Playa El Requeson | Informal Campsite



Last Visited: 3 months ago
GPS: 26.638481, -111.831737
Altitude: 4.2 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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200 pesos for a palapa in nice cove.
Shallow clear water sandy beach good for swimming, SUP. can get very windy.
Easy access, in and out, for big rigs.


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Great little beach! We stayed here for two nights. Beach was clean and not the worst toilets I’ve seen in Baja. Great paddle boarding and snorkeling. Backside of the island has the best snorkeling. During the weekend it fills up with locals for the day but they clear out in the late afternoon. I think we were charged 200 pesos per night. I don’t think I’ve had a bad stay on the Bay.

Beautiful unique place, great swimming, snorkeling, and places to hike. Dry camping but really loved our time here.

Beautiful beach camping along Bahia Concepcion coast. Palapas and fire rings. Pit toilets some of the worst we have seen. No cell coverage on Verizon. Road is easy access. Caretakers on site, current charge is 200 pesos for two people.

Lovely beach spot good for snorkeling and paddle boarding around the sometime Island. 2000 pesos a night for palapa. Bathrooms clean. Very quiet at night.

I guess I don’t have the skills of the rest of you ioverlanders. I was only able to talk him down to 300 for two nights. him and the other gentleman I spoke to were very firm, almost rude. Their sign did say contributions but he told me it was required. It was a nice beach, but TP was blowing in the wind.
They also told me not to put it on the Internet that I got a bargain.

Woman wanted to have 200 pesos although we only arrived at 6pm shortly before she came around. We gave her 150. Beach is nice and loved that you can get over to the island.

Windy afternoon when we arrived here 150 pesos we paid because it’s clean. At night we took out our paddle boat and explore the laguna! It’s full or luminescent plancton ! Wow our boat would make them move and light our way!!! So beautiful!
Next day we went around the island!

The beach is indeed beautiful with the split and clear waters but not my favorite spot in Baja so far. You can hear and see the highway from it, the caretaker is asking 150 pesos per car (he agreed to 100 pesos) but he is really only taking off the garbage which other people leave around (I can carry my own garbage out...) and the toilets are really crap. Prefer to just use the bush in that case. In a nutshell, there are other spots as beautiful for free and, if you want to pay, there are other places with more adequate infrastructure for what are paying.

Can't really understand the hype around this place in the reviews here. Yes, the two beaches left and right of the little island look nice, but not spectacular like I would have expected from the reviews.

The pit toilets were in a desolate state, but at least the beach was free of trash and there were recycling bins. The beach just right to it and between La Perla is full of trash though, so the collection seems to be limited to the small sandy patch.

We didn't stay because it was to packed for us and the toilets were terrible, but it is better looking then La Perla.

Stayed 3 nights- Well worth the Pesos. Negotiated 100mxn per night. Hiking on the island, and side roads to walk on. Don’t miss this place!

Passed though and looks like a great place to stop. Easy access and possible to kayak here. No amenities

Beautiful and serene beach. No facilities save for disgusting pit toilets. 150 pesos. Easy access with 2 wheel drive

Rated one of the top 10 beaches of Mexico and for a reason. You don’t have to pay the old lady and her son, because it’s federal land, but she does sell fresh fish and cleans up the beaches. It’s like 150$ or $8 US. We opted to show her some love.

busy, noisy, toilets adventure.

beautiful spot but weekend seems to be a bit crazy.

nice spot, no electricity no toilet no showers.
spent there 1 night, nobodey ask for pay

Beautiful beach and view. Few palapas on the beach, pit toilet (we did not use them), many recycling bins, not seen from highway and minimal noise, no snowbirds, we were just 2 cars on the beach. According to the previous reports, it was dirty beach and now it is super clean! Caretaker is doing great job. We saw him many times walking on the beach and clean everything. He is also fixing palapas, painting recycling bins and doing his best. He lives in first "house" on the beach. We felt very safe. Caretaker charged at morning 150 pesos per night and we were really happy to pay him, because he is doing great job here. For us the best beach in this area (and cheapest one). During low tide you can walk to nearby island. Enjoy!

