Los Frailes | Wild Camping



Last Visited: about 2 months ago
GPS: 23.380680, -109.432220
Altitude: 4.6 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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A free arroyo camp spot outside of a small fishing village. Many boon docking spots within 100 m of the beach and up the arroyo. Spot is crowded but still has room. mobius rays and dolphins visible from the beach. Nice snorkeling at the foot of the cliffs. Around the corner is a sea lion colony. There is a shanty fishing village, but the fisherman only live there a few days at a time.


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Next to shanty fishermen village that’s often vacant...at least during the day. Scope where you drive, especially if you don’t have a 4x4. Oh and BYOshade

Parked trailer at end of arroyo road but lighter rigs with 4WD could drive north to palapas on beach. North cove had good snorkeling but south had amazing show of breaching humpback whales and rays. Fisherman with scales will sell catch of the day.

Awesome spot right on the water at the end of an arroyo. Little fishing village with not a ton going on. We were the only ones there, tried to stay at los arbolitos but the guy at the gate said no camping. There is a well in the arroyo but nothing else, bugs were bad

Careful !!! Our rear wheel drive sprinter got very stuck here , the lose gravel is deceivingly unforgiving ! Took quite a bit of digging and a tow to get out. Beautiful beach, sandy, friendly people, Clear water , lots of folks fishing right ofthrsnlre

Checking in a second time to add a photo.

Not great. Just a huge gravel and sand arroyo with a ton of RV’s and truck campers. We prefer more private and smaller spots, but this worked for one night when we got too lazy to scout better spots.

Pretty busy spot with some parking lot politics that we tried to stay out of. Apparently the three old guys who occupy the entire beach front routinely freak out on people for parking too close to them and there was some drama before we showed up. Everybody was nice to us, though. Warmer vibes were found further up in the arroyo

There's many nicer and less crowded beaches further south that are both free and free of grumpy gringos. Next time we'd go there and skip this place.

We had no issues getting around in a 40 ft schoolbus. Really nice snorkeling around the cliff just north of the beach and good fishing on the beach.

Here 4 nights. 23’ Class A. Slow going but no real issues. FREE. No amenities. No cell service at all. WARNING: 3 old arrogant white males dominate & whole heartedly believe they control the beachfront with belongings strewn over 300 Meters often suggesting for others to NOT 2 PARK HERE. Not enough space. ITS MADDENING & OFFENSIVE! Please please fell free to park wherever you please. ITS A PUBLIC PARK IN MEXICO. NOT THEIRS

Road from Los Frailes heading back north to Los Barriles. Not too bad

Camping in the arroyo or at Playa Frailes is quite nice. There is a water well here in the middle of the arroyo, you will need a rope and bucket to draw water from the well. Frailes Beach is protected somewhat from the winds coming out of the North. Very good snorkeling where the beach meets Frailes mountain on the East end. Please remember that you are in the Park here and fishing is not allowed.
There is no fee here and no services.
So again please pack out your waist.
Keep an eye out for the whales as they are quite prevalent in the winter months.

A nice place with some not so nice problems. Lots of visitors with often more than 1 dog who consider the whole beach as an official dog poop place. Dog owners seem not to realize that some people are afraid of dogs or have no love for dogs. Leashes are not known. Dogs are chasing the nearby Rancho horses and cows and dog owners seem to think nothing of it.
When we were there we found that other visitors are crowding even though there was lots of space available to give everybody plenty of privacy. Especially vehicles which are well equipped to camp at the more remote parts of this beach behave like they are afraid to prove their all terrain capabilities. Generally a very disrespectful "me me me" attitude.

lots and lots of long term RVs parked there. i imagine a fair few with generators. beach seemed nice...just busy and considering so many better ones to choose from, we left. beaches further south have been great so far.

road heading north to cabo pulmo had a foot+ of water covering it and soft sand in the pools. do-able with the truck, but i wouldn't take a small car through there.

Great spot right next to the beach. Our 2wd Sprinter made it to a great spot overlooking the water. There are at least 15 campers here in a variety of setups but mainly RVs. We watched whales and manta rays breaching out in the bay. A really gorgeous camp location.

Beach was quiet when we were there. You can go a little bit down the beach, but you can no longer drive all the way to the mountain as it is marked as a turtle breeding area. There are lots of fish to see snorkeling at the point. If you are a good paddler, there is a sea lion colony not too far around the point.

Nice beach in front of a calm cove. Lots of paddle boarding/kayaking/snorkeling here. Many other campers, but not crowded.

Lots of RV’ers up the arroyo, beach is really nice, rained hard on Wednesday so the road from Los Barriles is best suited for high clearance 4x4 right now. Lots of stuck rental cars!

Wide open cove beach at mouth of big arroyo. Sand is deceptive and you may get stuck in a soft spot, but the Mexican fisherman in the camp nearby will happily pull or push you out in exchange for some pesos. Beautiful sandy beach for walking to the right and snorkeling is great by the rocks to the left.

Stayed just one night; at this time of the year there are many opportunities to stay; we had a calm night

We really enjoyed our time at Los Frailes, it’s a bit tricky to find a beach front spot with 2WD but plenty of people to help push you out if you get stuck (it happened to us). There is fantstic snorkeling on the far left edge of the beach, you can buy fish from the fishermen at sunset for a cheap price. There is a hard packed parking lot if you’re afraid of getting stuck. The road coming from the north was not too bad with small patches of soft sand. Low gears in 2WD will make it. Felt safe here.

