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We are a traveling family. EL TIP VIAJERO SERVICE 24 HOURS:

Whatsapp +51941483585. (Please, Always send a message by Whatsapp before arriving)
Address : Jiron Melchor Cumpa 933, urbanización san Germán, distrito de San Martín de Porres, Lima


We have a parking lot ( see potos) where you can park a motorhome of maximum 14 meters long /2.45 meters wide/3.09 meters height, private bathroom, sink and hot showers for travelers . You can spend the night in the motorhome or leave it while you travel.
Internet 100mb/s and Our campsite has an outdoor security camera.

S/.60 / Day (1 or 2 travelers+ motorhome 6 meters Max)

b) STORAGE + TIP Suspension in ADUANAS (procedure included in the price)
Motorhome storage ; S/. 40/ day (Max 6 meters)
Motorcycles: S/15/day.

We recommend storing the vehicle at least 4 days before your trip for paperwork.

Whatsapp +51941483585
Instagram: El Tip Viajero
Tik Tok: Turismo Pucallpa Peru

The camping space is in a garage, not open space. Some parts are very high (3 meters and 25 cm) if you are with a rooftop tent, check space availability with John.


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John is an amazing host. We've spent New Year together, and he showed us a cool spot to watch the fireworks. He is super friendly, talkative, and knowledgeable.

The "camping" itself is a garage. Our biggest challenge was the lack of sunlight to power our systems. We have a truck camper and we barely fit in width-wise. We managed to raise our pop-top roof if we positioned ourselves perfectly between the support pillars and ceiling lamps. Water, bathrooms, electricity, good wifi.

John helped us suspend our TIP while we went to Europe to deal with a family business. He is a true magician who can convince SUNAT/Aduanas to do stuff they don't feel like doing.

If you are around ask John about his VW Bug :)

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We stayed here for 2 nights. It is in a garage and max 2 cars can fit behind each other. It Is safe and quiet at night, at daytime dogs are barking like crazy. Check beforehand if there is availability and if your car fits (height and width). Toilet and hot shower available, non-potable water as well. Good Wi-Fi. John is super friendly and enthusiastic and he knows a lot and can help with a lot. The laundry nearby was good and fast. The ceviche restaurant is open daily 10am til 17pm. With a taxi/Uber we went to the city in 15-20 minutes. Uber is a bit difficult to get, you have to be patient. We paid 60 pesos/night for 2 people in a Sprinter. Also storage is possible. When we arrived, John was travelling, so his Mum welcomed us and explained everything. John was always available via WhatsApp and he speaks good English.

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This is one of the best campsite in Lima. They have Airbnb , secure parking for your RV with toilet, hot shower and big area which we put our table and chairs.. John and his family are very friendly hosts and he will send you links to any places you which to go.. there's a big shopping mall for groceries and food court nearby. Laundry nearby plus if you want to service your RV, there plenty of good mechanics nearby. the campsite is near Lima main tourist attractions. John brought us in his car to see the mountain top.. it's awesomely stunning and beautiful beyond words. Highly recommend to stay in John place when you visit Lima .. Dr Peter from Singapore

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Nous sommes restés 3 nuits chez John. Il nous a été d’un grand secours pour réceptionner un frigo en provenance d’Europe.
De plus si vous aimez les villes, il est de très bon conseil et vous donnera tous les tips. Et si vous avez d’autres achats à faire, il vous aiguillera.
Si vous avez un problème avec les autorités, il pourra également vous aider, il est avocat.
Notre véhicule fait 3,05 de haut avons pu être en tout sécurité à l’intérieur du bâtiment.

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We stayed with John and his family and enjoyed it greatly. On the second day we were invited to the family Sunday picnic on the barbecue outdoor area of the camping. It was so nice to hear about life in Peru and as nearly everybody spoke English we learnt a lot.
The camping is inside, there is a clean bathroom with shower and on the second floor an outside sitting area with a barbecue.
We went to Switzerland for one month and we left our camper in the safe storage of John to whom we are immensely grateful for the help with the temporary suspension of the tip with SUNAT.
We'd like to thank John and his mother for all the time they supported us. We came as strangers and left as friends.

