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4 months ago
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Julien Sueur


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Cheapest option in the valley. Cozy hostel, super friendly owner, accepts cars and tents, has rooms, bathroom, hot showers, WiFi, kitchen. It accepts people who want to volunteer. 5 private rooms, 2 shared rooms with 9 and 6 beds. Great place to park motorhome, several trees and beautiful nature. Place for tents. We recommend it.


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you can park in the big grassy area away from the hangout area. for a "party hostel" I thought this place was pretty mild. music from 8am to usually 11pm but I didn't think it was excessively loud. good soundtrack at least. Rodger, the operator, speaks excellent English and is super friendly and can give suggestions for hikes around the area. wash and dry clothes for 6 bucks a load since nothing dries up here. 8pppn. dog friendly but must be on leash at all times even though their nice dogs roam freely.

height restrictions, we are 2.8m and had to push the hanging lights up a lot to clear.

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It’s a nice space to camp and they have good facilities but for us it was super loud. I can deal with them playing music, way past 10pm, but the church opposite had some kind of loud and angry service until about 3am Saturday and past midnight Sunday. There’s also a lot of roosters crowing in the very early morning, so consider that if noise affects you. They also now ask for $8pp which I think is a bit expensive.

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We stayed for two nights and paid 12 USD for two persons one night in a van. We felt safe and welcomed. The shower behind the kitchen has only cold water, so if you like it hot use the one in dorm Nr. 1 :) They playing music the whole day until 10 pm.

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It is a very nice hostel, a beautiful garden to put your tent ($8 pp). Also they have dormitories for $12. The private rooms are $35 but that felt a bit too much for what it was. There is generally a great atmosphere with very friendly people. Don't go here though if you want some peace and quiet, they play really loud music all day every day (and night sometimes).

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We stayed 2 nights. Wonderful! Plenty of space to park the van. Clean toilet & shower. Well-equipped kitchen. Good WiFi. Good vibes. Good people. Good location & less than a 10-minute walk to India Dormida trailhead. Supermarket is a 3-minute walk. Friendly dogs! $8USD per person to camp. Recommended!

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Spent two days here exploring the town. The hostel is really close to the India Dormida hike which was convenient. We fit inside the hotel grounds with our big ford transit. The staff was very nice, really fast wifi.

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We stayed here a week for $14 a night. A bit pricey, but we had the place almost to ourselves. The kitchen is great, shower, bikes and laundry was really convenient too. The cats and the dogs are so cute. We took Juanita for plenty of walks around the valley. The only downside was that the speaker they blasted music from is directed towards the campsite.

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These guys are awesome! The vibe of the place is amazing! The location is great to hike the sleeping Indian! And the staff (especially Sol) are welcoming, knowledgeable, just lovely all around!
Loved you guys!

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Great atmosphere and management.
Plenty of room for parking with shade. Nice and fresh air in The Valley. 1$ beer.
8$pppn. Dog friendly. Hot showers.

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Mais econômico do Valle.
Hostal aconchegante, proprietário super amável, aceita carros e barracas, tem quartos, banheiro, duchas quente, WiFi, cozinha.

Aceita pessoas que queiram fazer voluntariado.

5 habitações privadas, 2 habitações compartilhadas com 9 e 6 camas.

Lugar bem grande para estacionar motorhome, várias árvores e linda natureza.

Lugar para barracas.


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I wasn't able to find this place.

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Mucho espacio, cocina, baños, fullwifi y áreas verdes, precio de privados 35, dormitorio 12, y camping 8, motorhome 5 por persona, bikes, cafe, te gratis!

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Checked in to update the hostels location, they moved from previous location after father died. Now the owner is the son and he is super cool super friendly and he also travels on VW combi he owns so he is very welcomy to travellers by car.

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Juan is dead. His sons try to take following; hope they will succeed.
We had a quiet night.
But devoured by critters, they called it "chitras"; so be careful from 5 pm to protect tour feet, arms....

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Juan is a nice guy who has a large property on the edge of town. It's extremely close to the supermarket and a few nicer restaurants. The property overall is nice, beautiful views of the mountains and sunset. The communal house/dorms/kitchen are a bit messy but for $5 you get what you pay for. I was bothered by the loud roosters in the back (which they do train to fight) so much that I could only stay 2 nights (rooftop tent not a great sound blocker). I would recommend this property for anyone trying to save money. Just be sure if you tent camp to do so as far away from the back apartments as possible.

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For camping use the second entrance. Huge place, very eclectic (some may say junky), friendly owner, two kitchen areas but definitely not the cleanest place. $10 for two of us in our vehicle. New plaza with REY supermarket (open 6-10), dollar store, cafe + more at the corner, 1 min walk. House behind camping area has a lot of roosters that he trains for cock fighting... Cheap but wouldn't recommend.

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Rooms 20$. Dorms 10$. Camping 5$. Cheapest place in town. Juan the Panamian owner make u feel at home (familial place). Nice outdoor kitchen. Hot showers. Fresh fruits from the big land as well :) :)

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