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As the cross by the bridge this enabled you can do customs and immigration here. You don't need to go to the other places of procedures (only if you are going to cross by the river)


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Exit Brazil with a dog.
Very easy process. The guy from the Policia Federal just took our passports and brought them into the office. It took around 15 minutes until we got our stamped passports back.
Then you need to enter the building of the receita federal. We handed in our TIP and she had a look at our car/license plate. Then she closed the TIP and gave it back to us.
They did not care about the dog.
All in all an easy 20 to 30 Minute process.

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Só apresentar nossos passaportes brasileiros, uma olhada no motor home e ok

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Immigration fine stamped me in for 90 days, Aduana said I did not need a TIP for my motorcycle. I showed them my cancelled TIP from previous entry at another Brazil border crossing (Assis entry Bonfim exit). They said they can’t process a new tip. I could not enter with my motorcycle if I wanted a new TIP - but could enter with bike under the old TIP which they said still had 54 days validity…
All a bit sketchy, I begged and pleaded for a new TIP but they said no - they “assured” me exit at a different border post would be no problem…
No choice but to leave the border post and enter the country.
I think the folks at this border post don’t know how to process a foreign vehicle TIP, the officer at Assiz flew through the import menus in his screen and had it all done in 20 minutes as he seemed pretty familiar with the importation process.

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Strange situation we passed trough french customs and all and arrived brasil side. First the guy said that everything was closed until Wednesday (proclamation de la republica) and after that he stamp our passport. We went to policia federal in the town and he said that he can't do the tip for us and we have to wait, but also can go to macapa and tried Monday and If it's still closed Wednesday so for now our vehicle doesn't have any tip.

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Bridge open MO-FR 08.00-18.00.
FG to Brazil.
FG: Fast exit because we are from Schengen, they only checked our documents.
Brazil: WOW. These people are not motivated. Had our passport get stamped first. The guy then said we should go now, we don't need a TIP. Even when we showed him our last Brazilian TIP. Only after insisting multiple times that we want a TIP he showed us to the Aduana office.
Of course there was no one but after waiting we were greeted by the slowest und quite unfriendly sloth I ever saw.
We filled out the aduana form in advance (, 3 days in a row but it was never finished due to a technical error in the system. She wanted to send us away until we have it. Only after insisting that we already tried several times (and showed the screenshot of the technical error) , she did it herself but it took her about 1 hour, because so slow (she asked us the same questions over and over again) and she let us wait afterwards on purpose for more time and let other people come in first until she printed it out and had it stamped. Nobody checked the car, they didn't seem to care at all. Bottomline: Fill out the form in advance if possible and insist on getting a TIP.

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 3.85126, -51.82323

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As the cross by the bridge this enabled you can do customs and immigration here. You don't need to go to the other places of procedures (only if you are going to cross by the river)

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