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We are a traveling family that started this venture to accommodate travelers on the road, providing a space to spend the night safely inside a building specially designed in size to accommodate them.

A great advantage is that we are close to the international airport of Lima Peru and 5 minutes from the PAN AMERICAN HIGHWAY, bus stations to all of Peru, easy accessibility to the center of Lima and its tourist attractions, as well as we have very close services, large shopping centers, Laundry, places to repair your unit, car parts, very good quality restaurants for Peruvian food and every day we have meetings with travelers at night to assist and advise them regarding the routes of Peru, an additional plus is that we maintain contact with travelers even after they have left the accommodation, we advise them legally and on tourism issues in the Country.

The space that we have, being indoors, allows the parking of units up to 3 meters and 9 centimeters, high (121.654 inches) by 2 meters and 50 centimeters wide (98.42.52 inches) and we can accommodate up to 3 depending on availability. units such as Iveco, Renault Master, Sprinter, minivans, vans with a tent on the roof, among others), the place is very safe, it is only managed by our family and it is kept clean and with restricted access to visitors or those who leave the unit.

Regarding the campsite, the area is also within a closed environment, with the following services: private bathroom, high-speed internet 100 mb/s, laundry room and terrace area, the terrace area has furniture, covered area and barbecue for BBQ, available all year, we are very careful in cleaning the environments and their care, we clean them ourselves.

Regarding the rooms for travelers, we have rooms within mini-apartments, which one can rent an entire apartment with two rooms, one with a double bed and the other with a cabin, having private services for your group such as living room, dining room, kitchen with gas stove , microwave, utensils to prepare a good breakfast, full bathroom with hot water and soap available and 100mb/s internet. The use of these environments is exclusively for travelers, so you will find travelers during your stay who share their experiences in the evening

Regarding parking, it is necessary to know that in the cases in which travelers have to leave their units in Peru to leave the country, they need to carry out the procedure of Suspension of temporary entry to the country, being a procedure that implies a contract, police verification and waiting for the issuance of that certificate, as well as submitting this information to customs, and upon return request customs inspection, to be able to circulate with your vehicle in the country, we carry out this procedure for travelers who park their units with us, Being an included service, since I am a lawyer and we have carried out the process for several travelers in our campsite, this process requires that travelers book in advance to coordinate their process, since it requires that the vehicle is already deposited in our garage.

You can also rent a room inside the mini-apartment, we have rooms with shared areas such as living room, dining room, kitchen with gas stove, microwave, utensils to prepare a good breakfast, full bathroom with hot water and soap available, and our 100mb/s internet
In both types of rooms they have access to a terrace area, with comfortable seats, indoors, with a grill for your bbq, being a social area to rest, practice yoga in the morning watching the sunrise or chat with other travelers, we are very careful to keep the area clean and to respect the hours of silence or sleep of the travelers.

Our goal is to achieve that with this travel project we continue the trips we make and we can be independent to travel more time on the route, the goal is to leave for Chile and Argentina, USA and perhaps in the future travel to Europe to meet old friends we have known and supported for many years.

Our attention is in English and Spanish, in case you require translation into other languages ​​we are prepared to do it.

As you will see, we offer more than just a space where this work can be for you travelers and with your support we are also reinvesting in new services for you.

