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Paso Agua Negra, La Serena, Chile to Paso Agua Negra, San Juan, Argentina

Argentine immigration and customs about 80 km on their side of the international limit (30º 21' S // 69º 15' W).

Chilean immigration and customs about 50 km on their side of the international limit (30º 12' S // 69º 50' W).

Instagram with live information on whether the pass is open:

NOTE: ~250 km without gas services.


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The pass is supposed to be open until 31 May, unless weather conditions temporarily prevent it.
We were able to drive on 24.05, although everywhere (website, Instagram and Twitter) said closed. We just tried our luck. The days before and after, however, it was closed again.

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This pass is open for 4-5 months every year. There’s about 100 km of dirt road in pretty good condition (barely any wash board) and 240 km in between fuel stops. The paperwork to leave Chile and enter Argentina was super quick.
NOTE: the pass was closed on 29th and 30th of April (announced on the 28th), but it was open on 1st May this year. The Chilean twitter account had no information on it and the Argentinan website showed ‘open’ despite it being closed on the weekend (it also showed it hadn’t been updated). So these are not reliable sources. Better to check Instagram: elquiglobal which had all the live information.

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The pass is still open!!! You find the information about the closure here

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usually open from December to early/mid April. the pass closed 17 April this year

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you can check the current status of the borders on for Argentina and for Chile. both contain details about all the borders.

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infos for cyclists who want to do that pass:

i did it the last four days (la serena, chile - las flores, arg. ) and was surprised how challenging it was... on the chilean side the dirt road (starting at la laguna) is in quite good condition, sadly the uphill road is closed, so you have to take the really steep downhill road for the last 500 m altitude, be prepared to push if your bike is fully loaded

the road conditions on the argentinian side are worse (lots of washboard and loose gravel), but it is less steep and the gravel section is only about 30 km long

check the weather before attempting the pass, also in high summer there is often snow/hail and temperatures are generally around zero at the top

amazing views, strange ice-formations and lots of people greeting / supporting you - absolutely worth the hard work!

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Gorgeous pass at 4753m! Doable with a 2wd.
The view may be more beautiful when crossing from Argentina to Chile.
They are building a tunnel so enjoy this road while there is still not so many people.

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we stayed here overnight in our small campervan, but it was a little bit cold and we didn't sleep much, because of the high altidude 4779 m.u.m. we recommend to sleep further down at the laguna on the chilean side or at the other spot near the road on the argentinian side.

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We were told by the police in vicuña that this pass will not open again for the summer until December 1st this year. (Due to snow and ice conditions up there this year). May pay to check again before making your way all the way out there. Sorry folks :(

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The pass closed today at 11am due to a rock slide and snow. The pass had only been opened this morning after a 7-day closure. We got to the Argentine customs checkpoint an hour later ... then waited 24 hours, but it was still closed until further notice. Several locals doubted it will open again before spring, but you never know. The only reliable source of information are the Gendarmería in Jáchal (they're the authorities responsible for physically closing and opening the access route), call (or have someone call) 02647 420 473, or ask at the customs checkpoint Las Flores. Do not rely on closure information from other sources including tourist-information offices.

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Crossed Paso Agua Negra 7 Dec 2012.  
See our story and photos here:
Argentine immigration and customs about 80 km their side of the international limit (30º 21' S // 69º 15' W).
Chilean immigration and customs about 50 km their side of the international limit (30º 12' S // 69º 50' W).
NOTE:  ~310 km without gas services.   

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