El Florido, Chiquimula, Guatemala to Copan Ruinas, Honduras | Customs and Immigration



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Guatemala to Honduras in El Florido
Guatemala customs across from the parking lot and up a little hill. Show your import paper and they will ask for you to get 2 copies of the import paper (they made the copies after cancelling the permit for free), plus your passport and license.
If you plan on returning to Guatemala, don't cancel your TIP, just make it a temporary exit.

VIN will be checked and you will get two copies, one for the Guatemalan guard that is behind you. Immigration next door.
Drive 100 feet into Honduras. Park on the right, in front of the office.
Immigration and get your passport stamped. A sign on the wall said the fee was $3 USD, but the official insisted I pay him 30 Guatemalan Quetzales.
Next door to customs. Need copies of passport, license and registration.
Fill out paperwork and theneto the bank next door. 880 Honduran Lempiras for the import permit. About $34 USD. Back to the customs office with your receipt and get your papers.
No insurance is necessary nor available.
Fumigation may be required.
Guard will check papers as you exit.

Its possible to temporary stop your import papers to Guatemala and go and visit Copan Ruins.


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GUATEMALA to Honduras.
Longest border crossing we've ever made. The computer of the hondurian anduana didn't work, had to wait til the end of the day to get our TIP.
we're not vaccinated, they asked for a Prueba de Covid (that we took for free in Antigua, see I-Overlander coordinates)
we forgot to check online for the Honduras Prechequeo. But it's possible to do it at the Pulperia (red building on the other side of the street up the stairs) for 10 Quetzales/person.
Honduras migration didn't want dollars to pay the 3$ entrance fee. cost us 30 Quetzales per person (or 70 Lempiras).
The same for the Honduras TIP. Cost us 900 Lempiras.
We changed our Quetzales for Lempiras at the Pulperia. The rate was 3.10

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Honduras to Guatemala
When we arrived at Gasaule border with Nicaragua, they told us El Salvador refused for us to cross their country. so we had to get here in one day to cross to Guatemala. Crazy drive with 9 police checkpoints, 1 bloqueo and some very bad road.
Both migration/customs in the same building.
first go to to the Salud room. Lady takes the temperature paper from Gasaule border, checks PCR test, takes your temperature and gives you a little paper.
Asks if we filled the prechequeo Pase De Salud on internet. we did it the day before.
then go to Honduras migration window. gave us only 3 days of exit stamp to leave to CA4 because we stayed over 9 months in Nicaragua because of Civic situation. Guatemala migration gave us only 3 days entry stamp for the same reason even though we asked for one month.
Guatemala customs only gave us 3 days TIP to cross the country to Mexican border. Cost 160Q. The officer showed us where to go and what to do.
Honduras customs took one hour because the Honduras customs at Gasaule didn't go to the bank on time to deposit the 35$ we paid yesterday. 😬
Military and customs checkpoints when you leave. Friendly people.

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like descriped easy border crossing. I was alone to, so it was pretty fast.
They didn't make free copy for me, I needed to go back to the small village ans the price for importation of my bike was 887 lp.
On monday morning it's take me only one hour to get trough.

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super relaxed and friendly border as described. just a tip that if it rains heavily, it interrupts their internet access which slows their processing time enormously. took over two hours for us whilst we waited for their computers to work again and they ended up walking us to their old office to make the TIP.

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Very relaxed border crossing with friendly officers as described. We crossed on a Monday morning and it was not too busy. It was pretty fast since they have migration for both countries in the same building, in total it took us 1h 15 min. but most of the time was for the copies and waiting in line. You can bring tons of copies but you always need the page of the Exit stamp in your passport.

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Very easy border crossing for us from Guatemala to Honduras. Arrived at a lever arm and a stand where a SAT official checked some of our documents informally and let us through. Couple money changers, no helpers, very quiet in general. We parked in front of the immigration building. The Guatemala and Honduras immigration is all in the same building which was very convenient. We arrived on a Sunday at 9 am and took us 1 hour to get through.

First, you wait in the Guatemala immigration line where they stamp you out. No fee. Next you wait in Honduras line where they fingerprint you, take a picture, and stamp you in. Cost was 150 Lempira for the both of us.

Next we went to Aduana for Guatemala, still in the same room for our TIP. They give you 90 days to return to Guatemala without paying for another TIP if you ask for a temporary suspension. They requested 1 copy of my title, passport, license. They gave me back my original SAT with a new stamp after going out to verify my car.