Share our venture, as well as many travelers who we thank for their support throughout the one year of existence of Camping Overlander El
Tip Viajero in Lima Peru.
You can share our page

John and Family

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We are a traveling family that offers Camping, Storage, Rooms and Travel Assistance in Lima Peru and guided in Lima @eltipviajero, we have a parking lot where you can park a motorhome of maximum 14 meters long by 2.50 meters wide ( like sprinter, Iveco, Renault, Fiat Ducato) , 3.09 heigh, they have wáter service, bathroom with hot showers for travelers
We are 10 minutes from Jorge Chavez International Airport, you can spend the night in the motorhome or leave it while you travel,
Also we have rooms for travelers- With share or private bathroom, Wifi, shared areas, microwave oven and printer.
Transport to the airport 24 hours, and any destinations, and Tours to the jungle of Perú, Pucallpa, Ucayali
Whatsapp +51941483585 eltipviajero.com turismopucallpa.com

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Fue una muy buena experiencia en Lima, realmente es el mejor lugar para quedarse allí, cuenta con espacio para un carro grande, baño y ducha caliente, muy limpios, el espacio de BBQ aun está en construcción pero es acogedor, muy cerca se encuentran tiendas, panaderías, lavandería, talleres y el aeropuerto. En cuanto a la hospitalidad, Jhon es una persona muy amable, siempre atento a lo que se necesite, siempre que necesitamos algo o ubicación nos daba referencias o nos guiaba, su madre también estuvo muy pendiente de la estadía.

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checked about any discouny to leave the camper 2 weeks.no. flat 40x day?? with all yhe cocheras around charging 300 x month?? 60 for 'camping' in a garage?? u get a room for that $ .infact I paid 67sol for a huge room at Oscars hotel near the airport.there is a small gated parking lot and the camper can stay for 150 x 15 days !check around if u need to leave the vehicle longer .there was another on google.COCHERA with capital letters

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John and his family are very helpful hosts, with plenty of advice and ideas for your onward journey, including things to do on Lima.

The “camping area” (aka the garage/ bottom floor of the apartment) is limited in size (3 vehicles) and when we were there was initially used up for long term storage vehicles. Because it is the bottom floor it has a height limitation of 3,1m so probably okay for most vans but could be a challenge for a rooftop tent setup depending on vehicle and tent heights. There is a bathroom and shower for this area.

If the “camping” is not available they do have 2 rooms upstairs offered as “Airbnb” which share a bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen currently has minimum equipment (stove, microwave and a few plates and utensils) meaning if you wish to cook for yourself you will need to bring pots and other items from your vehicle. Be aware there is no fridge either. When we were there the bathroom door did not close properly which is not ideal when sharing the apartment with strangers. If you have to use the apartment, then John arranges secure night parking in a nearby lot.

Overall it probably remains your best “paid for” Overlanding stop within Lima city limits.

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We spent two nights at John’s who’s incredibly welcoming and helpful and gave us a lot of information about visiting Peru and Lima.
There wasn’t space for us in the garage so John offered us to sleep in the bunk beds in the apartment and leave the car at a secured parking for the night at 10sol. You can park in front of the house during the day.
As you can see on the photos it’s not a campground per se since the space to sleep in a van/rooftop is in a garage on the ground floor. If you are in a high car with rooftent you might not be able to open it. Check with John to see if there is space.
The entire house is an airbnb home so you can book an apartment with 2 bedrooms or a room and then share the common spaces and bathroom. There is one room with 2 bunkbeds and one with a double bed.
There is a barbecue space and lounge area in works on the roof for people sleeping in the garage.
It’s a safe residential neighborhood that has a lot of shops, market, restaurants and more.

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I’ve spent Christmas in John’s family… nothing more to say… I was alone for Christmas and John said to me let spend Christmas with us.. so I spend Christmas with John family and this was one of my best Christmas (according to John’s family) and … nothihng more more to say

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Good place to stay and leave you car. If you want to service you car this is a good area. The traffic is a bit of a challenge. John has a wealth of information so ask him and he is happy to assist. Place is clean. But there is limited space so ask before arriving. Highly recommended.

