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over 6 years ago
1838.0 masl


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Camped in the parking lot of the hotel, not too nice, but it has a perfect location in the city center. Toilet and shower by the reception. WIFI in the reception. Price: 3 usd


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Sorry guys but I can’t reccomend this place!! GO TO ANOTHER OPTION

They charged us 8 usd per night (2 people + Defender), so the price was super nice! But the place was dirty. The outdoor kitchen was completely abandoned. The showers was ice cold, we didnt manage to find the hot position. The bathroom has a “cleaning schedule” fixed on the door and the place wasn’t clean for 1 week!!!! Even with us using! I think this was a total lack of respect with us.

I don’t know how this place survives since we saw lots of staff people completely lost (one time it was a room key they lost, anothet time it was a booking did 2 month ago they didnt know about it when the family arrived... everytime they were arguing about something!)

Oh and when we got here the guy with ponytail hair was super stupid with us about where to park our car (our roof top tent opens to the back so we were afraid of blocking the way).

The only good thing is the location and the price (which I think they wrongly charged us this amount, comparing with the previous comments)


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The bathroom was dirty and had a bad smell. People in charge of the place were rude to us! It was like they didn’t want us to stay there, even though they accepted us. So weird!
Besides, it was impossible to use the kitchen and the wifi only worked close to the reception.
There are better options in Baños. This place is trap!

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We have camped there, they have increased their price, now 5$ for the vehicle + 3$/person so it's a bit pricey for what it is. The main advantage is the kitchen with plenty of gas.
Be sure the gas hoven is off, a nice explosion happened while we were cooking on the top of it.
Prefer Volcano camping (west) instead, same amenities but much cheaper and the owner is nice.

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Didn't camp here. Really nice place and it was cold and raining so we splashed out on a room with a fireplace, lovely! regular rooms are $14pp, room with a fire place $18pp. Great location. they have an outdoor kitchen that you can use, usable but not particularly nice.

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We didn't stay here because there is no place to put the tent. Only camping in cars.

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This is a lovely beautiful hotel with garden and lemontrees.very nice athmosphere and run by a argentinan/french family.
the host pablo is super friendly and very helpful for overlanders in any ways.
We stayed here camping in our tent ($3 p/P + $4 car) because our car got flodded and moldy!
And we could dry all our stuff in the garden!use the community kitchen, parking and use hot showers and good wifi!super nice people in a beautiful place!

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Very nice comfortable hostel with all amenities. Camped at the small parking lot. Managers and owners are allowing overlanders only during week days and they tend to be full on weekend and don't have enough parking spots. Good wi-fi, hot showers. Pablo, one of the managers is very helpful.

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Great place. Rooms are spacious with small personal patio overlooking garden. Parking for my moto. Paid $14 for a private room, one person. I think high-season prices are a few dollars more (maybe 18?).

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Not closed at all! Nice place close to the centre, you can stay in the parking lot that looks more like a garden. Nice staff, hot shower, toilet and wifi. US$ 5 pp.

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This place is not close! It's 3$ pp for sleeping there with your car/van.
Wifi, outdoor kitchen, well maintained, nice place, nice owner and staff. It's possible to pitch a tent also (on the terrasse). There is a restaurant too. Better option than "Posada del abuelo".

For tent camper, we heard that it's possible to pitch 2-3 tent at the "Posada naranja". The owner is Jose.

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at -1.39924, -78.42128

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This place is permanently closed.

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Camped in the parking lot of the hotel, not too nice, but it has a perfect location in the city center. Toilet and shower by the reception. WIFI in the reception.

Price: 3 usd

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