Next you wait for the Honduras SAT guy. He will need 2 copies of passport, license, title, and the SAT form. He would not make copies for me so there is a convenience store/comedor across the street that makes them. $3 HLM per copy. After entering in some data, he stamps a bunch of copies of the Honduras TIP and my passport and had me get 2 copies of the tip and passport together. When I returned, it was $800 HLM, no sticker on my car. That’s it! Roads from were in gr st condition as are the roads to Copan.

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Leaving Honduras / entering Guatemala.
Very quite , we were the only 2 except some truck drivers.
We crossed on a Saturday afternoon!

From today the 2 borders are under the same roof. The all process took only 45 minutes. Passaporto control officers from Honduras and Guatemala works side by side and it only took 10min to do both!
To cancel Honduras TIP you exit the immigration office and is the next door on the Left!
To to your Guatemala TIP you re enter immigration office and go to adunana!
Y need
1 copy of exit stamp of passport
1 copy licence
1 copy vehicle registration
2 copies Tip
Payment of 160 Qz
Inspection very quick
Photocopies across the road in the convenience store
No helpers around , just money changer
If you are coming back to Guatemala within 90 days, like we did, do not cancel your TIP just request a temporary suspension and you won’t need to pay anything more

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Crossed from Honduras to Guatemala on a sunday morning. First go to Honduras inmigration and get the exit stamp, then cancel your TIP (same building, office next door). Then get out and walk down the street for about 100m to the Guatemalan inmigration and get your passport stamped. Get back to the first building and get your Guatemalan TIP. Be aware that on Sundays Aduana opens at 6 but the bank on the Guatemalan side, opens at 8:30 (you need to pay 160Q as an entrance fee). Very easy and friendly staff, look for Luis, really helpful Aduana worker. They did not check the inside of our camper.

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We went to Honduras just to visit Copan Ruinas. You need all the copies mentioned here before. First at Guatemala border go to immigration. Free. Next stop is aduana/customs. With a big smile on you face walk directly to the officers window. Past 20 or so druck drivers. They where all nice and know that it only takes fraction of time (comparing for them)for customs dealing with you. Ask them to temporary export only. We told them that we will be away for max 3 days. No problemo! They quickly come and check your vehicle vin number and give you the original import papers back with temporary export print+stamp at the back of it.
Entering Honduras they need all the copies what was mentioned here again. First immigration and that is 3 US dollars or 30Q per person. Next aduana/customs. With a big smile on your face again go past truck drivers and give the first person who looks official like your copies. They will fill colorful paper for you and type lot of information to the computer. Finally they stam the car to the drivers passport.
Cost was 760 Lempiras. No other currency is accepted.
2 borders took us 1,5 hours.

Coming back.
Honduras side go to immigration at the same desk. Free
Aduana/customs will take you 10 minutes to cancel your permit and stamp your passport again. Free
Entering Guatemala.
Immigration. Free
Customs will take the original import paper and print+stamp the back of it again. They also will do quick check on your car. Free
We did not need any copies or any money coming back to Guatemala on both borders. All took 45min to do

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My girlfriend and I crossed into Honduras in my 4runner at around 14:00 on Dec. 18th. Our experience was almost the same as Rondjewereld's with a few differences.

The first was that there was almost no lines at all and the Guatemalan side didn't charge us at all for anything. They also made copies we lacked for us for free as we had all the other required copies. The SAT worker spoke English (I think his name was Victor), but he only gave us the original cancelled import permit, no copies. We weren't required to show any copies of the cancelled import permit to anyone on the Guatemalan side.

On the Honduran side we got our passports stamped and photos taken as well as fingerprints scanned for 71L/person. We then went to the next door where we got the import permit (I asked the lady who stamped our passports where the copia was and she just waved me towards the SAT door).

During this process he also copied the cancelled import permit for us for free, and didn't require any copies of the stamped passport or the receipt for the stamp. He did require 3 copies each of the unstamped passport, my license, and the vehicle's title. We received the import permit and a copy of it at a cost of 756.93L which we paid to the man himself, not the bank, which appeared closed (maybe because it was Sunday?).

Overall, we spent about 1.5 hours getting through. Rondjewereld's instructions were pretty helpful, as we're the others. Also, as an aside, the money changer we used in the parking lot across from the Guatemalan immigration building gave us a very good rate; we only lost about 13Q (much less than we lost when crossing from Belize into Guatemala).

