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GPS: 0.000084, -78.175013
Altitude: 2739.8 masl


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You can take cute pictures here and also the guide shares some interesting information about equator worth listening. All in 15 minutes but can also last more if you question the guide. Costs 2usd per adult, 0,50 per kid. Open 8.30 am-5.30 pm / every day


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Beautiful spot and landscape! There was nobody so it’s a pity for the explanations and discussions but on the other hand it was free... now it’s 3$ adults and 1$ kids

Really an interesting discussion about stars, sun, seasons, villages around here and more. It’s just a couple of bucks and there is a geocache here!

A most interesting guided tour.
It might change your vision of the world

Nice explanation and took about 15 minutes. According tot he lonely planet travel book, this is also not the “real” equator location, but it was good enough for us. Worth a stop. $2/person. There’s a coffee shop across the street in a yellow house looking building where they sell local honeys and chocolate - nice after the equator museum and long drive.

This is the place to be, the real equator. We get a very informative presentation of all the scientific and geological facts you should know about. You can take funny pictures, can buy some honey made from the agave (and support the local community with that) and enjoy the little botanical garden with different kind of cactus and algaves. Well worth the 2 $ per adult.

Verry good for 2 Dollars!
Short and interesting explenations.
We buyed the package for 20 Dollars. Its in 4 Laguages and you support the whole Project with it.

The real Equator line.
At this place you also can stay overnight.
We came here in the evening and there was no entry fee and you can see the real Equator line and take pictures there.

Meh... Tourist trap. Save your 4 bucks. You basically pay to be pitched the sale of booklets, maps, etc. Restrooms are nice though.

Nice spot, where you can stand on both sides of the world: left and right.
Left and right? The guide will explain the difference to north and south.

Here is the actual Equator. Very interesting and the guide spoke really good English. Worth stopping!!

Very interesting visit with a very good guide. Here they present an innovative vision of the equador line ans Earth mapping. Our 3 children also enjoyed this scientific visit. 2 USD adult, 0,50 USD children.

Small monument. $2. The guide was very good but tried to sell us DVDs, maps, etc so just be prepared for that. Had some alternative ideas.

You can take cute pictures here and also the guide shares some interesting information about equator worth listening. All in 15 minutes. Costs 2usd