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Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: 14.549397, -90.868151
Altitude: 2275.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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If you book the Acatenango-Tour with this guide for 250 Quetztales (what we can really recommend) you can leave your vehicle in his backyard. We slept there one night for free. Bathrooms are available, it's quiet and safe. Clearance 2,50 m. We loved the tour

Catalino’s phone is +50255004707


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Please note this parking spot is not really open camping like other iO spots. This is associated with booking a tour with Catalino.

If you have a smaller vehicle, you can park in his backyard, but it’s really better to park in the street....

Catalino as a host was fantastic and the tour even better! Highly recommend taking a tour with ASAOVA!

We spent one night on Catalinos house. Was a beautiful experience were we met his family and we eat very good.
The acatenango climb was ones of the best experience that we make it. I rcomend so much to make it with Catalino (ASOAVA)

We are not usually buying touristic tours but this one made the exception. We booked the Acatenango climb with Catalino’s family/ASOAVA through WhatsApp (number in past comments is current). Very nice and prompt to answer + accommodating. We went with Wagner (Catalino’s son) and were treated like kings by the whole family. 325Q per person all included. They have a nice camp overlooking the volcano fuego with all the camping gear and take care of the food as well. Very recommended for overlanders as you can park in front of his house during the tour and sleep in your rig the night before.

Best thing we ever did in 2 1/2 years of travel.
This family is the most incredible family we met. Welcoming and so many things the words can’t explain.
We slept here the day before the trip and it was amazingly perfect.
Our kids (almost 3 and almost 5) loved it.
The trip was stunning and the horse was super helpful.
Our guide, JAIME, Catalino’s brother is the kindest and most nature lover we ever met. He was patient, helpful,... indescriptible.
Doing this trip with ASOAVA was the best decision we could take.

(We made a video about the experience on our YouTube channel (family Coste) if we wanna see more about what to expect)

GO THERE ! Definitely!!!

A wonderful tour you can not miss.Catalino is not just a guide he also shows the real life in his family and the population. It has just founded his agency and hopes that the overland community supports him. The problem a lot of overlanders book in this house. But this is not Catalino.he lives just a bit further. Please contact him directly.

As described before. If you want to do the Acatenango hike, go with ASOAVA. Catalino warmly welcomed us in his lovely house for diner the day before and we could sleep in our van in front of his house. The next morning his wife cooked breakfast for us and we could start the climb at 8.30am. You can also sleep at his house if you don’t have a own camper/tent. There’s a toilet you can use. If you want to start from Antigua, he’ll pick you up by car and you’ll start the hike around 10.30am.
The hike is very though but the guides are amazing and very supportive. Almost all the guides are family of Catalino.
The equipment is good, you don’t have to carry your sleeping bag or tent up. It’s already set up at the base camp for you. You can rent gloves, a warm hat, a good backpack and walking sticks. The food you get is great and enough. Rice, veggies and chicken (or eggs) for lunch. Pasta, frigoles and hot chocolate for diner and cereals and fruits for breakfast.
We payed Q650 for two persons and a dog and Q25 pp for the diner and breakfast before the hike at Catalino‘s house

Good to know is dat all the money goes to this lovely family. If you book the tour through an agency in Antigua you’ll get the same (Catalino is also a guide for some agency’s) but he only gets 40% of the money. Contact Catalino directly through Facebook or WhatsApp

Make sure to contact catalino soy, that's the guy you want to Talk to. we stayed at his house, which is the attraction close to this point. you can also find it on Mapsme. his wife cooked several meals for us, We slept in our van in Front of his house, lots of Kids of his family are always playing in their backyard, we went up with the guides alejandro and jimmy, they worked so hard, the basecamp was nice and clean.
100% recommend. just make sure you are really contacting catalino, so double Check the Number from iOverlander with either their Website or Mapsme.

sin lugar a dudas la mejor opcion para subir al acatenango, no solo es la mas economica y el servicio es sumamente bueno con rica comida si no que la familia que lo organiza es totalmente increible. Nos recibieron en su casa y nos trataron de la mejor manera.

Undoubtedly the best option to go to Acatenango, not only is the most economical and the service is extremely good with rich food but the family that organizes it is totally incredible. They welcomed us at their house and treated us in the best way.

Very nice guides! we paid 325Q for the tour and it was awesome, we hiked up with Warner and it was very nice. The whole family is nice and if you want you sleep at their place. Highly recommended

This location is Catalino’s house. Here you Can book the best tour to acatenango and stay in his house. The guides have the best energy and food is cooked by Catalino’s wife. We spent 4 nights here so i really recommend this guy!!! His phone is +50255004707

If you are planning to do the Acatenango hike (and you should!) we can highly recommend ASOAVA.
They are a small association of highly qualified guides who have been hiking the volcano for years, many of them since they were children!
They are trained as rescuers as well and know lots about the natural environment of the area.
You can get in touch with them via WhatsApp (‭+50255004707‬) and talk to Catalino.
You can either stay at Catalino’s house (lovely and very welcoming family) either in one of their rooms or parked at their entrance for a true Guatemalan experience; or, if you are parked in the Policia Turistica of Antigua they can also pick you up there.
They have a established campground on top with quality tents and sleeping bags, they offer really good and yummy food for the hike and they will have patience and help you if you are a bit slow going up.
We went with his brother, Jaime, and Alberto, amazing guides and generous people!
All in all, an amazing experience which is definitely one of the highlights of this trip! 100% recommended!
PS: do NOT go with Gilmer - we heard very bad reviews in Antigua about his team and how they treat people. Apparently the food they give is really bad as well and their guides are not properly trained.

very good guide I recommend. We did it with 2 children (8 and 6 years) and a horse we paid 1500 qtz + 200 for a porter for our backpack. For one person the rate is 325qtz. The family of guides live at the foot of the volcano and are very friendly. You can contact Catalino directly by phone or whatsapp at: +502 55004707 Is possible to camp in front their house.

We can really recommend this tour. We slept in the Police Turismo car park in Antigua and they picked up us there. Very friendly people and very hospitable. The tour is good organised. Before the tour starts you get a list with all things you need.

This is Gilmer Soy. His number is: +50241692292 . he has whatsapp. or try his email: [email protected]

Get in touch with him before showing up.
perfect tour, enough and delicious food up the mountain, good tents which are already set up. There is another 50 Q per person entrance fee on top of the 350 Q.

If you book the Acatenango-Tour with this guide for 350 Quetztales (what we can really recommend) you can leave your vehicle in his backyard. We slept there one night for free. Bathrooms are available, it's quiet and safe. Clearance 2,50 m. We loved the tour