Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal | Established Campground



Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: -45.917400, -67.551283
Altitude: 22.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: Yes - Slow
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: Hot
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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Hot showers open from
9-11 and 21-23. We could also ask
To open in another time.
Beach is 200mts from the camp. Beautiful!
Electricity at site
No pets
Yes big cars
No restaurant and no market
Free wifi
No potable water

A nice place to overnight

City doesn’t offer nothing interesting, just a long and well care beach.


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Very windy day, and with the dust around the campsite, it was very unpleasant. Washing up area, warm showers 9 to 11 both morning and evening. Plenty of space, but little shelter if windy. Close to beach. Depending on who's in duty, the reception can be helpful or not at all. Very weak WiFi. 900 for family of 4 in a motorhome. Toilets and showers clean.

Nice place as described, we payed 400 pesos (200 per personne) and we didn’t pay for our car with rooftent

Basic campsite but makes it well.
Showers are good, 200m from the sea (better than the one in Comodoro).
Lavadero and gas kitchen available right to the banos.
Busy on weekends but locals left before midnight on sunday.
Wifi didnt work for us.
200ars pp + 200ars vehicle (not for roof tent)

Good Camping, but wifi is very slow (dificult to work), 220v energy, a lot of trees, dusty floor. 200 pesos pp and 200 per vehicle.

Camping muito bom, venta bastante, porém tem umas paredes que são barreiras p vento, e com isso foi super tranquilo, banhos quentes de 9:00 as 11:00 am/pm, água não potável. Pagamos 400 pesos

It's Ok. Maybe a bit noisy at weekends during the day because many people come to spend the afternoon in groups amd use the bbqs

200 person - hot water - free and fast wifi - any place yo buy around

Nice camping, but not well welcome. The man don't tell us any informations. When we would like to take a shower at 10 pm, it was closed, and he says that we have to take tomorrow.
Dogs are ok, but only with leash.
Water is hot, good camping even if not very good welcome.

Now price is 500/n2p
Really windy and showers are hot - no free WiFi

Ficamos para um pernoite. Chuveiros quentes, pontos de energia. Um ótimo lugar próximo à praia para um pernoite descendo ou subindo a ruta 3.

estrutura muito boa de banheiro e área de cozinha com calefação. mas venta muito estamos de barraca de teto, foi uma noite tensa.

camping propre et sanitaires propres.
900pesos en camping car pour deux adultes, un adolescent et un enfant.
camping calme. je conseil.

Camping très propre 750 pesos pour une nuit avec 1 camping car et 4 personnes. Eau et branchement électricité. Wifi à l’accueil assez faible
Très bon accueil

Camping only opens from the 21st of September to the 15th of April. Even if it was closed when we got there, some people were doing some maintenance and the guy at the reception offered us to use the bathrooms. The camping looked really nice. We ended up sleeping in the street next to the camping, quiet and safe.

Huge camping, very clean facility and in good condition, wind covers at some places and bbq with benches, WiFi at the reception, night security and gate, 2 blocks from beach, electricity at most spots

Good camping. Hot showers from 21-23 and 9-11 because of water supplies. We paid 300$ for to and a car. Electricity at site, kind of windy, no market or restaurant at site.
Is clean and comfortable.
Beach is 200mts from the camping.
City? Nothing. We walked around at least to hours for at find a center where we could find shops and restaurants. Nothing like that. So just a city to overnight.

as previously posted, nice and friendly
banos are open 24/ 7, only shower restricted due to water problems

Nice campground. First day really expensive 200ap for car 150ap pP. Following days no fee for the car.

Like the main entry describes: single fee for the camper/car 200 Peso. For each person 150 Peso per night.
Stay more than one night and the price is okay ;-)

good camping with wind protection but rather expensive with 560 pesos for 2 person. showers are hot but only available between 9 and 11 and 21 and 23.
wifi close to administration and at few sites.

ótimo lugar
banho quente
banheiro limpo
área de camping
internet livre
energia elétrica

now 500 pesos for 2 persons and a car. we did not stay.

Nice camping, clean toilets and hot shower. wind shelters, bbq and power in most places. 150$ p/p

Camping muito bom, organizado, banheiros limpos com banhos quentes. 200p para duas pessoas. Ótimo para descansar, pois fica bem próximo da rota 3.

We are searching a spot to work, the wifi in this point is below 1mb, with no one in the camping... the campsite is nice, toilets very clean and heated, worth to go if you don't need to work with wifi.

