NP Dump and Water free | Sanitation Dump Station

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about 1 month ago
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Dump and Water for free next to the campground


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Super nice and clean dump station. Potable water. Free!

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Used both the dump station and potable water station. Easy to use and free!

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Very nice dump! Everything looks so clean and new. One of the nicest dumps I've been to!

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Easy spot to pull in for dump and potable water. Clean and all services worked.. same as the last person, we didn’t need to hook up our hose because it stretched easily to the van.

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National park dump station, with one dump station (and water to flush) and a separate clean water hose. When I was there both hoses had nozzles to attach to a regular hose.

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Free dump station is open and there’s potable water. No way to attach a hose, but we were able to fill our camper van tank as the nozzle reaches quite far.

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Dump station is actually out of order! :(

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No overnight camping allowed. Camping in national parks is only allowed in established campgrounds. Parking for the Marble Falls trail is allowed, the trailhead is across the street in Potwisha campground.

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Free water, dump and beautiful creek to swim in

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Very nice and well equipped dump. Fresh water as well.

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Quiet and free overnight spot on the river. Free dump station.

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