On the way to Monumento Nacional Bosque Petrificado | Wild Camping



Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: -47.657610, -67.854340
Altitude: 90.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Note - two places, 100 metres before and after the marker.

- free
- visible from the road, but there was no trafic
- it is not allowed to camp within the park limits, so we camped just outside, a few kms from the visitor center
- nice views but almost no shelter from the wind (if it's windy the nearby estancia is your only option, but you ll have to pay and the comments aren t great)
- careful if the ground is wet, it could get slippery
- watch out DAY AND NIGHT for wildlife !!! Animals are sometimes coming out from nowhere just in front of your car. (this worth for all patagonia, but there really are a lot of guanacos, martinetas and maras here)


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We arrived late to enter the national park, so we stayed at this place. We should have been some of the lucky ones, as there were absolutely no winds that night (so rare for Patagonia), so it was extremely quiet, no sounds whatsoever! We had a very nice sleep and head to the park the next day!

Decided against this place and drove to one of the others...but those were closed. This is just a wide spot on the road. We tried other side roads but some minors stopped and didn’t recommend staying along this route due to strong winds and workers driving by would stop and ask what you are doing there....

So this is the only place to stop except for campground.

Good spot to spend the night bevore or after park visit.

Nice place beside the street. As only visitors for the bosque petrificado are using this road, there is no traffic durig the night and it‘s absolutly quiet. The only thing you hear is the very strong wind!

Convenient spot just outside the entrance of the park. Very nice sunset and stargazing but a lot of wind. Park in the right direction to shelter from it!
We found some plastic and took it with us, please keep take your trash with you!
The ranger passed by before the night fell and confirmed it is allowed to stay here (but not to take any rocks/petrified wood with you).

As said previously, very convinient to visit the petrified bosque on the morning. When we came, the graveled road was ok, we did it easily with our volkswagen combi T2. we were a bit affraid of how to get out the place, but finally, no problem !
Don't expect a "forest" as the trees are all lying down, but still very interesting - and the landscape is breathtaking.
water in the bathroom of the informations center is drinkable, and has no taste :)
the only company we had were some guanacos and maras, we didn t saw any car from 19:30 to 10:30 ! Nice place !

interesting rangers and museum

Nice place to stay one night and go to the park in morning.
Quiet, visible from the road but have no traffic.

(Ótimo lugar para passar a noite e ir no parque no outro dia cedo, tranquilo, você pode ser visto da estrada mas não tem movimento)

We had very impressive sunset and sunrise. BUT it was extremely windy in the night. We hear several times the sand strom scourged on our car. For cooking we went down to a dry stream graben as light wind shadow.

Entree du Parc pour une nuit calme, car bivouac interdit à l 'interieur des Parque Argentin

We found a spot with more road cover a few km down the road (on the left when leaving the park).

flat place just next to a small track on the right when heading to the Parck. can be windy but very wild and nice

Just outside the park boundary behind a small dirt hill. From here it is just a short drive to the parking lot at the 'museum'.

bare field behind a little hill just next to the road. Nice and quiet in the prairie. Nothing here but ok for the night.

this is an excellent spot and having the road close was no problem. there are also plenty of dirt tracks about that could be nice to explore.

Awesome rock hounding out here. Very cool rocks and petrified wood shards.

No shelter from the wind whatsoever but otherwise a convenient option. The spot is almost pristine so please don't leave rubbish or toilet paper and use a shovel if you "must".

- free
- visible from the road, but there was almost no traffic
- it is not allowed to camp within the park limits, so we camped just outside, a few kms from the visitor center
- nice views
- careful if the ground is wet, it could get slippery

It is forbidden to camp on the grounds of the park. A ranger sent us away quite rudely. Alternatively, we then parked just outside of the park next to the road. As the road is almost exclusively used by the visitors of the park, it's very quiet here at night. Toilet at the visitor center of the park.

There is no admission fee for the park and we thought it was the most impressive one of all the petrified forests (USA, Ecuador, Argentina) we have visited.