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GPS: 5.810167, 8.850167
Altitude: -1.0 masl
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Something not right?


Very nice and eficient people.

Custom office is just some meters after this.


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THIS BORDER IS STILL CLOSED TO TOURISTS AS OF 9 MAY 2019. We were told it is still unsafe to pass into Cameroon from here. Try Gembu-Banyo border or look into ferry options from Calabar.

We went this morning to the border for the following reason : We spoke to a truck driver who used this border two times the week to deliver fuel. Everything peaceful! We spoke to a supervisor who works for road construction and this guy is from Mamfe, no fights, everything is peaceful, we spoke to several people who cross the border with regular cars, no problems at all. The Nigeria border stamped the carnet out but the Immigration Cameroon officer don't let us pass. Same like described bevor, dangerous and and....! They feel comfortable with this situation and they have no idea what they do with us!

We were denied entry into Cameroon today at Ekok crossing. They said it is too dangerous and the won’t allow tourists to cross.

We were there about 2 hours. We spoke with someone from the army who said that he was the one who gave the order to the consulates and embassies to stop issuing visas to overlanders. Everyone was extremely deferential to him so I think he was important. He said the situation is very bad. We went over the map with him to
Investigate alternatives. Importantly he said the Bissaula crossing is more dangerous than Ekok and NOT to take it. He said we could crossing near Gembu Nigeria which goes into the central region of Cameroon and said it would be safe.

Thankfully the Nigeria side let us go over and talk with Cameroon before stamping us out.

We rode down to Calabar and got a quote to take a ferry to Doulala for 350 USD each for our passage and motorbike. For a car the price is 1,000,000 cfa or about 1800 USD.

For us it’s not worth the risk to try up north. Also it’s been raining so much and I don’t want to ride in the muddy mountain roads haha.

Good luck to all.

There are two challenges here:
Customs office closed on Sundays and holidays. No carnet stamped. I had to stay for one night.
The problem with the anglophone uprising is intensifying. The army did not want me to stay in hotel but in their walled compound. Next day I had to report to Mamfe police station to possibly get an escort. Which I did not. They suggested that nothing will happen to me as a tourist. I took the direct road to Kumba. The road is good. It was a Monday and I was absolutely the only one traveling. No other cars on the road. The rebels want Monday to be treated as a holiday. I saw some burned down houses and markets. Some burned trucks. Many houses deserted. Eerily quiet. Slept in Kumba. Situation normalises around 40km south of Kumba.
First army checkpoint 128km after Mamfe. No visible government presence before.

Same as stated below:
- passport checked after the bridge
- immigration office up the road on the left, passports stamped in no time
- customs further up on the right and TIP issued in no time as well

After you pass the border there are several checkpoints (one where they register the passport information in a log book) and police/military due to the political situation at the time. They did search the car a couple of times

Directly after the bridge there is a control post on the left, where they will take your details and hand out one little piece of paper, that you need to keep for upcoming checkpoints.
Immigration office is just 200 m further, also on the left side. There they write down your details again and stamp your passport. Lots f security and military because of the current crisis, but all friendly and helpful

Dutch citizens entering Cameroon.

Easy enough, they check your passport when you just crossed the bridge.
And then send you to the police station 200m down the road on the left to check and get your passport stamped.

After police there's customs on the right to arrange a free TIP(chef that issues them is there from 8AM to 3.30PM).

Easy Border, stamped Passports and Carnet without Problems or Money. A few Kilometers after the Border there is are Immigration and Custom Checkpoints so don't put away your Papers too fast.

Very nice and eficient people.

Custom office is just some metter after this.