These coordinates are actually of Playa El Requeson.
We spent two nights here, the first night was not very busy, whereas the second one was.
The beach is beautiful, the conditions are way better than previously described. The lady who collected the contribution was around at 6am cleaning up the beach. There are just 4/5 palapas, but a lot of room on the beach.

Best place ever. We drove to the edge of the sand bar - awesome spot! Beach is nice, water fine. We spent 3 nights there. It gets realy warm and windy after noon! Vendors with clothing, fish & kayaks came along.
In the evening a man collected 150$ "for camping", buthe collected trash!. We didn't use the pit toiletts ...

Beach is beautiful, snorkeling is not great unless we couldn’t find the right spot. The island nearby is nice to explore. Would be good if you have kayaks. Vendors came by to sell various things. Bathrooms are the worst we have seen on our 4 months on the road so far, most of the palapas are falling apart. The entrance has a lot of garbage. The caretakers told us it was by donation only when we first arrived then later came by after sunset asking for 150 pesos. By this time it was too late for us to leave so we paid. He agreed to 100 pesos.

awesome camp spot. Gabriela asks for $150 mxn to camp. toilets are very rustic but functional BYOTP. amazing sandbar and beach camping with Palapas. slept with the back door open to hear the water and let in the breeze, very safe

we didn't stay as we found the place was too dirty for the fact that they ask 150 pesos to "maintain" it. we don't mind paying our part if it is worth it. not here unfortunately. instead we camped for free a bit down south on a rocky but clean and free of charge beach.

Great busy location.. beach Federal Land is at the entrance says 'contribution for maintaining' which some locals do give
150mxp was asked for. No hassle when you explain the above.

This campsite is my favorite in all of Baja. We usually don’t pay for campsites, but this place was awesome and I can’t wait to come back! $150 for Palapas on a spit beach going to an island at low tide. Cutest sweetest puppy that greeted all campers as they woke up. Cute nice cat too.. no cell service although there is a bar/restaurant you can paddle to (or drive to) In the next cove north, with showers and WiFi and a popping taco Tuesday!The fisherman came by with their daily catch, everyday. Rug and sombrero vendors come by too... magical experience. We saw dolphins, turtles, sting rays, exotic fish and If we didn’t run out of food and water, we would have stayed longer! Toilets are standard Baja drop toilets that take a beating from the wind. They are totally “useable”

on a sand spit cut off by high tide ! windy but nice!

Loved this spot!! Good for any size rig! Very hard packed. The water is crystal clear and there’s even a sandbar you can walk across. Didn’t try the toilets. A guy did come to us right before dark and asked us for 150mx to stay for the night. We only stayed one night and it was totally worth it. There is a beach right before this one heading south and it looks like it would be free. Our 34ft Skoolie couldn’t fit down the road. Maybe good for a van!

Camping in the paradise of El Requeson costs you 150 Pesos - very expensive compared to other free beach camping options on Baja but how much do you have to pay for a place like this elsewhere in the world? There are no facilities except unusable pit toilets. El Requeson is much quieter than the other bays at Laguna Concepción and it is the most beautiful beach.

Pulled in to camp late afternoon.
Guy came around to collect $150mxn. Paid the man but he did not offer a receipt or slip. I took a picture of his ID and him as my receipt. In the morning, an old lady came around and tried to collect the same again. We argued a little and refused to pay. I showed her the picture of the other person and his ID and she shook her head, still wanting money. We refused and she eventually left.

The toilets are bad.
The area away from the beach is quite dirty with garbage and stuff.
The beach is busy with day use people who stop to take a picture and also with other travellers who stop to stretch their legs. We even had a semi truck and trailer pull down onto the beach for a break from the drive.

Nice beach, decent hike our on the “island” but I would stay elsewhere if I was given a choice next time.

Beautiful place with nice views and a nasty version of a pit toilet. 150mxn for camping, 100mxn day use

Just correcting the coordinates. Hopefully it works.
I have to say that the sand bar is cool.

