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Showers for $5 at the recreational centre. We used the family one. it was clean and spacious. hot water took some time to come.


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These showers are not open to the public at this time. I recommend going to the Montrose Recreation Center on Woodgate for a shower.

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Was $5. Told to use showers in changing room and it sucked. No where to put your clothes. 1 hook for your towel. Shower curtain. Water was cold. I should have asked for this family room thing.

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Came right after 6pm. Was locked and there was a dance recital going on in the other part of the building. Some of the moms let us in - apparently the guy at the desk down the gall had already gone home. Left some cash by the computer and used the family shower/bathroom.

There is another rec center that’s $7 or $12 down the street apparently.

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Just pulled up to take a shower and the doors are locked. Google says they are only open 3-5pm 5 days a week. Not sure if it’s the time of year or what but I wasn’t able to grab a shower today unfortunately

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we tried going here to shower in the morning and it was completely locked up. looked on google maps and they’re only open from 3pm-5pm M-F.

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Amazing showers and clean. They will allow you to use the family cabana. Private bathroom with shower. I used twice this week. $4 same as a day pass for the facility. I never ran out of hot water and the staff is super friendly. If no one is at the front desk, leave $4 you are on camera and just bc no one it there doesn’t mean it’s free.

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Came here after 6pm two night in a row and no one was at the front desk so we walked right in. Showers & locker rooms were okay, a little old. Showers are scorching hot with only a button to press, but hey, nothing beats a free shower!

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Wow! What a great facility. You pay for a one day pass about $7pp and have full use of everything. The showers were clean and spacious. Highly recommend!

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Good showers as described! Hot water didn’t come but it doesn’t matter, it was hot outside so cold shower felt nice. Also accidentally came after 6pm and there was no one at the reception, so just walked in, tried to be quick and clean

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I came here to take a shower on a Wednesday around 18h30, and nobody was at the front desk, so I’ve just walked in the Men’s locker room to take a (free) shower. No private showers in the locker room, only communal ones. Water was cold at the beginning, then lukewarm, and finally hot by the time I was done.

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Showers 3$ at the recreational centre. we used the family one. it was clean and spacious. hot water took some time to come.

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