Boulders Beach Penguin Colony | Tourist Attraction

South Africa


Last Visited: 6 months ago
GPS: -34.198298, 18.453128
Altitude: 8.1 masl


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Boulders Beach Pinguin colony. Rand 153,- pp entrance fee. Plenty of penguins to see without entering the park!


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Nice and well maintained ... but outrageously expensive: at R170 and 4x the rate for locals it is an insane overcharge. I only give two points because it is well maintained.
If you want to see the penguins, go to Betty‘ Bay: there are more of them there, the setting is more natural ... and entrance fee is only R25!

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at -34.19830, 18.45313

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Entry is an astonishing R153 pp now, extremely overpriced. Just walk in the path next to the entrance, we saw dozens of pinguins in their nests with eggs or chicks. No need to pay entrance here

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If you turn down Seaforth Road, there is free parking and a free beach where you can see penguins. It's before Boulders Beach when coming from Cape Town.

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No need to pay. Just walk around. You see enough

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Price now 75R per adault, with wildcard free.

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Rand 70,- pp for the beach itself, prior to the entrance there's a route to the right where you can see penguins as well for free.

But we enjoyed the beach side :) it is a small park though.

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Very popular tourist attraction with penguin colony. And paid beach called Boulders Beach.

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Boulders Beach Pinguin colony

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