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Easy for a non-speaking spanish person. First I talked to the money exchanger to get the rate. Just what it is listed as a few days ago. I tell him as soon as I am done exiting Guatemala I'll be right back. Exported my moto from GMT, than myself. He still diligant next to my moto waiting for me. Nice and secure.

Then into Honduras. First me, 70L and then my moto, 748L. Lot of dupilcate paperwork. Receipts for both transactions. I thought the 748L was high, but the USD is strong at least to the presidentual election. No lines at anytime. 1 hour 3 minutes well spent.

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Guatemala > Honduras
We were at the border at 9.15, drove into Honduras at 11.45.

Out of Guatemala
* Drive through the boom (guys waving at you), and park at parking lot to the right. Cross the street to Immigracion, the window on the left is for Salida. Guy asked for 10Q per person, we paid.
* Next go 2 buildings to the left of Immigracion: Aduana. Building with 3 windows, no sign saying Aduana or SAT. We were in line with a lot of truck drivers. Slow moving line, everytime a SAT employee has to go and check a truck. It seemed the line didn't move when he was gone. Once he helped us, it went fast. You need:
* 1 copy of: passport, driver's license and vehicle registration
* you also need 2 copies (both sides; must be double sided print) of the SAT TIP. We didn't have that, but since we had the other copies, he made the copies for us for free.
* The guy walked with us to our van, just to check the VIN. Then back to the office. You get 2 copies, he keeps the original.
* You have to give one copy to a SAT guy in the building at the boom.
Painless but slow.

Into Honduras
* Drive about 300 meters, you'll pass the Bienvenidas a Honduras sign.
* Park in front of the modern yellow building to the left.
* First Immigracion, furtherst door on the left into a big hall. Very friendly officer, professional machinery (they take a digital photo and scan your prints). Cost 30Q per person. You get a receipt.
* Then go to the copy shop in a tienda across the street to copy Honduras passport entry stamp and receipt. You need 3 copies (cost 3Q). For the TIP you also need:
* 3 copies of: passport, driver's license and vehicle registration (we already had them) and Guatemala SAT TIP
* Aduana is the middle door in the yellow building, which you parked in front of. A guy takes you to a desk where you can sit down. We had all the required copies, except of the Guatemala SAT TIP with cancelled permit (we just got it). But again, the officer made copies of this, because we had all the rest (to avoid this, make copies at the tienda).
* Now be very patient, entering data in the computer, filling out the TIP by hand and stamping you passport with vehicle data took 25 minutes. Note: they didn't check the VIN on the vehicle. This gave us 5 minutes to spare before the bank closes at 11.30 (which is next door, guard in front of it). But we made it in time. Note: price on papers for TIP is 602.77 HLM, but we paid 737.20 HLM. Close to the price earlier mentioned in a review. Maybe an unknown tax? Be sure to have Lempiras; the bank didn't accept Quetzales (they did at Immigracion). Money changers on Guatemalan side gave a better rate (we changed money on both sides).
* Take your payment slip back to Aduana to collect your TIP and passport.
Drive on to the border, where a nice guy casually checks the TIP (not our passports) and only looked at the tags of our van.

All in all 2,5 hours; not bad. Our advice: arrive earlier to avoid stress whether you will make it to the bank in time. And be ZEN.

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6pm on thurs...

Honduras exit: 1. Go to immigration. Get exit stamp. 2. If you have a dog, go across the street w/your entry paperwork. get papers from them. not sure what was needed since i was rushing, didnt declare at entry, wasnt returning, so they let me through. 3. go to aduana. they will ask for passport and make the copies needed. they will stamp your passport next to car stamp and take your tip. leave honduras.

As said, the bank closes. my agent/guard was super nice and was going to pay for me. 1. Get entry stamp. 2. go to aduana. give docs. if on a poder, they may scrutinize. 3. agent will go with you to verify vin and plate. 4. return to window. agent will input into computer and print 2x tip. verify info. sign. 5. pay at bank. (160 quez) with docs provided. return. 6. agent will put sticker on your car. 7. done!

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Honduras > Guatemala. Excellent border to cross, pretty relaxed compared to others. The bank is open from 8am to 6pm but there is an ATM as well to pull out quetzalels.

