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You must fill out the form online and pay before coming to the embassy.
Website : Your Visa card or MasterCard must have the same name as the visa application. Otherwise, you can’t complete the payment. Print out everything (3 different documents)
Add to this :
-1 photo
-1 hôtel reservation
-Travel plan (border entrance you will take and the exit border, note all the cities that you will visit)
-1 copy of the vehicle registration
-We showed the international driving permit (not sure it's needed but the official appreciates it)

Price :
88$ for the visa (online payment)
20$ administration fees (Online payment)
25 000 CFA the embassy (administration fees too... No receipt.

Bring everything to the embassy when you complete forms. Come in proper clothes. Opening hours for visa : 11.30 am to 3.00 pm.
Application from Monday to Wednesday. Pick up Thursday and Friday.

For any Motorcycle traveler intending crossing from Nigeria to Cameroon by sea


or search via Google maps. Travel from Nigeria to Cameroon by boat and Ship Oron.



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How to get a Nigerian Visa

Residency card:

It’s really easy to get it. Do it yourself and don’t pay this totally outrageous amount of money!

1. Go to the mairie 10 ème arrondissement at 6.3862428, 2.3843685 google maps

2. Walk through the short hall way and take the first door left. You are heading towards it.

3. Fill out a form with your details. Let them take your finger prints and photo. It took a total of 20 min.

4. Collect your residency card after as early as 72 hours and pay 2.500 CFA. Yes, we got ours after 72 hrs.

Info: we gave an address from a couchsurfers home. We didn’t have to have any documents to validate the address.


1. Provide documents:
- online application (website info in other comments)
- 1x current passport photo
- copy of your passport
- copy of the Benin entry stamp in your passport
- copy of residence card
- invitation letter (got it from a couchsurfer)
- copy of your hosts passport
- hotel reservation
- travel plan

2. Pay 122.000 CFA (German) or 163.000 (American) when picking up the visa

We handed in our documents on a Friday. If Mdm Route Ibrahim is there she can do it quickly but we didn’t get to meet her until Tuesday. Then she did it in three hours.

Mdm Route Ibrahim is actually very nice. She is just very concerned about tourists who take risks and wonder off to dangerous areas.

She even gave us her number to tell her when we got through the country safely. She also blessed our journey and prayed for us.

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german residence:
applied for the visa on wednesday with the residence card, could pick it up on friday.
yes, the woman is not the nicest. just bring all the required documents printed in copy with you and don't make up a story, just stay at the truth. the lady knows exactly whats going on and that we all buy the residence cards just for the visa.
if you wonder how the residence card look like I attached a picture.
the lady didn't have a look at the actual card, she just wanted to have a copy. so if anyone wants to risk it and just fake one you can text me on instagram (tamix_) to get a better picture of the card.

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When I applied, the lady was not happy at all with my documents. I had everything as described here. She said that the residency card doesn’t apply as I live in Germany and asked why I would even consider trying to get the visa this way. She was literally yelling at me. She said she got order from Abuja to not accept them anymore and she’ll put a sign up front soon. I was nicely explaining my situation and she did give me the visa after all. My friends who applied separately also did get the visa with the residence card. So maybe she was just trying to put pressure on me so i won’t complain about the high „administration fee“.

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This process still works to obtain Nigeria visa.

I did Benin resident card with Mathieu (+229 67904612) - 4 day service @ 35,000CFA.

Nigeria visa application requirements all the same as in previous posts. I paid total 123,000CFA - cash - at Embassy. Lady was happy with all cash payment hence 1 day service.

Lodged application on Monday 11:00AM - pickup Tuesday 13:00.

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Process is as described, nothing changed with the needed paper. We also payed online, the lady in the embassy was first not so happy about it but still everything went smooth.

We handed the visa on a Wednesday and received it on Friday. At the entrance was a sign that it is just possible to apply from Monday until Wednesday for a visa.

If you know anyone from Cotonou, you can make the residence card for 2500 Cfa at the government office from this person and use his Adresse, we didn’t do this because we didn’t know before but our friends ( 4 friends ) did it and it took 5 days to have it ready.

Don’t be overwhelmed, it is easy and fast just get your papers ready.

