Parking lot in Boston on Harbour side of Congress st. | Informal Campsite

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about 1 year ago
17.7 masl


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24h parking lot. $30 a day. Day resets at 5 am. $15 /day for weekends. Walking distance 10 minutes to Downtown


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no more parking lot, is a big construction site, no more parking at all.

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This place is permanently closed.

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We stayed here last night. It is $30 per night and it says it resets are 5AM but I really think it isn't until Seven. We were parked here from 5PM to 6:30AM and didn't have any issues. The guy at the booth in the morning was very friendly and didn't say anything about us clearly sleeping there. I will say it is extremely noisy. There is a lot of booming traffic in the area and be 5AM all the construction workers arrived for work. Over all, it is a pretty great location. Easy to walk around Boston from. Appears to be safe and RIGHT next to RT 90

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we pay 28$ for our motorhome of 26" for the night.
We take only one place if you use place in front of the bridge post or the lightning poles(because no car can park there).
The night was ok after 11.00PM, but at 06.00AM every work here..!!!
So for us it was perfect to visit the town in the evening, sleep on place and visit during the day.
Enjoy Boston

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Pulled in around 11am, lot was pretty full. You have to pay before you enter... they lady was trying to charge us double which would have been $58 per night. We explained that our van is not any longer than the dozens of trucks parked in there. (medium length and roof transit van). It is $28 per day starts at 5am. She said it was ok for us to park overnight as their sign said the lot closes at midnight. I am not sure she knew we would be sleeping in there so we were very discreet the 2 days we were there. The attendant usually left about 7pm and was there after 5am. We left just before 5am. Close to downtown Boston but very noisy and alot of consturction going on... very dusty and polluted.

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It costs 24$ for a day. New day starts at 5am. Only day tickets are available. For big rigs it costs 48$. Double space, double price! For Boston the price is very good.

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Make sure you go to the lot nearest the Harbour as the one on the other side is only usable until midnight. Also note that it is $24 during the week and $15 on the weekend however the new day starts at 5 am. There are porta potties in the lot. There also is lots of building going up and construction so quiet in the evening but loud during the morning and day. Great walking distance to lots of things downtown. We spent only the day here and then drove back to the target parking lot to sleep.

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Stationnement bien situé, 24$ pour 24h. Il y avait un autre vr

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Stayed here one night and the following day. The cost is $15 to park overnight.

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24h parking lot. $24 a day. Walking distance 10 minutes to Downtown

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