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John’s place close to the city

John era nuestro ángel guardián. Lo confirmo sin exageración.
Primero, la bienvenida fue fácil y agradable. La ubicación está limpia y en un área muy segura.
Hay una ducha y un lavabo, así como habitación si lo necesitas.
El contacto es fácil con John y toda su familia
John ven para nosotros primero nos mostró La Milla, es una enorme montaña cerca de aquí, donde la vista es increíble en la ciudad.
Incluso nos ayudó a publicar una caja en Canadá, necesitábamos ayuda porque el trabajador de Correos peruanos al principio no era muy conveniente y John vino a nuestro rescate.
También llegamos en tiempos de crisis política y estado de emergencia y Juan fue increíblemente útil.
Cuando intentamos salir del país por tierra, John contactó con sus conocidos para dirigirnos a las carreteras correctas donde no había barreras. Tan pronto como tuvimos una preocupación lingüística, nos fue fácil llamar a John y nos tradujo al interlocutor. Fue una gran ayuda en estos tiempos de emergencia. No logramos salir del Perú, así que volvimos a John y decidimos almacenar nuestro vehículo en su casa a medida que la situación va. John es abogado por comercio, y también es bilingüe. Se encargaron de “suspender nuestro TIP” y le pidieron que se hiciera una hora de porque es un largo proceso y los llamaba todos los días para acelerar el proceso
Todo fue una aventura lo que terminó bien. El día antes de irnos, tuvimos el honor de ser invitados a la mesa de la familia de John para compartir una maravillosa comida en honor al cumpleaños de su madre, que es también una verdadera perla, así como su hija y esposa

Gracias John y esperamos volver a vernos cuando volvamos a recoger nuestro camper

Melanie y Benito
America’s Road Runner
John fut notre ange gardien. Je confirme ceci sans exagération.
Tout d’abord l’accueil a été facile et agréable. L’emplacement est propre et dans un secteur très sécuritaire.
Il y a douche et lavabo ainsi que des chambre si vous avez besoin.
Le contact est facile avec John ainsi que toute sa famille
John a fait beaucoup pour nous tout d’abord il nous a fait visiter La Milla, c’est une gigantesque montagne tout près d’ici, où la vue est incroyable sur la City.
Il nous a même aidé à poster une boîte au Canada, nous avions besoin d’aide car la préposée a Pérou-Poste au début n’était pas très commode et John est venu à notre rescousse.
Aussi Nous sommes arrivés en temps de Crise Politique et État d’urgence et John a été d’une aide incroyable.
Quand nous avons tenté de sortir par voie terrestre du pays, John contactait ses connaissance afin de nous diriger vers les bonnes route où il n’y avait pas de barrages routiers. Dès que nous avions un souci linguistique il nous était facile de téléphoner John et celui-ci traduisait pour nous à l’interlocuteur. C’était des plus aidant en ces temps d’Etat d’urgence. Nous n’avons pas réussi à sortir du Pérou nous sommes donc revenus chez John et avons décidé d’entreposer notre vehicle chez lui le temps que la situation se passe. John est avocat de métier, il est aussi bilingue. Ils s’est occupé de « suspendre notre TIP » celui-ci lui a demandé beaucoup de temps car c’est un long processus et il les téléphonait à chaque jour pour accélérer le processus
Ce fut tout aventure qui s’est bien clôturer. La veille de notre départ nous avons eu l’honneur d’être invité à la table familiale de John pour partager un merveilleux repas en l’honneur de l’anniversaire de sa mère qui elle aussi est une véritable perle tout comme sa fille et son épouse

Merci John et au plaisir de se voir de nouveau quand nous reviendront chercher notre camper