150$ pero night or 100$ for stay during the day.
too expensive in our opinion, because the toilets are dirty and a bit of rubbish around the place, but the landscape is beautiful.
we arrived around 6pm and we leave at 9 am so nobody asked us about money.
if you dont want to pay... haha

150$ pero night or 100$ for stay during the day.
too expensive in our opinion, because the toilets are dirty and a bit of rubbish around the place, but the landscape is beautiful.
we arrived around 6pm and we leave at 9 am so nobody asked us about money.
if you dont want to pay... haha

Amazing place ! And very quiet.
Accessible for big RV (30Ft or more), no need for 4WD or high clearance.

Good place to stay the night, but can be windy.
Down fault: the sign definitively says 100 pesos and is not broken!
While collecting the price goes up to 150, in the end we paid 120.

Very nice place nut also very croweded at these days. Many people with load music at day and evening. We payed 150 pesos. The toilets are not usable.

150 for van during the night, 100 for beach maintanance if visiting only during the day. the nice beach sandbar is only during low-tide. saw bio-luminescence in the sea at night

They have a sign that says 100 pesos per carro. In the evening she came to collect the money and wants 150 pesos. We say that the sign says it's 100 pesos, then she answers that she is sorry but 100 pesos is just for day use and spending the night would cost 150 pesos. She furthermore said she is sorry but the sign is broken where they wrote 150 pesos per night. I checked the sign and it was not broken.

It is not about the money but it just feels bad to be treated like that.

The place itself is very nice. But I do not recommend it. Further up the road is Playa La Perla, go there at least theit sign says 150 pesos.

For 150 pesos a night for a palapa, even during the off season, there was trash everywhere. Not many palapas to begin with, we tried the one furthest from the others but the smell of the toilet was intense on the downwind. The other palapas are near the trash and recycling which wasn’t an issue until this morning when there was no wind and the smell wafted towards our truck.

Overall it was probably the dirtiest campground we’ve been to in Baja and not worth the 150 pesos.

Super cool spot, although you do have to pay...100-150 not sure yet haven’t had anyone come around. But either way this might be my favorite spot in Baja! Cool old people vibes, fun travelers, excellent swimming, dog friendly, and a small little hike too. Definitely recommend. We’re all about the free stuff but this is the bees knees

The beach and the water looks just gorgeous, but we think it’s a bit overrated in most of the comments here. The toiletts are just how described. We were two Vans and paid 150 Pesos each, what we didn’t found very ok, because we shared our Palapa.

This spot is perfect if you're trying to escape the normal chit chat of a campground. The palapa are weathered but that adds to its remoteness. My husband said the bano was scary but we're in an RV complete with our own facilities. The water is magnificent, warm, and calm which is perfect for the little ones to explore. I totally dig this place and it's crystal clear water.

Maybe the best beach of the bay!!!!! About 5 palapas not in really good shape but doesn't matter: you're in a lovely wild beach, clear water, you can go to the island in front of just walking, without swimming. We were alone, no snowbirds ! Pit toilets not so clean. Paid 150 pesos as it's written at the entrance. If you don't want to pay, it's possible to turn right at the entrance and follow the coast, there are several sites to camp along the dust road, no need 4x4, but not so beautiful beach!!

Magnifique spot , nous sommes resté 5 nuits ici . Tous les jours passent des vendeurs de clams ,crevettes et quelques pâtisseries . Super coin de pêche sur l'île à côté , du côté mer de Cortez .

Beautiful Bay, shallow warm water perfect for snorkeling or floating. Wide spaces between palapas. Basic pit toilets. Very friendly caretaker. $150 pesos per night. Others report windy but wasn't in Oct, just mild breeze. Easy paved road access. Dog heaven.
Four stars for scenery and beauty.

