Gasolinera Flores | Fuel Station



2 months ago
213.8 masl


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Good service. gasoline at national price. straight to the tank

Buen servicio. gasolina a precio nacional. directo al tanque


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Banho grátis, frio porém com o calor que faz é ótimo. Abastecemos gasolina com preço local d pudemos pagar no cartão. Bom lugar para fazer uma pausa e abastecer!

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Filled directly into tank for local price. No problems at all. Very nice pump lady.

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Very friendly, filled in the tank for local price with their own ID.
Gave a good tipp.

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i confirm, direct in the tank, local price, nice lady and clean bathrooms.

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Buen servicio. gasolina a precio nacional. directo al tanque

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