Carlsbad | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


7 months ago
923.0 masl


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Public free dump station, no potable water


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Free dump station with rinse water. No potable water on-site. Well maintained.

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good, as described. fyi the rinse hose leaks at the top and sprays everywhere.

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This was a great dump! Not busy at all (we were the only one there!), and the hose works! You have to turn the metal turn-thingy that's behind the hose to turn it on. It was clean, too!

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Easy access and plenty of room. Rinse water worked- (the T valve on top of big pipe)

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Public dump/sanitation station at the end of E Plaza Street in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park

Couldn’t get the water hose to turn on, but dump station was available.

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Still working. Has rinse water. No potable water.

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Flush hose repaired, you can access dump 24/7

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still offering free dump, water hose was broken and had made a mess, but dump still worked

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dirty when we were here, hose didn't work. but free dump.

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Free dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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free dump Station, no potable water

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