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3 months ago
7.0 masl


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Perfect spots by the soccer field. Close from town, good shade and perfect for the music festival in February.


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After parking on the street for a few nights I went to see about camping at this place. Was never able to find the right person about staying, but ended up having a good time drinking beer with one of the long-timers before heading back to my street spot.

Suffice it to say that, if you're not comfortable having a good time with people from vastly different life experiences and income brackets, this isn't the place for you.

If you are, then this place is a pretty good hang.

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Ended up staying here nearly 2 weeks. It’s loud (cars, bar music, roosters) and full sun with minimal breeze. But it’s a great spot for exploring this awesome town. If you need to use the soccer field bathroom or need to dump your cassette, you can pay the owner to use it. He charged us $200/week for use and gave us a key. 15ish minute walk to beach.

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Pretty awesome place right in San Pancho. We have a 31ft class A, no issues at all with size. no hook ups, but there is a shower and sink.
50 pesos per vehicle per night goes to the city. There's an OG camper who collects it for the city and pays the city every Monday so they don't need to send ppl here every day to collect.
We gifted the OG camper some wine and beer and he told us about the best places to eat and information about the surf breaks in the area.
don't make a mess, be respectful and evening will be great!
There are some chickens in the property that are fun to watch and the friendliest cat you'd ever met.

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Stayed there two nights. It was perfect, cheap, close to the center of the city and even a cold shower.
Paid 50 pesos per night.

4G telcel worked perfectly.

Benji & Audrey🇨🇭travelling with our Truck Camper IG: @on.vagabonde

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Fine place to camp for 50 pesos. The guy collecting money said it all goes to the city. Pretty tightly packed, but the price is right. There’s a cold shower until 6pm (city turns off the water).

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There seems to be a camper here who put himself 'in charge' and is now collecting 50 pesos per night. Doesn't seem like he is contributing anything like picking up trash etc.
This place is probably one of the few in town where big rigs would fit so if you're in that situation it is ok.

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Great place! Everything around is so overpriced and campsites were packed like sardines. This soccer field is great, even place to train.

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We love this spot. Super close to town and the beach, shade in the afternoons, there is a tap with non potable water. There are toilets in the soccer fields but they haven’t been open since we have been here. Finding a toilet can be a little difficult if you don’t have your own.

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Wow. San pancho. Pretty sweet
Cool town with great waves. We tried the other spots but due to our height (truck camper with rack and storage box), access was tough to other parks. Low wires, lights, and Town decor made it tough. Security guard at one other places flat out told us no so we moved toward the school and soccer field. Soccer field has absolutely no shade
We parked on Calle africa just on beach side of school. Plenty of
Shade Soccer field is a bit more quiet. Only 3g reception in town.

Town is not too pricey YET. Lots of
Gringos and ever recycling stations throughout the streets. Saw dog poop bag dispensers too.

There’s even more shaded parking just up Africa street by the hospital. Probably quiet there too. Worth looking at before one decided on a stealthy locale for the night

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Perfect spots by the soccer field. Close from town, good shade and perfect for the music festival in February.

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