Campamento Ecoturismo Kuyima | Established Campground



Last Visited: 5 months ago
GPS: 26.824840, -113.171200
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Hot
Water: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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Clean camp spots along San Ignacio Lagoon, hot water, very professional setup for whale watching tours. Camping is $12 USD. Whale watching tours are $50 USD per person. Restaurant on site. The camp is about 1.5 hrs drive from the town of San Ignacio. First 48 km out of town is paved, remaining is washboard dirt road.


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We had breakfast here after camping in someone’s yard sorta by accident, but the vegan breaky was the bomb and the staff was sweet and story filled and they speak really good Spanish! And English

Camping is now $8/person. Bucket hot showers, RV toilets as mentioned. I have 3 bars of cell service but won’t load social media. Whale watching was fantastic! $50/person. Saw whales, dolphins, sea lions and many birds.

Great place. We spent one here and other night on the way to. Camping is perfect and so is the sunset.
Clean Shower and WC. Really hot water.
You can hire the tour from Sag Ignacio, where you find the office and where you can get some more info about the tour and area, or just by showing up at the camping.
Easy walk to the village, 2km, best to do at sunset, Nearby there is a oyster farm, 50mxc 12 fresh oysters.
Bring your own wood if you want to make fire

great staff and facility!
stayed just one night.the dinner was not that good but they certainly tried. whale watching tour was really good. we had quite a few whales very close...but it's a bit easy in the season so we were lucky! the bathrooms were.very clean and were.the quart flush type. nice place.

Wow! Best whale watching of the 3 places we’ve been in the last month! We loved Ojo de Lieberman with Panguero Tito, but Ramiro, with Kuyima, was outstanding! We got to be in the midst of mamas and babies, some came right up to us, some went under the panga, 2 blew spray all over us, one wanted to be petted, and just lolled by us, and rotated belly up for a bit. Saw lots of spyhopping, one breaching whale, a possibly mating couple involved in a dance, oh man! Best ever! Plus, besides having Ramiro as a Panguero, the whole staff is very friendly, helpful, and professional. The camp is so clean and well laid out! Campsites are far enough apart to offer lots of privacy. The bathrooms are clean, well stocked, and work well. Did not partake of the bucket showers. Great margaritas in the nice protected main lodge area. It gets windy, so probably best to take your hosts up on the offer of breakfast and dinner. We didn’t, but we’re offered food by other campers, so didn’t have to cook. Loved our experience here in every way!

Very well maintained and clean campground along the shore. Lots of wildlife to see.
Until 15.12 it is offseason and we didn't have to pay. Showers were still closed but toilets were open

Coming from San Ignacio, the first 48km are paved road, the last 20km is horrible washingboard gravel.

We have the place for ourself! Very nice and peaceful. We went to see the whales and were lucky enough to give them a hug!

Very well-run and professional place. Our camping spot was right on the water and the toilets were clean (it's an RV toilet that you put water in before doing your business and then easily flush after). The whale tours were the highlight - definitely go if they are in the lagoon, we went two days in a row and it was worth every penny. ($50/person)

You can buy meals from them ($12/each) they are ok, next time I think we will only pay for dinner and make our own breakfast and lunch.

Hermoso lugar para disfrutar rl avistamiento de ballenas y aves, servicio de restaurant familiar muy rico!!

Whale Watching: Very friendly, dedicated and professional staff. Amazing experience.
Camping: At the edge of the water, well maintained and clean.

Camping right on the water for $12, but really; it's the whale tour you drove out all this way for, didn't you? It's fantastic. The staff are great, it's professional and LOTS OF FUN! Well worth the $50usd

Running water for hand washing, water toilets but manual flush with cup. Also showers powered by solar so your temperature may vary. Really nice staff. Paid $6/person for a camp spot RIGHT on the water. $50/person for the whale tour about 2-2.5 hrs long. You can pay at the camp or you can pay at the storefront in town (back left corner as you enter the square). After the pavement ends, the road is pretty bad. Plan for 1.5 hrs from town center to here.

Clean camp spots along the lagoon, hot water, very professional setup for whale watching tours. Camping is $12 USD. Whale watching tours are $50 USD per person. The camp is about 1.5 hrs drive from the town of San Ignacio. Follow the signs to Laguna San Ignacio, then to Camp Kuyima. First 48 km out of town is paved, remaining is washboard dirt road.