Nice camping at the sandy beach of Los Frailes along East Cape Road, which is sandy and washboardy, but fine for all kind of RV if you drive slow. There are a lot of campers but it´s a lot of space so you will be private. Camping is possible on the beach side of East Cape Road. It is a bit less windy than Los Arbolitos to the north. Access is ok for 2 WD.

Very nice beach and especially good if it’s too windy on the east cost of Cabo Pulmo.
You can park and sleep here, several RVs, travelers and local around.
The road is feasible with a 30Ft RV, with a medium clearance but you must love challenge ;) as it’s bumpy with several climbs. On the right side of the beach, be careful, you can easily get stuck in the sand, better to stay on the parking if you are a big RV. Snorkeling very good ! And beautiful beach.

The road to get there was really rough, washboard, it took us a little more than an hour to do the 10km of dirt road to get here. It was windy and not so much sunny. We went snorkelling just in front of the beach parking and got stung by jelly fish on all our arms, itchy for 4 days. * The best place to go apparently is on the left side of the beach around the rocky side. but when windy = less visibility.. couple of cars came during the afternoon, but We stayed there the night, super quiet, we were alone. We went there with our small rv and everything was falling apart because of the roads.

Spent two nights camping by the cliff at the north end of the beach. Bit of a trek from where cars are parked, but otherwise great spot. Not as beautiful as Los Arbolitos, but much more sheltered from the wind. It’s a small rock beach that gets quite a few day visitors but clears out completely around sundown.

There is an amazing coral reef just offshore from the far north end of the beach. Snorkelling highly recommended.

Great place only one other group camping. A few day trippers. Nice fisherman. Nice well for washing water. Bring a bucket and Rope. Beautiful marine life.

Very nich beach with local fishermen. We stayed here 4 days, felt very safe, just careful in the sand with the vehicle. If you want to snorkeling go to the end of the beach where you see the rocks.

No fence when we visited (June). People camping on the beach, fishermen since early morning, ATVs... kind of dirty too.

Protip: We had no trouble at all finding a local fisherman to take us a short distance by boat to the Sea Lion colony to the north. You can snorkel in the water with them!

We didn’t camp here but saw a few trailers parked near the cliffs in the arroyo inland, so it shouldn’t be a problem to camp.

You cannot camp there anymore. It's all fenced off. At the only small stretch of the beach with public access camping is not allowed.

Great free campground. Lots of other campers but we did not feel crowded. 3G signal. Beach is sandy and water was warm enough to swim. We saw lots of flying stingrays and some whales. Great snorkeling by the rocks at the foot of the hills.

Just pulled in, several other overlanders parked on the beach side of the road. Haven't been to the village. Telcel service

All private land, large community of shack stay local homes set up. felt kinda sketchy. can't drive on the beach were those Palapas are anymore. they extended the Cabo Pulmo National park to include this area. They seam to be building a nature center for the turtle nesting. There seams as though you could park with the shack homes, but we were concerned about our stuff if we walked the mile or so to the rock and went snorkeling. it would give people plenty of time to take your stuff.

great free spot with a lot of space
water was great for swimming and snorkeling
fishermen are nice
the road from capos is in a bad condition!

- nice place and a lot of free spots

Great beach. First thought the ick and crowded area south of the fishing village was the place but further investigation found the nearly deserted camping next to the beach palapas. Lots of campers in not so nice area but only us and one other by palapas. Two pit toilets. Free

Great place to camp for free.twice a week a truck with some groceries comes.you can also buy drinking water.just ask the other people, some of them lives for month hier.from the fisherman you can buy fresh fish every day.

Great spot!

We stayed here 5 nights for free. Ended up partying on a sailboat in the bay on Christmas! Many friendly expats, and Mexican anglers, families. Great snorkelling near the rocks. There are palapas with a couple pit toilets nearby, though no vehicles allowed in this area, you may pitch a tent there. Tons of space for Rv's, trailers. There is a small colony of mostly permanent residents across the main road, about 200meters back from the beach. Careful driving in the soft sand! We helped bail out 2 vehicles, and saw a few more working at it. (Hint: don't drive a rental sedan on the sand). You can get water, beer, and limited groceries in Cabo Pulmo. We did not trust the well water for much...one guy said he'd fished a rat out a few months back.

nice place to camp, easy access to snorcling area

boondocking with a view and snorkelling

This is a nice free camping beach, with a fisherman village. You can go to the left or the right of the village and camp. But you have to stay back off the first 100 yards or so of beach because it is protected land. The snorkeling and under water activities are why you come here. There are prettier stretches of beach on the peninsula for just camping. If you don't plan to dive or go out on a boat, not sure it's worth it just for the beach.

Many boo docking spots within 100 m of the beach. Spot is known but still lots of room. Flying manta rays and dolphins visible from the beach. Nice snorkelling at the foot of the cliffs

Super nice beach and great snorkeling spot. There were about 50 rv's and lots of them are permanent or semi permanent, most of them away from water, so if you want to camp by beach there are quite a few spots.

There is a fresh water well here

This was a nice place to camp. We hear that in November there may be up to 60 rvs that stay for a few months. When we were here there were only maybe 2 others camping. We walked over and bought fresh tuna steaks from the fisherman for about 50pesos a kilo and had the best meal yet in baja. There are pit toilets near the treed area that these coordinates will take you too, or you can go just a bit further down the road for open beach camping. It's all free

A free beach camp spot outside of a small fishing village. The fishing village looks a bit sketchy, but the fisherman only live there a few days at a time. ~USD Free