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NIGHTHAWK British Columbia to Washington is open 9 am until 5 pm.

Standard procedure applies - documents ready, obey instructions, answer questions asked.


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Absolutely no line going north on a Tuesday morning at 10.30am.

Easy peasy. Might be difficult to navigate this crossing with big big rigs or trucks towing trailers.

The officier was extremely unfriendly and told be i should have choose a different crossing but eh oh whatever.

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drove there today from Canada to USA, no line at all, I was the only car, spent 20-30 minutes there, including the computer failure waiting time.

Easy process, be nice, and hand $6 cash, and everything goes well.

also a beautiful drive at fall

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This is a guest post from Sjoerd Bakker from a July 2014 Crossing.


British Columbia to Washington
From BC Highway 3. The Crow's Nest Highway

NIGHTHAWK is a very small and lightly used border crossing in the beautiful desert Similkameen Valley located one mountain range  west of the Okanagan Valley  and Osoyoos BC , 2km south off BC Higway 3 .

In Washington it is fed by paved state   and county roads from TONASKET and OROVILLE which are both on US 97

Nighthawk is open only during daylight from 9 am until 5 pm   and   gates are closed beyond these hours .

The photo shows all there is  to see , coming  from Canada.

Canada Customs has their small office   on left side of road and a short distance south  the road makes a 90 degree turn east into the USA Customs facility ( white steel roof) which also has the  mentioned gate and fences .

Have your documents ready and you should be  through this border in a matter of minutes.  Two vehicles may be considered a long lineup .

It is so simple nobody can fail to find it and get through.

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