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8 months ago
7.3 masl


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ATM Banjercito. Takes only 18.56 peso fees when you withdraw cash.
It's inside the grocery shop Sedena.


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This place is permanently closed.

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Yay! Worked for me! 7,000 MEX is the maximum

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Tienda closes at 4, but outside atm must have been fixed because it worked fine for my BECU debit card. 18.55 peso atm charge

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outside ATM says out of service, but inside one works

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Used the one outside and it didn’t work (but didn’t get as far as asking my bank pin). Hopefully not rigged. Went inside and found the correct one and worked $18.56 peso fee. Cashier said the one outside was ok too though.

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Pulled out 7000 pasos from my American account, it said the charge was 18.56.

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Visa card worked here. Looks like they take all major cards at this atm in the grocery store.

In order to use this atm you must turn your card sideways to insert, that is probably why the last overlander couldn’t use the atm.

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My Visa did not work here. Though staff was friendly.

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ATM Banjercito. Takes only 16pesos fees when you withdraw cash.
It's inside the grocery shop Sedena.

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