Laguna Santa Rosa | Wild Camping




Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: -27.088870, -69.173850
Altitude: 3781.0 masl
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Electricity: Unknown
Wifi: Unknown
Kitchen: Unknown
Restaurant: Unknown
Showers: Unknown
Water: Unknown
Toilets: Unknown
Big Rig Friendly: Unknown
Tent Friendly: Unknown
Pet Friendly: Unknown

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

MODERATOR NOTE: Place removed because wild camping in the National Park is illegal.


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This is now a protected area, widely fenced. As wild camping is forbidden in any NP, this point has never been in line „with the iOverlander rules“. As a consequence: Now,it is not even allowed to walk in this area!

We came here during the winter and park near the road, the rest of the land being covered with ice and snow: amazing view on the laguna 'Bianca' at this season, we met a fox and Alvaro the refuge guard that is now open over the full year. The refuge is so basic that we still preferred to sleep in the van. We had our colder night : probably -15/-20C outside/ -5C inside, at 3800m it was a bit scary but the kids slept very well!

Belle lagune, flamants roses, sorros etc.....

A lovely spot with views over the lagoon, however the guard there wouldn't let us park on the flat area. He said that area was for animals and we had to park on the slope by the Refugio. We saw no evidence of animals using the flat area (no hoof marks etc) and the vicunas were all grazing on the slopes! We couldn't level-up our truck on the slope so we left and found a level spot up the road.

Site with views of the lagoon and the peaks of Cerro Tres Cruces. As it was extremely windy, we searched for protection behind a huge rock. We had originally parked with even greater views of the peninsula in the lagoon, but there the wind was so strong so we had to move.