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Well run shop. Knowledgeable and professional owner. He speaks workable english.


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GREAT MECHANIC. We got some work done in Agua Prieta and had the sway bar links replaced there. A few days ago we noticed some terrible knocking under the van and realized that one of the links was completely gone. They hadn't tightened them enough.

So we stopped in here, and Pancho was amazing. In less than 45 mins he checked under the van, went to the store to get a new sway bar link and had it installed, plus replaced another bolt he saw was missing. Everything cost $300 pesos ($21 Canadian dollars).

Can't recommend this place highly enough. Don't forget to tip your mechanic. If they don't own the shop they're not getting all that money for themselves.

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Called in here following the iOverlander recommendations when my van developed a horrible growling noise. Couldn't be happier with the result - the exhaust bolts had sheared; Pancho couldn't get the old bolts out so cut both sections of pipe, fitted them together with a spare bit he cut from another part, and welded the lot together. Good as new. Ridiculously cheap to the point I felt compelled to pay him more than he asked, and then gave me a tonne of info and tips on my planned route into the bargain. Top job, top guy, top marks!

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Poncho Francisco is a true legend. Speaks some English and has a great sense of humor. He got me back on my feet after a blown fork seal on my dr650 had me all shook up, my clutch was going out and he spent most of 2 days with me sorting it out and sold me parts from his old DR. He was as good a guy as I could ever have hoped to meet here in Creel and I cant recommend him enough. I also talked to Gaston, the other moto mechanic in town and he seemed like he had no idea what was going on, so I'd recommend going to see Poncho first. He charged me market rate for all parts and very little for a lot of labor and dealing with my crap Spanish.

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Spent the day working on our motorcycles here. Great shop with plenty of tools and good English.

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Well run shop. Knowledgeable and professional owner. He speaks workable english.

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