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We got there before 10am.
Parked at the parking on your right, after the gate.
Gone to the immigration office and stamped our pasports. It is free. The officer tried to charge us Q10, but when we asked for a receipt he said that the "cobrador" didn't came. So we paid nothing.
Then we went to the aduana office, where we waited in line until 12. Then they said it was closed until 13.30 and gave all of us in the line a number. Had to wait until 15.00 to be attended.
Then, went to the Honduras immigration (paid 70 lempiras) and then to the aduana for the van (paid 733 lempiras).
We left the border at 16.00. Be aware that the Honduras bank closes at 16.30,so if you have a vehicle to import you won't be able to pay after 16.30h.

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Went on Sunday from Honduras to Guatemala. Smooth and easy, no people there. BUT: bank closed from 12.00 to 2.00, so we had to wait two hours to pay 166 Quetzales for our car. Make sure to be there early! The bank only accepts Quetzal, does not change Dollars, but there is also an ATM that worked with Visa.

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Guatemala -> Honduras
took 4.5 hours. long line in Guatemala and closed bank 11.30-13.00 in Honduras.

Exit Guatemala;
-cross barrier; they only look at your VIN at this side
- they made copies themselves for free
-long line but efficient

enter Honduras:
- entry stamp costs 30 GTQ or 70 HNL ; USD not accepted; money exchange possible with decent rate
-from car owner 2 copies each:
->passport, registration, drivers license-> need to make copies yourself at nearby copy shop
-make more copies with car stamp, but they tell you exactly what they want
-pay 720 HNL for car entry at bank; GTQ possible as well; bank closed at lunch time

good luck with the copy war;)

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NB: when crossing from Honduras into Guatemela you have to pay a 160 quetzals fee for your car to enter into Guatemela. This fee needs to be paid at a bank at the border. This bank is only open from 8 am until 6 pm, so time your entry into Guatemela to coincide with these times. Easy border crossing, we crossed at 7 am on a Monday morning and had no wait times, besides 15 mins for the bank to open.

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We crossed from honduras to guatemala on a monday. Very relaxed crossing with friendly staff. They told us that it is normally busy from tuesday to friday. For the car we paid 160 getalez. No other costs.

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Slow but no hassle immigration n importation of our RV motor home.paid 730h$ for RV, 80 pp for visa

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It is a small boarder and the people are very nice and helpfull. The way out of Guatemala was very quick and easy, but for the Hondurian side it takes more time, depending how motivated the people are. In total about 2hours. We had to pay 10Q per person to leave Guatemala, 3 US$ per person to enter Honduras and 36US$ for the car. We didn't have to do a fumigation, probably because it was a sunday

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We crossed from Guatemala to Honduras in El Florido in early January 2014 on a mpotorcycle.

Arriving at the crossing parked in the parking lot on the right. Then went to Guatemala customs across from the parking lot and up a little hill, kind of hidden. Show your import paper and they will ask for you to get 2 copies of the import paper, plus your passport and license. I have a Mexican registered moto, so for me I also had to make a copy of my bike registration. 

To make the copies, you have to go back about half a block to the copy place. Cost about 4 quetzales for all the copies. 

Then back to the customs guy. He takes all the copies and asks you to hand him 2 pieces of carbon paper, which are in a giant pile of carbon paper held down by a rock on a table behind you. Why they don't keep the carbon paper in the office with them is beyond me. 

If you plan on returning to Guatemala, tell him and he won't cancel your  temporary vehicle import, he will just make it a temporary exit. 

He will then accompany you to the vehicle to check the VIN and maybe look in your cases. Then back to the window and he will give you your import paper back plus one copy that you have to give to the Guatemalan guard that is behind you.

Then go to get your visa cancelled next door at immigration.

Next you drive about 100 feet to Honduras. Park on the right, in front of the office. Go into immigration and get your passport stamped. A sign on the wall said the fee was $3 USD, but the official insisted I pay him 30 Guatemalan Quetzales. Seemed scammy but whatever. 

Then next door you go to customs. They wanted copies of my passport, license and registration. I didnt have any more copies so they very kindly made them for me right there, for free. Then filled out the paperwork and sent me to the bank next door. 680 Honduran Lempiras for the import permit. About $34 USD. 

Go back to the customs office with your receipt and he gives you some papers. No insurance is necessary nor available. Then get on your bike and ride right past the fumigation to the guard and show him your papers and he lets you through.

Leaving is the reverse. Immigration, then get your import cancelled, then go to Guatemala and check in (10 Quetzales I think) and go to the customs window. This time he made copies for me for free and checked the VIN again. Gave me back my import paper plus one copy for the guard and we were good to go. 

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