Great beach camp spot on the bay. Nice palapas spaced wide apart. Pit toilets. 150 peso/night. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Dogs loved it here.

another lovely beach with a spit if land at low tide going out to an island. unfortunately it gets very windy late afternoon.

we camped here for 2 nights over easter weekend. Got charged 150 pesos but i think thats only because it was easter - when we asked she said that the price is the same as all the other beaches now.

Level, solid sand spot right on a small and very scenic beach, pretty clear water. Some wind/salt/sand. Pit toilets. Great spot, easy access from highway, overpriced (100 MXP/night).

Pour nous, le plus belle plage de la baie!! Et la moins infestée de snow birds aussi. On a vu personne à qui payer!!

By far our favorite beach. Situated on a sand bar with about 5 palapas, it has calm, shallow waters that are perfect for sitting in or snorkeling if you go further out. Many of the palapas were not in great shape though, but the toilets were fine. Stayed two nights for 100p/night.

the beach was almost empty when we arrived. A few other cars arrived after dark. Very clean. Guardian is friendly. Lots of wildlife in the water, which is warm and clear. 100 pesos.

Great beach to camp. Warm water. Beautifull area, calm and relaxing. Destroyed pit toilets (by hurricane?). Pretty quiet at this time of the year. Some people come for the day, some others camp for the night or nobody comes and you have the whole site for you for a day - like it happened to us. We stayed there 3 nights and because the manager (Tomas) was not there (low season in Sept) it was free. Even if we were alone one night we felt safe.

camped here for 3 nights in may, was such a beautiful spot with incredible water and is shallow and warm! we didn't use the bathrooms at all but could see they were dirty. nice place to relax!

Beautiful setting, but also a lot of garbage in the vicinity. Shallow water, not so good for swimming, especially at low tide. We paid 100 Pesos.

- as described
- 100 pesos per palapa per night
- we negotiated 50 pesos discount for spot without palapa between El Requeson and Perla

Wide open area with 5-6 palapas. South side of the beach was cleaner than the north. 100 pesos/night Feb '16. Cool little sand bar that reveals from the tide in the afternoon this time of year. Pit toilets only but deeper than Coyote so some may find them not as bad. The stalls have doors here. Water is more shallow further out than some other beaches up the bay.

Stunningly beautiful beach camping, 100M per night, with or without palapa, and no matter what vehicle you pull up in. We stayed 7 amazing nights and may have stayed longer but also grew tired of the RV caravan that showed up running genny's day and night. The hell do you need a generator for at 6am?! Anyways, Tomas (manager?) was kind and there were many vendors around each day selling fish, fresh juice, tamales, name it. Pit toilets are old and many cockroaches but for 8 bucks a night in paradise who cares. Great snorkelling and caught a few fish. If you want to get out on the water, go up to JC's restaurant and talk to Juan Carlos--for $125USD he took 4 of us out for snorkelling, fishing, ceviche lunch and beers. Watch out for scorpions near the palapas!

Very nice. Watching pelicans dive while eating lunch. 100 pesos a night. Pit toilets. Clean.

Beautiful beach! There are palapa huts you can park by as it is quite windy here. You can follow a path to a couple of other beaches and there's a small island you can walk to when the tide is out. There are very rustic outhouses and someone comes by in the mornings selling baked goods and fish ect... Cost is 100 pesos per night to a guy who lives on site and keeps the place clean. We met a lot of great people at this spot and would have liked to stay longer. Unfortunately we decided to move on due to a group of snowbirds in giant RVs at one end of the beach. They were extremely arrogant and rude and had obviously decided that this was their beach and they didn't want anyone else there. Every night and some mornings they would run loud smelly generators for hours at a time without any consideration of their neighbours. When we asked how much longer they were going to be running there machines they were dismissive and rude. But hey, I guess being at a beautiful and remote beach isn't good enough for some people - you still gotta have your microwave and your blueray player.... So camp away from the big rigs!

100 pesos for a palapa in nice cove. Shallow clear water sandy beach good for swimming, SUP.

Camping at the beach. Not as nice as "Playa El Coyote" next door. The pit toilets and palapas were old. Too expensive for what it is.