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19 days ago
3709.6 masl


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Pit Toilets
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Perfect place to stay over night. Warm water pool and shaded picnic area with BBQ. Toilets not working. Direct at a Salar with a few flamingos. View at the volcanos.
Turn from the main road thete is a sighn saying aventura something (cant remember), and drive past the ruined village.


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very good spot. the 11km from Main Road are doable. when WE arrived in a saturday WE where alone, later a few locals came but everyone left before darkness. funny: next morning at 6:30 a hiking group came in Cars, Made a fire and at 9:00 they started theire Walk. Weekend procedure. all good.

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What a beautiful spot! Absolutely divine with great views of the salar and volcanoes.

Toilets still broken. The pool was lukewarm but we didn’t dare to take a bath as the wind was too strong and extremely cold.

The next morning we continued the dirt road south. It leads along the salar and ends up on the main road after approx. 45mins. Very scenic, saw flamingos, llamas, vicuñas and nandus.

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The best spot before the frontier ! There is a pool with almost hot water. The view in the morning is just amazing. You can see the volcano and laguna.

Meilleur spot avant la frontière. Il y a une piscine d'eau presque chaude. La vue le matin est magnifique. Vous pourrez voir me volcan et la lagune. Il y a aussi des flammants-roses et des lamas.

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Perfect spot! Amazing view on the laguna with Ollague volcano and others mountains around. So peaceful! There are picnic tables with shade, toilet pit (also running water toilet, but no water), a shelter house where you can sleep, two bbq and a pool! Not very hot water and some algae, but nice. A lot a vicunas around!

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Really nice place. Tomaskozler is totally wrong, don't listen to his comments. Water is not super hot but not cold at the same time, that's great for bathing and laundry. Very windy from south until 22pm (so wind protection didn't help). We stayed in refugio and had a very calm night. Great sunrise over salar with flamengos. Entel signal. Accessible for all kinds of vehicles. Nice and clean pit toilet.

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nice place but why is it so hyped?
agua caliente is as caliente as about 20dgr
views comparable to anywhere around the salt lake
toilets not working and accordingly disgusting
nice seating and bbq areas outside, for the windless mornings and good windshelter for windy afternoons if you're not in a motorhome

good advice would be not to proceed towards Laguna Verde, turn around and take the main road. the road is horrible and views offer nothing extra. I wish the previous comments were more clear about that so we wouldnt take this painful road. but if you must, 2wd and normal clearance is ok for dry conditions (after rain you might struggle in mud)

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Holy suger honey ice tea. What an absolutely amazing place. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Entel H+щ

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Holy suger honey ice tea. That is a absolutely fantastic place. Could believe my eyes.

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Wonderful place, quiet with scenic landscape and wildlife around. Easier access from Ollague or the ghost town than from the lagunas if you have a 2WD. The pool is nice but far from hot!

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One of the top 5 camp spots in our 4 months in South America. Lukewarm pool set on the edge of the Salar. We awoke to vicuña, birds, and majestic views of the volcanos surrounding the valley.

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Magnifique bivouac, face au volcan (avec fumerolle) , table picnic, un refuge avec cheminée ,barbecue. Vigognes et flamands rose au rendez vous , seul l'eau chaude était tiède ,voir froide et le bain principal ,froid et sale mais ça la fait dans le petit bassin . Nous avons été seul au monde ici. La piste de 10 kms est possible en camping car( jumelées et propulsion arrière), piste de poussière et sable mais en bon état. Dommage que certains locaux ne respectent un endroit comme celui-là .

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Easy to access with 2WD. We saw nice wild birds: gooses, flamingos, ducks and just next to the natural pool (water is tepid) were sweet little mice!
Toilets are still not working...

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Great place to spend night. Cover from wind but it calmed in the night anyway. So quiet that it hurted my ears! Good road, go from the main road where is the sign mention as above. Good road, did with 2wd. Nice sunset! Recommended!

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Perfect place to stay over night. Warm water pool and shaded picnic area with BBQ. Toilets not working. Direct at a Salar with a few flamingos. View at the volcanos.

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