Category Legend

Established Campground
Campgrounds that advertise camping, regardless of amenities provided.

Informal Campsite
An unadvertised camp spot associated with another business or institution (restaurant, gas station, etc)

Wild Camping
A camping spot not linked to a business or institution regardless of amenities or formal permissions.

Private accomodations

Accomodations for groups of people

Fuel Station
A place to purchase vehicle fuel

A place to fill propane tanks

Mechanic and Parts
A mechanic or a parts store

A place to obtain potable water

Sanitation Dump Station
A place to empty a black water tank

Short-term Parking
Short-term, usually daytime, parking for overlander vehicles

Places to help eco-friendly overlanders, like recycling centers, bio fuel stations, etc

Exceptionally good or bad restaurants (Food, value, price, location)

Tourist Attraction
Attractions, tour guides, tourist information centers, etc

Places for purchasing goods related to overlanding (gear, quality supermarkets, etc)

An ATM, bank or currency exchange, relevant to overlanders.

A place to access the internet, either public or private with good work space.

Recommended doctors, dentists or other medical professionals.

Pet Services
Veterinarians, supplies, or other services for overlander pets.

Self-service or full-service laundry facilities.

Free or paid showers, that can be used independently of other services offered.

Customs and Immigration
Customs checkpoints, immigration offices, etc.

A permanent police, military or agricultural checkpoint.

Consulate / Embassy
An embassy or consulate

Vehicle Insurance
A place where vehicle insurance can be purchased

Vehicle Shipping
Office, port or place related to long-distance vehicle shipping or difficult ferry crossings

Vehicle Storage
Locations that offer parking for overland vehicles for weeks or months at a time

Warnings about serious dangers to health, safety or property, or impassible roads that cause delays of two hours or more

Overnight Prohibited
Areas where camping or sleeping in a vehicle is not allowed.

Another place of interest to overlanders.

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