Punta Uva - Roads End **WARNING** | Wild Camping

Costa Rica


Last Visited: over 3 years ago
GPS: 9.642370, -82.684500
Altitude: 9.1 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Nice beachfront camping. Many spots to choose from.
ARMED RAID AT 8.2.16 see check-ins


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Latest Check-Ins

2 campers, 2 nights. Friday and Saturday nights. No problems, but be vigilant! There was a couple robbed of their backpack an hour after we arrived on Friday while they were swimming in the ocean.
Was a fantastic weekend on a beautiful beach.

Friggin awesome spot busy in weekends , big rig friendly ... may not be safe after dark but we stayed 2 nights with 2 RVs in the knowledge of this risk ... would move into town overnight if I was alone just to be safe ...

Just touring around to scope out Big Rig friendly free sites. This place is so gorgeous and would be so ideal to camp. Right on the beach, easy access, lots of shade in the afternoon, the blue waters of the carribbean...
I've spoken to 2 locals that said they wouldn't camp here alone at night, 'but possibly with a group', which would be very suitable here. There are almost unlimited beach front spots available between smaller palms. Very big rig friendly, tall rigs will brush some palms but nothing to cause damage.
I am here on a Saturday and lots of other visitors parked around during the day. I don't know what it's like at night or on a weekday yet but will try to check it out in the coming days.
It's a shame about the previous events here, and that the locals agree it isn't overly safe as It truly is a gem of a place to stay.
**update** discussed with police and they agree it would not be safe

Stayed one night, police told us Not to stay longer. They said that people that stayed longer got robbed. Had a good day though.

I heard the story from a group who was just there about the armed robbery. Just want to say that this needs to be reported or the police won't know what happened.

We were 3 vans with around 100m distance to each other. We all stood many nights here. At 11pm, masked guys attacked one couple with wappons when they came out of the van. They had to gave all electronic stuff and had to walk along the beach.
The robbers left them at the beach, threw the car keys away and left.
The couple is unharmed and safe. When it happen, we didn't hear anything, they told us in the next morning.

Update: We met a couple from Brasil who had the same experiance in August 2015. We still could see the cuts in the tent from the machete. Story sound very simular.

Nice place to camp. Many spots to park. Free!

Awesome place! No bathroom. Few places this secluded, tranquil, and accessible in Costa Rica. Noseeums are bad in the morning.

Nice beachfront camping. Many spots to choose from.

on the beach of Punta Uva. dream beach like Robinson Crusoe!

Price: free