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3 months ago
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Nice staff but not really fast. We took 1h30 with a van. They checked the bags but not really the van but we saw some cars checked during long time before us.

Step to go from Bolivia to Argentina with a car:
migraciones boliviana
migraciones argentina
go through the aduana argentina to go to aduana boliviana
then go back to aduana argentina


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Bolivia-> Argentina.
Senasag papers not necessary on this border on either way (because we went out of argentina for less than 2 months and our argentinian form was still valid).

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this was a terrible crossing for me. the paperwork part, no problem, all 4 stops probably took 20 minutes. but crossing the bridge, they made me take everything out of the car to xray, then I had to leave all my stuff outside on the road while I followed them to have the car itself xrayed. incompetent, disorganized staff. dog owners, you will need your paperwork, they absolutely do check. they did not ask for proof of insurance. convert your Bob to ars on the Bolivian side, way better rate, but keep 5 Bob to pay the tax man on the bridge. all in all, 1 out 10 stars, horrible welcome to Argentina.

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Easy bordercrossing but a but confusing with different locstions. Previous descriptions are right. Not much traffic, took us 1.5 hours for the whole process. Just checked the frame number of the bikes.

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Crosse Argentina-Bolivia on foot (no vehicle) Wed April 12 around 12:30 PM. We arrived as some of the first who came from the bus in La Quiaca. Easy to get to the border.
Once there, we went to the first white storage unit (Argentina exit customs). 15 minute line, and about 5 minutes to check our two passports. Note Argentina does not have exit stamps anymore, it’s all digital.
We then passed one or two empty storage units (looked like AR exit customs for vehicles) then approached the Bolivian entry storage unit. Again 15 minute line, <5 minutes to process. They handed us a stamped white paper (no passport stamp); I assume that is what we need to exit the country.
After we went straight for the building with security scanners (left of the road), but they just told us to continue into Bolivia.
Overall very smooth process, we were quite hesitant beforehand. We were 2 Canadians, and a French family of 4 and a Dutch duo also had no issues. Passport was all that was needed (no photocopies of anything).

Giving it 4 stars because it is not super clear where you need to go.

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very smooth and very fast.

went from Argentina to Bolivia. took cca 1h in total. all the previous descriptions are accurate.

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Good border crossing. I got there @ 10:00, finished in an hour. Only 3-4 other vehicles crossing, rest were walking travellers.

Container #1 = Argentina Immigration stamp out
Container #3= Bolivian Immigration stamp in
Big white building glass doors = Argentina Customs release TIP
Container across from Argentina Customs = Bolivian customs get new TIP

All folks very friendly and efficient.

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Perfect description from @alyvanblake.we arrived at 3.30pm. we did everything as described. There were not many people but the staff was slow and in addition they had no connection for half an hour. it took us 4 hours. luckily the customs did a quick check of the camper by they also saw our dogs, but they didn't ask us for any documents of theirs.

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Argentina - Bolivia, a little slow and a little confusing.

Park your vehicle in the car park and on foot go to:
1. Migration Argentina (receive slip of paper with first stamp)
2. Migration Bolivia (no stamp in passport but individual slip of paper to keep in the passport, this should be stamped). You should also get a second stamp on the original slip of paper.
3. Ayuda Argentina - just the vehicle owner needed to give back the TiP you received when entering Argentina. Third stamp on the original slip of paper.
4. Ayuda Bolivia - receive a new TiP and collect your final stamp.

Go back to your vehicle and join the queue to cross the border. Some vehicles got checked by both Argentina and Bolivia Guards, we didn’t get checked by either.

Just as you’re crossing the Bolivia border one person needs to take the passports to the kiosk and they will ask a couple of questions about where you’re from/ where you’re going.

The whole thing took about 1.5 hours but I can easily see how it would take longer!

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1. stop at the Bolivian immigration building before the bridge(right next to the money exchange pin on here) and get a piece of paper with a stamp. they did not stamp out our passports. leave your car parked somewhere good here as you won't be able to join the line of the cars on the bridge until completing steps 1-4.
2. walk across the bridge to a shipping container building on the left for Argentina immigration
3. next building on the left to cancel the Bolivian TIP(this part easily took the longest time).
4.walk across the road directly behind you to get Argentina TIP.
5. you can now go get your car and drive onto the bridge to get in line for inspection.
6. get inspected. locals were having to pull bags and everything from the car to go through an x-ray machine here. popping hoods and trucks. pulling the car apart. when it was our turn they barely searched at all. didn't confiscate any of our food (or dog food). once you get your final stamp here you are free to go.
6. if you have pets, and they see them during the searching process, expect someone to confront you about them. very friendly but required copies of all of the pages received from SENASAG and the vet. this part took us only a few minutes.

we got here at 11 and waited for at least an hour in 2 different lines (step 2 and 3). my recommendation is to come after 1pm, like someone else said, by the time we finally made it through all of the steps there was almost nobody behind us. this border is open late so don't worry. took us 4:40 hours (with dogs) and could easily been half of that if we had come later... no one asked for our insurance here even though we read that you needed to get your tip.

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To exit Bolivia: Waited 4 hours exactly on a Friday morning- 10:20-2:20.
Through Argentinian side within 5 minutes! Btw Argentina no longer give entry stamps. :(

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Argentina to Bolivia on a Thursday Morning: Plan at least 4-5 hours

There is a huge construction site, so vehicles can only pass in one direction at a time. Trucks have priority.
1. Migration Argentina
2. Migration Bolivia
3. Aduana Argentina
4. Aduana Bolivia

Tip: If you are two or more: While the vehicle owner queues at Aduana Bolivia, the other one can already collect the vehicle from the parking, as this is the longest queue.

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Bolivia to Argentina
arrived at 8:30 am and leaving at 2:45pm
definitely would recommend coming in the afternoon. all busses showed up in the morning. immigration line up was over 2 hrs in the morning but now when leaving I see no one there.

you need to park the van on the street. do all the paper work of immigration and aduana at both countries. once done, talk to the traffic control agents at the bridge ( wearing florescent vests) they will let you know when you can bring the car over to the bridge for argentina aduana inspection

FYI, showed them insurance from home and they didn't ask for any other

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Tanke us 6 hours on a tuesday Morning. Afternoon would be better

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Nice staff but not really fast. We took 1h30 with a van. They checked the bags but not really the van but we saw some cars checked during long time before us.

Step to go from Bolivia to Argentina with a car:
migraciones boliviana
migraciones argentina
go through the aduana argentina to go to aduana boliviana
then go back to aduana argentina

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