Extremely bad road conditions | Warning



Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: -37.564125, -67.735513
Altitude: 403.4 masl


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If you can call this a road, it's in terrible condition for 180km !! You will rip your tires here!


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Riding a motorcycle and except two part of less than a kilometer where the road was just a bunch of patch, the road is all aspahalt and good.
Not the best road ever, but still good.

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Well we saw worse roads in Patagonia so far. Not the best and some parts you have to drive slow but it’s not a reason to re plan your drive. Plan some more time than usually, drive slow on the bad parts and all good.

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I will to give you a current description of the roadway.
Travelling with a 7 meter 4 tonnes front driven RV, no 4x4!
From South to North.
The fist 20 km from Neuquien we used Road 7. Old road but good to drive.
Then ruta 151. The worst thing first.
Bad road for about 250 km.
From km 20 till km 143 deep ruts in the direction of travel.
From Rio Colorado north 13 km not a road at all. Only patch to patch.
Till the village of Puelen also worse with some good parts.
From km 200 till 270 patches to patches. End of bad road km 270! Or beginning if you travel southbound.
If you're lucky you can drive in the middle of the road. otherwise it will be hard for your RV.

Summary :
If you can avoid this road do it.
If not it's not so bad. You don't need to speed up to 100 kph. Then you will have a safety problem. We took some parts with 30 kph and our RV said thanks.

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If you can call this a road, it's in terrible condition for 180km !! You will rip your tires here!

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