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Seems OK now that it's not on Google Maps anymore (please keep it that way). Access for any 2wd vehicle possible via "5 Palms access road" Water temperature is tepid but nice on a warm day. Lots of bees, frogs, fish, tadpoles, birds and bats at night. Must camp away from the oasis, you'll see the signs. Careful when pulling off to camp, check ground first or you might get stuck.


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Seems OK now that it's not on Google Maps (please keep it that way). ANY 2wd vehicle can access it via the "5 Palms access road" pin from Whitlock Rd. You must camp a little bit away from the oasis (you'll see the signs) Water temperature is tepid but nice on a warm day, lots of fish, birds, frogs, bats at night. Not closed.

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This place is permanently closed.

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No camping here, this place is closed. Trash, poop, creepy locals everywhere. DO NOT recommend

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Even though we were warned about the soft sand, we managed to get stuck up to the axels while parking. Spent 4 hours trying to get it out, no luck. AAA not interested because we were too far away from Whitlock Road. Had to use a local commercial tow. $700 flat rate. Expensive but essential. If you are unlucky, call Manual on 760 344 4400. Really enjoyed the pool after all that.

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Make sure you come in from the South, you WILL get stuck in the sand and it’s a long way from help and I’d imagine a tow won’t be cheap. Take 78 east from Brawley, turn right on Whitlock Road, go 2.7 miles south then turn left on the track / road which veers north eventually then drive up to the spring. Be VERY cautious where you park, turn around, camp, etc because you will sink in. It’s very doable but be prepared, shovel, traction board, etc.

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Blessed oasis in the desert 🙏🏼🌴
Clean space, lots of military air traffic

Best to enter from south and air down tires for traction through sand.

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Mini Oasis in the middle of the desert. Beautiful little area. You will need 4Wheel drive or a traveling companion with 4Wheel drive as the sand is deep & difficult to drive in, in a two wheel vehicle. Note: Even if you have 4 wheel drive if you’re not careful you may sink.

1-2 bars T-Mobile & 1-3 bars Verizon.

Leave no trace.

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Cool spring not warm. Beautiful setting. Be sure to camp 1/2 mile away and not on the east side ( see new signs). Heavy usage. Now a bazillion bees from nearby hives. Kinda creepy trying to get in the springs through the bees. Please leave better than you found it.

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Dispersed camping at Highline North (5 Palms) Hot Spring which is a bit cold in winter (84°F). Access is on a sandy and bumpy track. Quiet, some rubbish around.

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A beautiful desert oasis. Hidden from the sun by palm trees. BLM land. Rules apply in regards to how close you can camp next to the spring however. Be careful driving in. Deep sand patches are a must to drive through so 4x4 is necessary the route gps will take you. I took the first turn instead of the second turn to avoid the sand with my 2 wheel drive vehicle. Its 2 mi dirt bumpy road that still will lead you to sand. Don’t go around it, punch it and you’ll make it fine. I went slow and needed a guy to push me out. I went on a Sunday evening and this fella is the only one who passed me all night long. I got lucky and enjoyed a nice soak with tons of wild life around ready to start their night. Pack it in pack it out.

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5 Palms is one of my favorite boondocking places, usually very quiet there except when the Navy jets are flying overhead. It is best to enter from Whitlock Rd. on the west side of the gravel pit as the road eaat of there that goes by the springs has lots of soft sand. There are many good spots in the gravel pit, some just south of the springs, a few minutes walk away. About 3 miles (+/-) from the highway is a road that goes east over a low hill, then left about 1/2 mile to the spring. This road is usually good up to the springs, soft sand beyond. Good campsites on the left most of the way until the No Camping sign near the springs. Fresh clean water there but isn't real hot, about body temperature. It is clothing optional.

The. north/south road to the springs is on BLM land so a 14 day limit. On the East side of Whitlock in the gravel pit is not BLM, also free camping but no time limit.

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