Camping Los Alamitos de las Thermas de Fiambalá | Established Campground



Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: -27.744432, -67.557078
Altitude: 1909.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Cold
Water: Yes
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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500 for a camping spot, 200pp for the termas. Good overnight place with relaxing bath , electricity, toilet and shower. Really, really nice place to relax. Do not visit on weekends — extremely busy even in what is normally off season.


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This place is in wrong location - it is located at -27.74443, -67.55708

Official campground of the termas. Nice spots with bbq and taps at each place. Just for tents though, cars can't enter and should be placed at the parking. Cold showers and nice (not too) cold natural pools. 500 for camping (staying overnight) which we did not do here, but at the parking lot of the termas, so we could easily take a night dip in the warm pools.

The Municipalida of Fiambala changed the prices as per Feb 28 as following: Entrance Locals ARP 150, Extranjeros ARP 200 (valid for the whole stay if you camp) Camping with tent at the campground with own pools, bbq, toilet and showers (cold) cost ARP 150/1Pers, 250/2Pers, 350/3Pers, 450/4Pers. Motorhomes (Casa Rodantes) who camp at the 2ns and 3td Parking-lots below the pools, incl. Power, Toilet and shower (cold), sink for dishes cost ARP 500 per night! It is a stiff price but think about you can go for a swim at night in a hot pool all by yourself and watch an incredible sky - I wonder what this would cost at home, if possible at all!

Now 200Ars p.p for thermals. 250 for 2 ppl camping with tent in the camping ground. We saw others with campervans stay in the car park of the thermals, (I think this might be free, maybe don't tell them you will stay the night) No one checks tickets once past the entrance where you pay. Thermals are really good, we spent the afternoon, then went to set up camp and came back at night. Camping was very quiet for the night, good facilities. Entrance to thermals is 150Ars for locals.

we visited the place but only too have a bath in the termas. They lifted up the price again. Now 150 peso p/p and for camping with
our motorhome the asked for an another 500 peso on top per day. They are crazy, so we stayed overnight on the way down to fiambala in the mountains.

Very nice spot with 16 pools at different temperatur (between 24 and 48 Grad) to bath in. The pools ale nicely build following the sloop of the mountain. Entrance price is 100 p/pPers and 300 if you want to camp in a Campervan (campsite facilities are very used) There are also cabanas for rent and a restaurant on site. We have been during the week and there where not so many people. We liked it.

hermoso lugar! en el estacionamiento de las termas te dejan colocar el vehículo mh, cuenta con electricidad, baños y termas!!!!!! El costo es de $300 pesos por noche para el mh y $100 pxp.

hermoso lugar, vinimos un martes y estaba con poca gente.

We arrived late on a sunday evening and had have a bbq first. There is a nice clean camping/bbq area with light and electricity. Afterwards, so in the night (11 till 1) we went into the Pools 800m up. Very recommended, clean and quiet! Price 100 p.P and 160 for a tent/300 for a motorhome.

Entrance fee : 100 pesos p/p and 300 pesos for our motorhome.

75 Peso per Person and 200 for the big rig total 350 peso for 1 Night.
For us ok, but the Thermes are great.

Prices for camping have gone up: ARP 130 for tents, 200 for campervans (casa rodante). Plus entrance fee per person 75. All prices per day.

Came for a day & stayed for two! Hot showers, a series of beautiful mineral rich pools with mini waterfalls to let massage you & (perhaps) the fun company of other overlanders.

New camping shelters have been constructed with a separate car park area for campers with tents. Well maintained toilet and shower block with hot water and access to the lower pools. There are four pools here but the water is not hoy, you have to go a further 800 meters uphill by car or foot to the next pools where the water temperature is much warmer. Peak season prices are AP75 per person for entry and then AP130 for your camper. If you don't want to camp then you just pay the entry fee of Ap75 each. Very quiet at night time.

- 45 ARS per person entrance, 70 ARS per car camping (= 160 ARS for two people camping)
- entrance is valid for 24 hours, so if you arrive in the evening, you get two days of bathing (in reality nobody checks for tickets after the first gate)
- Pretty nice thermal baths with variety of temperatures (80°C to about 25°), hot showers by the baths and also on the parking lot. Drive up almost to the top, the uppermost terrace is reserved for cars, the lower two have bathrooms with hot showers and you can camp in there (concrete, but level), there will probably be other casa rodantes there already. There are power outlets, although a bit shady (duct tape etc.) but they work.
- there is a dedicated campground half way up, but we didn't see any power outlets, it is for smaller vehicles only and it would be quite a hike to the thermal baths.

Good overnight place with relaxing bath , electricity, toilet and shower, water inlet thermal Peso 90 - / 2 people overnight Peso 70./Night

Perfectly located spa with stone pools, various temperatures, sadly something a little sun

A gorgeous thermal bath located on a mountain with several natural stone pools and different temperatures. We were parked very nicely with a view to the valley. There are toilets and cold showers in the parking lot. At the hot springs above, there is additional nice hot showers.

(The very high price consists of the entry of 45 arg. Peso / person and the camping accommodation of 70 arg. Peso / car. Self camping had 18 arg. Peso / car cost, so for camping really only an additional cost of 52 arg. peso = 8 euros are incurred.)

Price include camping in the parking lot and 24 hours access to the hot spring. Possible with power and there is toilet at the parking lot. Changing room, toilet, shower and restaurant next to the hot spring. Really, really nice place to relax. Thought we would stay one night, ended up staying three and would have stayed longer if they had internet (we needed to get online).

Price: 40 Argentinian Pesos