Quite nice site, seems to be under construction currently. Facilities are in okay condition, showers are hot. Very close to the beach/sea. Good stop over.

nice campsite with heated and clean wc, hot shower and helpful friendly stuff. price - 200 pesos for two people and van (and one dog). extremely recommended!

Our best site for a while, at least it looks like a camp site not a refugee camp. Very friendly staff (they let me print our insurance documents - yes they have a computer and a printer). Toilets spotless and hot showers (0900-1100 and 2100-2300). Board said 250 for camper +100pp, but charged us 400 for 2 nights (2 people and roof tent). Excellent stop.

too expensive for what it is. paid 490 for 2 adults and 2 kids in a camper.

windy place! kitchen building is closed , no idea why..

320 ARS for 2 persons + car. We were quite alone. Very quiet place despite the wind :-)
Thank God, we have our own toilet. Looked as if they hadn’t been cleaned since weeks.

Nice peaceful campsite. Hot showers any time of the day. Decent wifi and electricity everywhere. On a weekday there were a few overlanders, on the weekend there were many local groups who rented the quinchos to celebrate birthdays, scouts, families etc, yet it remained peaceful. It's a large campground and the groups weren't loud. There is a sign saying no pets, but they allowed my dog in, asking to have him on leash. Price was 140 pesos for the van (1 time only) plus 90 per person.

we paid 320 pesos for 2 person and our RV.. Camping is quiet and nobody except us..

Nice camping. We payed 320 pesos for 2 adults and 2 children. Our dogs were allowed to stay.
Very good wifi, a heated room for campers to eat or to chill. Very clean bathrooms !
We recommend !

des douches chaudes ouvertes entre 9h et 11h et entre 21h et 23h
du wifi gratuit, de l'eau et de l'électricité
460 pesos pour un camping car, 2 adultes et 2 enfants : correct mais un peu cher...

Nice campground with clean showers. Rada Tilly is a cute city and the beach is nearby the camping. Good place for staying some days. Near the office is good wifi, when not to much guests are there.

camping ok !!. 90/person . lack of water in all the city So showers are restricted.

Standard ARG.
250 Preso for 3
Super lazy dude at the admin office...!!!
Good wind shelter.
No shop onsite.
Skatepark looks awsome!

ok mais beaucoup de vent, wifi lent qui fonctionne

We paid 90 pesos per person travelling with 2 motorcycles. There are places for tents with good protection from wind, although dusty. Wifi is quite fast.

Tarifs : 140ars pour le véhicule (une seule fois) et 90ars par personne chaque jour.

We paid 90 Pesos per person and night, Campervan including. So 180 per night. Hot showers from 9 - 11 in the morning and evening. Don't forget your Skateboard! Nice Skatepark close to camping :-)

Uwe,Moggi u. Renate...Wir haben mit der ADAC-KARTE für die erste Nacht 240 Pesos bezahlt. 140 P. für 2 Pers. und 100 P. für unseren Unimog. Jeder weitere Tag zahlt man nur die Personen ( 140 P. ) Netter Platz und netter Ort.

It's a good municipal campground for argentinien standard. we stayed two nights near the campground barbecue areal, because only here we had wifi, but don't expect to much, you will be disconnected every 10 minutes.

Nice campground at the edge of town, near beach. Some trees for shade and wind protection. BBQs at almost every pitch, some sinks and table/benches near the pitches. Gravel. Average wifi near the admin building, no password. Banos heated and very clean, trash cans empty whenever you enter the banos. Hot water from 9 to 11, am and pm. A little pricey: 180 Pesos. Sometimes they are cut off water because of shortage. Safe travels!

Paid 320 Argentinian pesos for 2 adults and the campervan inc electricity. Guy speaks some English and is friendly. if we'd stayed more nights it would've been 140 for each subsequent night.

Wir haben 3 Tage hier verbracht, auch weil es so stark windete, dass uns eine Weiterfahrt nicht ratsam schien. Die Infrastruktur ist gut. Für den ersten Tag haben wir 320 Pesos, für die weiteren Tage je 180 Pesos bezahlt. In den Duschen gibt es den ganzen Tag warmes Wasser.

Now 320 ARS per night (two persons and a camper). We did not stay, too expensive!