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its very easy to make the card that we use for visa and no need at all to pay that big amount of money to anyone to do it
first its not really a residence card but "certificat d'identification personnelle du resident" and thats what everyone do for the visa
i went to ask in "mairie" and i told them where am staying (am staying in friend's house in Fidjrossé) and they ask me to go to "chef quartier" Akogbato there she told me that the card costs 2500CFA only, she send me to "mairie" 10ème arrondissement as its the one related to her region, she knows someone there and she called him to help me do it fast and she told me you can five him something (1000CFa) and if you dont he will help you anyway, I went to mairie the person met me there, told him that i just live in Fidjrossé without any verification of details of the adress , took photos and fingerprints and I left to the "chef quartier" she told me it will be ready after 4 days and paid her the 2500CFA the day before (you can pay even by momo) and then I got the card needed.
I think that people dont know that its legal to have that card and they dont really need an adress and thats why they pay alot to someone to do it but its given to anyone you just need to go to the chef quartier and mairie of the region where you are or simply go to the ones where I have been me and some other ioverlanders
The location of the chef quartier is very close to here 6.3581693, 2.3581006
The location of the mairie 10 ème arrondissement is here 6.3862428, 2.3843685 (already located in google map)

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All the informations are good and now, in august 2023, it's easy to have the visa. First take contact with Mathieu for the résident card (5 days). The price is 30 000 fcfa per person if you don't use his adress and 35 000 fcfa if you use it. After that do your evisa on the website of Nigéria. We decided to pay it online. Go to the embassy with the form printed + 1 picture per person + passeport copy+ stamp of entrance of Bénin copy+ letter of invitation (even it's the same for everybody in your family you need to print one for each form)+ copy of the identity card of the person who invits you (also one copy in each form). Attach everything together. The woman is not welcoming but she will not ask a lot of questions if you have all the documents. She asked us 25 000 fcfa per person for the "administration fees". We left our passeport on monday and had our visa on wednesday. Nothing special.

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Check the Instructions in the comment from "thefilmppl" - its still up to date - get all you documents sorted and go to the embassy.
It was really easy to get the visa IF you meet the right person at the embassy. Usually there is a lady in charge of the visa office - try to only speak to her. The first time i went to the embassy (early at around 10am) i met a guy - he gave me a hard time (asking a lot of questions, told me the residency is not valid, you have to be a resident at least for 6 month to apply for the visa), he told me there is no way to get the visa at this embassy - which is probably true to be honest. So i left and came back two days later but little bit later (around 11am). Then there was the Lady- gave her all the documents+ passport, she didnt asked any questions. I think she knows exactly what is going on and so she told me to bring 122.000 CFA the next day. So there is a good amount of money going directly into her pocket. The next day around noon i could pick up the visa. My advice: 1) Show up between 11 and 12 so the chances are high you meet the Lady
2) if you pay online (88USD) before you might safe some money because in this case the Lady ask for around 45.000cfa - but its on you own risk...

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For any Motorcycle traveler intending crossing from Nigeria to Cameroon by sea


or search via Google maps. Travel from Nigeria to Cameroon by boat and Ship Oron.


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First of all: you need a Benin residence card. It is not difficult to get one. Just contact Mathieu (+229 67904612) who will help you with that. The whole procedure took us 5 days and cost 33k CFA.

Once you have the residence card you can continue with the actual visa application.

Before going to the embassy we prepared the following documents:

- apply for the visa online (BUT DONT PAY) & print the application
- 1x current passport photo
- copy of your passport
- copy of the Benin entry stamp in your passport
- copy of residence card
- invitation letter
- copy of your Hosts passport
- hotel reservation

The last three items we just bought on the internet (

We printed everything, added a picture and went to the embassy. The lady who is issuing the visa is working between 10am-15pm, but she takes a long lunch break. We were there around 11am.

The lady will give you a hard time but if you keep being friendly she will want up to you. You have to assure her that you will return to Benin after your visit to Nigeria, since you’re a Benin resident. She didn’t ask too many questions though.

We paid 122k CFA per visa and picked them up at 2pm the following day.

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not possible to get the visa without a residence permit. spoke to the ambassador and there was no way around it. otherwise the requirements seem easy. best option seems to be getting it in your home country if possible.