Mélanie et benoit
America’s Road Runner
John was our guardian angel. I confirm this without exaggeration.
First, the welcome was easy and pleasant. The location is clean and in a very safe area.
There is a shower and sink as well as room if you need.
Contact is easy with John and his whole family
John did a lot for us first he showed us La Milla, it’s a huge mountain near here, where the view is amazing on the City.
He even helped us post a box in Canada, we needed help because the Peruvian Post worker at the beginning was not very convenient and John came to our rescue.
Also We arrived in times of Political Crisis and State of Emergency and John was incredibly helpful.
When we tried to get out of the country by land, John contacted his acquaintances to direct us to the right roads where there were no roadblocks. As soon as we had a language concern, it was easy for us to call John and he translated for us to the interlocutor. It was a great help in these times of state of emergency. We did not manage to get out of Peru, so we returned to John and decided to store our vehicle at his house as the situation goes. John is a lawyer by trade, and he is also bilingual. They took care of “suspending our TIP” and asked him a lot of time because it is a long process and he phoned them every day to speed up the process
It was all adventure that ended well. The day before we left, we had the honor of being invited to John’s family table to share a wonderful meal in honor of his mother’s birthday, who is also a true pearl, as well as his daughter and wife

Thank you John and look forward to seeing each other again when we come back to pick up our camper

Melanie and Benoit
America’s Road Runner

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We stayed here for 4 nights and explored Lima from here with the Uber. It is in the northern part of the city. John, the owner, was super nice and gave us a lot of information about the city and Peru. He is absolutely passionate about traveling and travelers. The money he earns with his 'campground' goes into his wish to buy a campervan and travel with his wife and daughter trough Europe. He has a big network and speaks English very well so he can help you with a lot if needed. There is high speed wifi, hot shower and toilet, very clean. A big plaza Vea is very close by, as are many other small shops and restaurants. The street is gated, so the only traffic is the people that live in the street and pedestrians. For a big city very quiet at night. Not every neighborhood is safe in Lima, so besides Barranca and Miraflores, which are very nice to walk around in and have a drink or some food, we recommend to take the Uber for safety.

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We had a great stay here while staying in Lima. Our Fiat Ducato fitted perfectly. There is a hot shower and great WiFi! John was a wonderful host and took us to a delicious restaurant. He had lots of tips for our travel through Peru, because he too travelled a lot! We can recommend highly to stay here while in Lima!

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I had a medical emergency in Lima and John and his family went above and beyond to get me medical care, store my rig, and suspend my TIP. Highly recommend El Tip Viajero if you need assistance with anything while you’re in Lima.

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Staying at this place was a special experience. John and his family made me feel very welcome and part of his family. Even after I left, he helped me with very useful information
Through him I saw more of Lima than I would have otherwise. Thanks a lot John

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John is an amazing host who really helped us to discover Lima. We stayed 4 nights in his garage. Nice bathroom with toilet / Electricity and super wifi. Price is 15 usd pn. If you need anything in Lima, John knows a place to go. He takes his time to talk with you and give any advice you need. The street have locked gates at night. Uber works great in Lima, it’s way cheaper than just a normal taxi.

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El mejor lugar para quedarse en Lima, muy seguro, Jhon un anfitrión muy atento y con los mejores consejos sobre que hacer y visitar en Lima, realmente hizo nuestra estancia muy agradable en Lima,
el espacio es grande para una camper o motorhome

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El mejor lugar para alojar con tu motorhome en Lima. Un lugar seguro, con todos los servicios: baño privado con ducha caliente, wifi, electricidad y una acogida muy atenta de John quien te entrega toda la información que puedas necesitar. US 15 por noche x 2 personas

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An unbelieavable experience! John Sánchez is an incredible host with a big heart and a passion for travellers. We would have been totally lost in Lima without his advice and support. He assisted us with resolving a number of technical issues with our car and introduced us to the real Lima.
John and his family reached out to us and really made us feel very welcome, through them we experienced big city hospitality that we will not forget.

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Jhon the owner received us very well, the place is a car garage and it is possible to park a medium-sized motorhome, you need to contact us first to confirm. It has a clean bathroom with a hot shower, the internet is a little slow but when we needed more speed he took us to his house to use it and it was extremely fast. Jhon also gave us several tips on places to visit both in Lima and in the region, and added us to a group of travelers that has helped us a lot.

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