We paid 100AP for two people and a van (VW Kombi). No one at this time of year. Gravel spot with lights, electricity and BBQ. Showers only between 9 and 11 (AM and PM). Wifi OK near building. A lot of tables and benchs. There is a small supermarket in Rada Tilly : go back to main street, turn right at YPF, third street on the left.

Municipal camping spot. Not super clean - I was shown to a spot next to a homeless guy.
But WiFi work close the the admin building - and fast enough to have a decent Hangout conversation.
The campsite is all gravel, no grass for comfort.
Price was 50 pesos for tent, motorcycle and 1 person

Rather well maintained campground with large, shady sites. Showers available 4 hours per day only. ARS 100 (2 adults, camper)

50 pesos per person, our motorbike was free

The campground was almost full. Price was 50 pesos per person, per day, and a one time fee of 100 pesos for the vehicle. They didnt care about our dogs. There is a water shortage in the area, so every few days they cut off water for 24 hrs.

Nice area with trees, so you'll find a place in the shade. Unfortunately they were short on water, so no showers.
Quite expensive. 50 p.p. and 100 for the car, one time only.

40 per person to camp. No charge for the motorcycles. Quiet when we were here, Wednesday. Clean bathrooms. Ok wifi at administration. Sign says no dogs but we saw people with dogs. Spacious. Spaces don't have tables or chairs.

Nice campground, they let us have our dog too. Also, if you're pulling in, the farthest left parking lot has aqua potable. It is marked with white and blue.

We paid $180 for 2 adults ($80) and a van ($100) for the first night and $80 for the other day. The wifi is a bit slow.

We paid 110 pesos for 2 adults, 1 6 yo child and our camper. (40 for adults, 30 for the niño and no charge for the camper). The showers were hot, but only a trickle of hot water at a time. Still our stay was quiet and nice.

Large campground close to the beach. The waterfront of Rada Tilly is surprisingly nice. There are different sites for RVs and tents. Fairly dusty and windy. The sites in the back are under trees and therefore offer better wind protection. Power, light and BBQ's at every site. Common areas with table and benches. Common indoor kitchen. Not very clean bathrooms with hot showers (only open from 9-11 am and pm). Free wifi around the administration office. We paid 150 pesos per night.

We visited this place, and we had no water here, during 2 days. The toilets were full and stinky and the showers are closed. So we can not recommend this campground!

80 pesos for 2 people and truck. Sign says no dogs but they looked at the dog and said she could stay. Other dogs there. Crowded but well organized.

Typical Municipal campsite. 70 pesos for camper one time only charge, 40 per night per adult and 30 for kids.

- camper + 2 people = 150 ARS, which is a lot. We made a deal at 100 ARS without a receipt (1USD = ca 11.5 ARS)
- Could be a nice campground, lots of grills, power everywhere, ok wifi close to the admin building. But when the winds change, the whole place smells like a dump, simply because there is a dump over the hill.
- hot showers, but a bit dirty
- all in all, expensive and smelly

For a very long time an Argentine campsite with reasonable prices. Beautiful, marked sites with good shelter. Grills at (almost) every site. Clean bathrooms with hot showers. Free WIFI. Walking distance to the city and just a few minutes walk from the long beach.

Laundry service at "lavadero Easy Clean" (S 45.92979 W 67.56494). German propane bottles can be filled with US adapter at SURGAS (S 45.89146 67.53436 W) in Rivadavia.

Sea lions in the reserve Punta Marqués / Rada Tilly (S 45.95903 67.53634 W, 20 arg. Peso / pers.), Museo del Petroleo in Rivadavia (S 45.83706 W 67.48095).

(... 27 arg pesos / person, 42 arg Peso / Caravan We have taken the weekly fee to complete: pay 6, 1 day free Therefore, only 82.30 pesos arg / day ~ 12,70 Euros..)

Nice municipal camp ground a couple of hundred meters from the beach. WiFi and hot showers.

Price: 30 pesos

Like most Argentine campgrounds the vehicle charge is only a one time charge. Amenities: 5 / cost: 3 / quality: 4. Probably the best cared for municipal campsite in this part of Argentina. There is good wifi near the admin building that extends to a few campsites. The only downside are the showers and bathrooms which are too few and closed for the majority of the day. There are water restrictions in this part of the country. Other camping opportunities: The coastline from Rada Tilly to Caleta Olivia is gorgeous. There are countless opportunities to bush camp right off RN3. We spotted many others camping here and regretted having to pass it up.

AR$15 per person, AR$20 per vehicle.