Angry mob asking for money | Warning




over 4 years ago
1695.0 masl


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Toll plaza is out of order. Several dozen people banging on our van demanding money. Threatening us with rocks. Road block with their bodies. Caution!


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Paid 168 for the toll (25’’ RV), no angry mob or so.

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There was nothing here!
Safe travels guys:)))))

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We passed without problems. Nobody was there.

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Angry mob of 80 people or so. The toll booth has no officials in it but police are in force on the other side looking but not acting. I’m on a side car motorcycle and felt very exposed! They asked for money but didn’t seem interested in stilling what was readily available on my bike. They wanted $50 pesos. I stopped on the other side and asked why the police did nothing. Unfortunately I didn’t understand enough to share with you. I don’t think you should change route if you must but be ready to kindly give some money or go another route.

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Toll station is a little north of this spot. it was operating when we came through as normal. no problems.

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Toll plaza is out of order. Several dozen people standing in the road as a human road block, banging on our van demanding money. One man threatened us with rocks. Very confusing they would not tell us who they were or why we should pay them. It did not seem like any other car was paying. Eventually they waved us on. I found an older gentleman past the toll booth and we stopped again so I could ask what it was all about. He handed me a printed flyer in Spanish which I read as we drove away - said they were local villagers collecting money to rebuild their town after the earthquake.I don't know why they didn't just say that to us in the first place, we would happily donate to that cause, but they were very aggressive, scary, just made us roll up our windows and want to escape. If you come across this, I would just give them money as it seems like a legitimate cause.

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