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Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: 17.49907, -92.00926
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: Yes - Average
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: Cold
Water: Yes
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: Unknown

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- 100 pesos for both of us (pay at the reception of the hotel)
- cold shower, flushing toilet
- wifi
- deserted camping as always, looks like a "fiesta" area of the hotel/restaurant


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This place is permanently closed.

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Camping is not possible anymore. The hotel was empty but they don't want us to park here

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they kicked us out !!
the grassy area was empty but they.said they were full !!

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Avec le nouveau propriétaire, que nous ne verrons pas, cela a bien changé. Le prix est de 200 P. Les toilettes, où nous n'irons pas, sont d'une saleté repoussante les papiers traînent à côté. La seule douche des hommes ouverte est sale. Le ménage n'a pas dû être fait depuis Noël car il y a encore des boules par terre. Par contre la piscine est propre.
On nous a refusé l'utilisation de la machine à laver. Je ne recommande pas.

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I need to split my comment in two

1st one : until December 30.
We arrived at quiloma ranch on December 13. The place was nice, pretty cheap (80 pesos), with a huge covered place in cas of rain, a incredibly clean pool, electricity and water, guacamayas and monkeys.
And... the most important : a wonderful family managing the place.

We wanted to stay for a week, and stayed so much more.

On December 29 Orlando explain us that the hotel will have a new owner tomorrow and his family will leave.

Here is the 2nd part : since December 30.

Everything changed.
The new owner was really unpleasant and immediately wanted to up the price.
Guacamayas never came back in 4 days which never happened wi Orlando’s family. The monkeys became more discret.
And the new manager was awful. Probably because we were realizing how incredible was the family who just left.
He was coming every day to pick up his money and didn’t care about us.

We were 7 families at this time and all of us had the same feeling.
We all decided to leave as soon as the New Year’s Eve was over.

The days following their departure, everything became empty. Something was missing. Orlando, his wife Leti, or is adorable kids caring about the property.
They were the soul of this place and for sure we won’t go back there. This is really sad because we spent an amazing time here, sharing a Christmas with a wonderful Mexican family and 2 other french families.

Well, it was long but so important to explain for the next travelers !

Safe trip !

Family Coste on youtube

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Nous avons passé le reveillon de la saint sylvestre ici avec plusieurs familles , impec .
piscine propre , eau et électricité , 70 pesos la nuit. spectacle des singe hurleurs tout proche.
Il y a eu changement de proprio , nous avons vu personne sur plusieurs jours ,seulement pour payer .
Un bel endroit pour squatter plusieurs jours ;) ...

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Spent few days here with other families. Very nice place with monkeys, swimming pool, electricity, shower, running toilet, red ants... Former manager was Great. New one seems OK but price increases from 80 to 100$mex.
This is a great place to stay and visiting palenque thanks to collectivo (don't take your motorhome!).
Internet was not working during our stay.

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50 pesos a night to hang up a hammock. No kitchen.. or ask, depending on season. No wifi at the time. The place was empty. Very relaxed. Can take bus to the city or ruins cheap. Perfect place to kick back and park my motorcycle. Friendly staff. 4/5 would go to again.

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Adorable famille gérant le site !
Petit prix en dry camping.
Bloc douche froide + WC simples mais efficaces !!!
Possibilité de remplir l'eau mais elle est un peu trouble...
Machine à laver disponible !

Ici vous serez au calme, les animaux vous rendront visite : agoutis, singes hurleurs et pour notre plus grand bonheur les Aras Macao ou Guacamayas !!!
En septembre l'amandier géant donne des fruits et des dizaines de couples de Aras viennent se nourrir !!!

Le collectivo pour le centre ou les ruines est à 10/20p par personne et passe toutes les 10minutes environ.

Petit coup de coeur pour la gentillesse d'Orlando et la curiosité de Claudia 😊

Très bon séjour !

Julien et Julie

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Changed of owner. The new one, very nice, asked me how much we wanted to pay for just parking with no electricity. Agreed on 80 pesos for two people a night.
Wifi average. Guatemala Howler monkey in the tree behind the hotel. Agoutis in the garden early in the morning.
Very basic bathrooms. Cold Shower in the Men's, no shower in the Women's bathroom.

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has changed hands . no longer has camping . unfriendly

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There werent any guests there and a nice lady asked us if we wanted with electricity (200p) or without (150p). we went for the electricity and paid. the owners were hanging out near the parking lot and when we asked where to plug in our cable, they made fun of us and told us we couldnt use it cause it would be too expensive for them. very rude and unpolite people - wouldnt recommend it at all!!! we decided to leave and got a better option at maya bell!

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Price now 150 per night. Wifi is so slow that it is virtually useless. Restaurant not open (possibly due to a lack of guests).

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- 100 pesos for both of us (pay at the reception of the hotel)
- cold shower, flushing toilet
- wifi
- deserted camping as always, looks like a "fiesta" area of the hotel/restaurant

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