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After filing the form online you have to print the 3 documents. Make sure you did the payment online before you go to the embassy.

No need to book an appointment, you can go from Monday to Friday start at 11h30 until 15h for visa.

They will ask for :
-1 photo
-1 hôtel reservation
-Travel plan (border entrance you will take and the exit border, olso all the cities that you will go)
-1 copy of the vehicle registration
-We add the international permit (not sure it's needed but the woman appreciate it)
- And the 3 documents.
-25 000 CFA without receipt...

Take only the day to have the visa.
They do not ask for an invitation letter.

You MUST come with proper closes. (cover your shoulders) No sportswear clothes or not super clean clothes... the guy at the entrance will tell you to go back. He tell me to change me because I had a decathlon pan... He was a real asswole, racist and very not respectful.
When you are white you can not enter with your phone and we had to let our bag at the entrance.
Above all, don't say anything, otherwise he won't let you in. We had an altercation with him at the end and told us to never come back as he will not open the door...

The woman who took care of us was very unpleasant and did not help us at all when we ask what papers she need it.

Very bad experience at this embassy.

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After filling all online application and print the 3 documents, fotocopy of pasport, main page and entre stamp of Benin page, picture, and invitation latter, visa in the same day. They make me wait 4 hours, then give documentes and visa in 5 minutes. I pay to extra 25.000 CFA, don't know for what. ask for a receipt, no option of receipt for the 25.000 CFA.

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Nigerian Visa done yesterday in Benin/Cotonou. Super easy dont know why everyone is afraid of that.

1.Fill online form (No questions are to special. You just need any kind of adress in Nigeria and pictures of passport and passport picture) I did everything in my phone. No issues.
2. Make the payment 105€
3. Print thouse documents (3 pdf in total)
4. Attach one picture and one passport copy
5. I attached a invitation letter of a friend in Nigeria. Before I could pic it up I needet to add a passport copy the person who envited.
6. Drop everything at 11 am or 4pm ar the embassy. You will need propper clothing. I had everything long sleeved but they said my troursers where to dirty so I had to come back 🙄
7. Pay another 25.000cfa

I dropped everything at 11am and got the visa at 4pm

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Today I requested the visa, after some tries, i made it through the online process. You have to pay online, cost 108 $, then print and add a reservation on the adress you filed or an invitation letter. I did also my travelplan as a copy. Whole stack to the Embassy to handover. Then you have to pay another 25.000 CFA. I was there at 12 and could pick up my visa at 4. no questions or further remarks.

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Nigerian Visa possible here.

Complete the online visa application (A massive pain) then print off the papers before hand. Wait in the reception, you will be taken to the visa official. All very cordial until they ask you for the ‘administrative fee’ which is a bunch of lies. Its is 25,000CFA. Honestly I asked for a receipt and they said it isn’t possible. I kept insisting. No point, they know the power they have. The first bribe I paid on this whole trip from England. Left a really sour taste in my mouth. Good luck and Good travels.

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Impossible to get the visa if you are not living in Benin because they are asking the resident Benin permit! :-(

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we were here today. no resident in Benin = no visa for Nigeria :-(

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Went there today, as expected no chance if not resident. Tried to explain that there is no Nigerian embassy in my home country, but no help and left empty handed.

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Basically the guy doesn't even look you in the face. it's not possible

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cannot help non benin. I updated the gps coordinates.

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As the Austrians said below - they are not giving visas unless you are residents of Benin. We spoke to the consul officer (a real diplomat, the visa officer’s boss) and he said there is no way to get the visa. You must apply in your home country.

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visa only for residents of benin!!! don't do the online application and the payment, you probably won't get your visa here.

austrian citizens

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Note this could not work out for you so at your own risk. After filing in the online visa application on and did the online payment. Watch out your visacard or mastercard must have the same name as the visa application. Otherwise you can’t complete the payment. Print out everything. Make sure you have your Cameroun visa we got ours in Cotonou as well. Copy all your passport pages and add to the application. Make a travelplan where you have been so far and where you go. Print out as well and add. The payment online is different for each country and there was a extra fee of $20 so we paid $108 for a 30day tourist visa. Bring everything to the embassy when you completed everything and hope for the best.

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