful spot, right under the water fall a bunch of different pools to choose from to swim in and a nice flat parking lot with lots of room. might get crowded on weekends but no one here Monday or Tuesday so far.

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Great place. Confirm people during the day, quiet at night

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