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An important step! Here you get your temporary import permit if you are entering Panama, or you can get your "Formulario de Salida" if you are exiting Panama.

After you leave the first set of buildings, go back to the main road and follow the signs on the to "Cuatro Altos" or "France Field". If you can enter at France Field gates, the building is immediately on your right (as on this map). But you may have to enter at the northern set of gates and drive down.

Exit office is the last door on the right (closest to the highway you drove down).

To leave Panama, we needed these photocopies ready:
3x Passport Photo Page
3x Passport Panama (person & vehicle) Entrance Stamp
3x Panama import permit (TIP)
3x Panama Insurance (Polizia)
3x DIJ letter
3x Vehicle title
3x Bill of Lading (provided by your agency or shipping company, already with your quarantine stamps from the first step)

They will give you two sets of copies back with some additions and stamp your Passport (vehicle exit stamp).

To get your car out of the port and into Panama you need photocopies of:
3x passport
3x title/registration of car
3x insurance
3x letter (see below) or Bill of Lading provided by travel agency

These guys have the info for the letter, the post itself is in German but the letter at the bottom is in Spanish: (Google translate gives you a great translation with the steps too)


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It tooks us less than 15 minutes to get the stamp for our camper in the passport.
The area looks very bad ...

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whole process took about 1.5 hours due to waiting time and their slow movement.

directions are like others indicated however now they require a letter describing you, the vehicle and your intention to perform a temporary import. nothing fancy but make it look official and print 3 copies and sign them. they charged me nothing

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After getting our bill of lading stamped, we came here to cancel our TIP on passport. They asked for 3 copies of: title, passport, TIP, insurance, DIJ inspection, bill of lading. We parked across the street and walked over here. Took us 15 minutes to complete on Wednesday morning.

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watch out and don't enter with your car, park on the side of the road and walk in. a guard tried to scam us to pay money for parking.

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We turned in a bunch of copies (as described), paid no money, then drove to the RORO port.

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 9.34666, -79.87906

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 9.34668, -79.87901

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I don't know about other people, but we had to go here after we got our quarantine stamps to EXIT the country. So if they tell you that you need to go to "Cuatros Altos" or "France Field", here it is. You should have three copies each of your passport, TIP, DIJ letter, vehicle title, and Panama import permit. After this you can go to the port for inspection.

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If you are shipping a motorcycle to Colombia on one of the Wild Card Sailboats this is where they instruct you to cancel your TIP.

They have instructions online of the process

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They also require a letter from you requesting permission to enter the port. I've added the info to the original post for future people.

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If you stand infront of all the unmarked doors, it is the one furthest on the right. Just behind the door is a hole in the wall with a nice lady needing 3 copies of passport, BL, and Police report. You get 2 sets of papers for stampinga and your passport stamped.

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Good blog on all steps in process for RORO.
Shipping our vehicle from Panama to Columbia
Tuesday March 4th, 2014 06:29 PM ⋅ 6

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Ignore previous post. This is the right GPS if shipping to Colombia. (Irregardless of Teá's GPS instructions.

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GPS COORDINATES slightly off. On right- hand side of road in blue and white building with blue awning.

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It doesn't look like a customer office.
Lucky to find it....

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Start the paperwork zoo here for exportation.

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this is step 2 to ship to cartagena, after stamped BL on your carrier (seaboard...). Some differents offices in the same building. You have to explain you ship to colombia (not arriving in panama). They stamp driver passport and give vehicule entrada/salida form.
now step 3, return to the port (look at other aduana sign on the app !)

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Aduana office is the last door on left. Here you can get your temporary import document.

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