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This crossing is no longer available for vehicles (except travellers with bicycles, who have to cross here) Please see other overland post about 3km away. Brand new Peru/Bolivia border building all in one spot to process immigration and TIP!

Only pedestrians. It took us over an hour on each side during carneval period in February.


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This border crossing is only for pedestrians. The other one outside of town is only for vehicles. (Private and buses).
We arrived at around 8.30 and it took us over an hour on each side. (Perhaps faster when its not February. Right now the whole area on both sides is celebrating carneval)

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we tried crossing the border here, however we could not go through with our car. this border crossing is only for pedestrian. we had to go to the other one, at the other side of the city.

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We could not get paper the car in the aduana here because of the bridge block. They sent us to the office on the other side of the city: Integrated Controls Peru and Bolivia Puesto de Control Carancas Cx99 + J5, Guaqui, Bolivia

Não conseguimos fazer a entrada do carro na aduana aqui por conta do bloqueio da ponte. nos mandaram para o escritório do outro lado da cidade:

Controles Integrados Peru e Bolivia
Puesto de Control Carancas
CX99+J5, Guaqui, Bolivia

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Brit & American on bikes- this would have been the easiest border crossing had we both been brits!

US Citizens can get tourist visa on arrival here. Bit of a pain but we were on our way after 2hours and $160 later.

Bolivia require a Peruvian exit stamp in order to give you an entry stamp.
In the migration building, Go to “Recaudaciones/payments” counter they will need the following printed:
(you can get this done across the way at the shop “tienda de golosinas”)

- 2 passport photos
- 1 copy passport page
- Completed and signed declaration (they can print for you)
- Copy of your bank statement showing balance
- Hotel confirmation (we booked last minute free cancellation)
- Itinerary of your time in Bolivia (just general jist will do e.g jan 1-4, La Paz. 5-8, Sucre. Etc)
- Visa fee is USD160 in cash- they won’t accept bolivianos. Card machine apparently kaput.

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cyclists have to cross the border here, they sent me from the other one in the south (only for vehicles, but was anyway blocked because of some protesters building barricades)... you'll find the migration offices on both sides of the bridge, had no problems to get my stamps there

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US citizens can get a visa at the border here. It’s a bit of a pain, but ok if you can’t get one in advance from a consulate. See my post in the other immigration spot just outside town for more info.

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Try to avoid the old offices of Bolivia migration, which are located in some ship containers. cops there are prone to be "a bit" naughty and some of them just want your money. The other inmigration office, 1 km away, taking the road of the right hand, in a new building is more secure, safe, reliable and comfortable.

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As at 18 April 2018 this crossing is no longer open for vehicles

See other iOverlander post 3km out - brand new building for Peru/Bolivia border processing immigration and adunua! Sooo good! Took less than 45 mins!

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It is no longer possible to cross the border here with a car. You need to use a big border crossing nearby.

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Bolivia to Peru

We arrived in town on a Friday at 7pm. Mercado was finished and people were packing up so it was not to bad traffic wise. Slept in a hostel in town then crossed into Peru Saturday at noon.

Very easy and fast crossing for us.

Checked out of Bolivia in less than 10 minutes. Then we crossed bridge and parked by Migration on the right. Asked for 6month Visa and we got 180days.

Then walked to SUNAT on the right for the TIP. We also asked for 6 months TIP and we got it. (Very happy about that)

They checked our plate, VIN number and our SOAT(insurance) and we were done.

Very nice crossing with no shenanigans.

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Update on Bolivia border crossings:

To fast-track your TIP process (saved me two hours yesterday), you can fill in your car and owner details on this website:

Choose option: Registro de vehiculos turisticos Form 249 (SIVETUR)

NO NEED TO PRINT OUT. Just give them the number that the website will show you.

For some reason they prefer if you have already done it and your process miraculously only takes 5-10 min.

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avoid this border on Friday, is market day and is a lot of people going in and out whit bigs pakages. no place to park

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Quick process. Just checking the passports and stamping us out. No questions or checking the camper.

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Take a pen. Go to building on left (migration), behind Aduana. Before joining the first queue you get to, go to the window just past it and show your passport (you can only do this in person, no-one else can get the form for you) to get the migration form which you have to complete & then return to the first queue with it. Then go back to the Aduana with a copy of the driver's passport, vehicle registration document and the migration slip you have just been given. It cost 1 sole to get them copied just opposite the Aduana. Then drive straight on. Yes through the muddy unmade up road and bear round to the right which will take you to the main road where you turn left for La Paz.

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