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This is an archeological point which is a bastion of prehispanic cultures. Really nice spot. It's renewed the ruins and it's really nice to visit. 500 pesos, Monday not open!
Now $1,000 - 28 October 2023


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Great experience walking through the pre-Inca ruins. The town is super cute too.

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Open Tuesday o Sunday fom 9:00 to 18:30
Closed on Mondays
Foreigners pay 1000 pesos

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Really interesting ruins, where some of the houses had been restorated, which allows to show how lived the inhabitants.
You can do a 45 min guided tour (in spanish for us) for free (no price more than the entrance), you just have to check-in on the mail written at the entrance.
The ticket also allows to visit the botanic garden, which contains lot of cactus species (and more plants, but we weren't in the good season).

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Very interesting archeological site, with a incredible view of the surounded mountains and the town. Also there is a botanical garden you can visit with the same ticket.
1000pesos foreigners
800pesos argentineans
400pesos students

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Now you pay for the PULCARA TILCARA, and you gain entrance in botanical garden, the ruin is in a good shape, worth the visit!

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entrada $500 pesos pp, mais uns $200 pelo estacionamento. lugar tranquilo para conhecer, há uma subida, mas é bem tranquilo. banheiros limpos.

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Entrance now is 500 pp for foreigners. The botanical garden is nice but not spectacular. The walk to the monument / ruins on top is nice! Closed on mondays

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Entrance now 350 which includes museum in town (which only had 2 rooms open on our visit). Great views from site though site itself not very atmospheric. Garden worth a wander for stone which sounds like a bell when you hit it!

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Closed due to strike. Waited all weekend to have free Monday entry but what can you do. South America is unpredictable

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Entrance now 300 pesos for foreigners. Couldn’t justify the visit for that price so can’t speak to the attraction. Looks like they have a “zoo” and garden as well. Don’t follow maps.me to get there, follow the sign in town.

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Yes Monday free. But they asked for a donation. normally not worth the entrance fee for foreigners. They have to pay more than the Argentionas. That's DISCRIMINATION

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this is a arqueological point which is a bastion of prehispanic cultures. Relly nice spot.

150 pesos the entrance, except if you comw on monday when the entrance is free.

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