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Free public water faucet to fill up water jugs, bottles and containers. Cannot hook up a hose to fill tanks.


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Free public water faucet to fill up water jugs, bottles and containers. Cannot hook up a hose to fill tanks.

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Potable drinking water. However it is very clearly stated for LOCAL RESIDENTS ONLY.

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Easy. Turn off the main road and it’s about 30meters on the right.
We filled up our water tank just holding our hose “into” the hose attached to the faucet

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public water faucet available to anyone.

To use you have to insert your container, and then press the black button in the corner right. but be advised that the water flows really quickly. So be prepared to have it filled within seconds. Don't try to fill a small water bottle or you will be wet.

Spoke with a local and the water is chemically cleaned. It is not from well.

From what I can see it may be closed during the winter.

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1st it is hard to find it is on mcdonald street beside the home hardware
2nd the tubing is only 2 feet long max so you cannot fill your RV and there is no hose thread to plug your garden hose

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There's a big darkblue sign alongside the road stating there's water available; small roofed sink.

Very easy to find at the edge of the Hardware parkinglot and great with the hose attached to fill up a jerrycan, or do some dishes real quick.

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Located at the edge of the Home Hardware parking lot. Hose with sink. Note: Hose DOESN'T have a threaded connection to fill an RV tank.

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portable water for free at the to the Coast

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