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El Salvador


11 months ago
766.0 masl
pablo benigni


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big parking lots (with pools, trees and tables) in front of the lake. nice view to the island and the lake. local people came to spend the day during the weekend.

(Full bars on Claro)


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I wouldnt recommend This place to camp, no Many places to camp, all night there were people with music too loud, couldnt sleep well, there inst showers, dirty and smelly bathrooms, i paid 2 dollars to access the property, 3 dollars for camping and 2 dollars for parking (total 7 dollars) Im traveling by motorcycle
If you have other places to camp, go ahead and skip This places, doesnt worth it. I cannot say it’s always like that, just my experience.
I came on Friday

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Still possible to camp here. Peaceful spot by the lake. Quiet. Locals visit but not many. There is a restaurant. Site a bit rundown but u can camp just above the lake. Toilets and water available. It was $4 for one person for one night.

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This campground is decent but not great.
Lots of trees for shade, many ranchitos, little restraunt allmost all of the spots you can park your car for camping a gravel/sand.

Faceing the water to the left there is an area of the lake with much warmer water because of vulcanic activity. Ask where to check if you can swim there or boat tours take you there.

The sporty kind can swim around the island and see from the water all the fancy rich houses built on there.

Toilets rather run down
Outdoor shower by the pool.

Just across the entry there is a road which connects with the road RN10 to head to the vulcanoes without having to go all the way to El Congo around the lake. Sid not make it with oir FWD van but a 4x4 in 4L makes it easily.

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Nice area great view. the water is bright turquoise. There is garbage around the camp area but it does look like they try to clean it up. they have a pool we went for a dip even tho it was a little merky. The nice lady also made us pupusas and coffee for morning. 2 papusas each with coleslaw an rancheros sauce plus our coffee was $3. When we areived the guy tried to charge us $6/night. he didnt have change for our $10 and said he would come back in the morning with the $4 change. but he didnt so we stayed another night. outdoor showers and bucket flush toilets. it was great for our dog!

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El lugar es como un camping municipal. Vale 1usd por persona y usd 2 el vehículo. Hay Baños, duchas,pileta, playa al lago y mesas con techo. Tranquilo y linda vista.

Una pena que el lago está bastante ve basura desde la orilla por lo que

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Lotsa trees, tables with roof, dogs, 2 big pools (a bit cloudy) and a wooden pier.
Simple toilets and outdoor showers next to the pools.
We stayed the night and enjoyed meeting the locals on a Sunday afternoon.

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really nice area to park your rig. we got charged $2 pp plus $1 for vehicle. we took a dip in the water during sunset and it wasnt too cold for us but we have a high tolerance for cold water it seems. not sure if there are other services but it was really relaxed for us. just wish they would pick up trash around. a bit windy but we sleep in our van... our friend was in a tent. waiting for sunrise which will probably be lovely :)

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Stunning place. We arrived on a Saturday evening around sunset and there was a rave on which was pretty interesting - full on trance night at the riverside until midday the next day. This isn't a common occurrence and is otherwise very family friendly. The road the whole way to the property is surprisingly sound as there's quite a lot of properties and tiendas etc. around the lake so decent road.

It's like a ranch type place with two swimming pools, plenty of lake access points to swim. You can bbq, picnic - there's also basic toilets and sink area.
We were charged $2 each to enter plus $2 to park overnight by the guard at the entrance gate... unsure if this was more than previously because of the event that was on. Highly recommended as very beautiful with a great view and swimming options.

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Entrance fee is 1 Usd pPerson & 1 Usd pCar

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big parking lot in front of the lake. nice view to the island and the lake. local people came to spend the day during the weekend.

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