Dunas de Bilbao | Established Campground



Last Visited: 3 months ago
GPS: 25.42554, -102.89234
Altitude: 1093.3 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: Cold
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: No

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Beautiful dunes! Entrance fee 30pesos/p.
Overnight camping additional, negotiate upon arrival.


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Latest Check-Ins

Good place to stop for a night if you are driving from Monterrey to Mazatlán. We paid 80 pesos per person. Be sure to tell the guy at the entrance if you intend to leave early the next day, so that the gate isn't closed. The dunes are really pretty, however the dogs were pretty loud at night.

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Great place to stay. Camped ten days in my van with my dogs and cats.

Entrance fee is now 30 pesos per person. With camping, they said 80 pesos per person per night, but they only collected that fee the two times I drove out and returned. On the 9th day the caretaker came around to collect the other days worth at 30 pesos per day.

The park is open during the week from 8am-8pm but sometimes they don't open the chain until around 10:30am and the time it closes is some time after dark.

The green bathroom closer to the entrance has cold water showers (gender separate) and toilets (byo TP and soap). The orange bathroom has only toilets and sinks (BYO TP and soap). Both bathrooms are free.

The place is very quiet during the week and no one bothered me. On Saturdays there is a bit more movement and a few vendors selling reasonable priced snacks, Popsicles, chips, sodas, etc and renting sand boards and other equipment to enjoy the dunes. On Sundays the place is pretty full and lots of people having BBQs. There are trash barrels.

Full Telcel and Google Fi service but no wifi around and no electricity.

There are some large palapas near the front and modly swimming pools.

In the back is a good place to camp with lots of shady trees. Late afternoon got up to 100 degrees F some days but was tolerable with the breeze in the shade. At night its cooler, with some cold nights and some OK cool nights. Temperatures drop below 80 after 11pm sometimes.

Dunes are beautiful and great for walking and exploring. No one else camped there during the whole ten days I camped. Some military vehicles came through for training and gifted me some fresh canteloupes. Police came once or twice to take a break.

Overall very peaceful and calm, no one bothers you. Sometimes on weekend nights people drive through late at night and park (after 10/11pm) which is disruptive but nothing more happened.

The next town of Viesca is a Pueblo magico. There's a supermarket that takes debit and credit card, a gas station, and an atm there. Plus a beautiful entrance sign if you want to stop for a photo op. I hiked the dunes and surrounding areas every day, it was very enjoyable.

Four friendly dogs live on the property. The caregiver tried to give them away to me. If you are able, bring some dog food for them, they will be very grateful. They are good with other dogs and we enjoyed their company. They are quite thin and it appears no one else feeds them except the occasional trash they get into.

Sunsets and sunrises are amazing here.

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Stayed here for one night.. gate was unlocked, no one at the entrance.. we couldn’t find anyone to pay! So we stayed for free. We were not bothered at all! Some friendly dogs roam around. Dunes / sunset is absolutely beautiful.

I would recommend continuing down the “highway” and visiting the next village if you get the chance. Very cute old town, restaurants, small supermarket, food trucks.

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Great place where we spent two days. Entry +staying the night = 40MXP/pP.
Temperatures are quite high during the day, but with the breeze and the shade of the trees you will enjoy staying in the desert. Wow. Don’t miss the sunsets!
TELCEL full signal.

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They open the gate for camping on friday and saturday. during the week you can ask the locals in the small village. they will open the entrance to the dunes for you. 20 pesos entrance and another 20 to stay overnight.

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Beautiful dunes! Entrance fee 10pesos/p.
Would be nice to stay over night here.
We didnt ask if it is allowed.
Defenetly worth a visit.

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