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Showers were free, from October they be $3 (though reception mentioned maybe still free for travellers)! Ask at the reception. Parking in front of the building


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$3 for a shower! Receptionist was super nice! Showers were warm!

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warm showers. weird place though! its just one gymnasium room and two change rooms. cost us $3 each today, even though the website says $4.

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5 community showers in a room. Water can't get to scalding, but is adequately hot. Price is now $4 for adults.

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Warm at best. Communal but separated by sex. Wouldn’t recommend if you just need a shower.

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Warm showers and clean facilities. What not to like. You can’t beat a $3 shower!

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$3.20 for showers and day pass to small gym
and basketball courts.. Clean facilities!

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Nice friendly centre with showers and gym.
Has a sign up that from October 2019 showers will be charged at $3 which also includes use of the gym.

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Showers for free! Ask at the reception. Parking in front of the building

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