Beach place at the Panamericana | Wild Camping



Last Visited: almost 2 years ago
GPS: -21.973570, -70.184360
Altitude: 20.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Wonderful quiet overnight spot on the beach, no infrastructurefor free about 17 km north of Tocopilla turn in the slope and the beach.

Huge amount of seabird life plus penguins on the island


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Latest Check-Ins

Could be a beautiful spot by the sea but there is a lot of trash and the smell is awful. We didn't see penguins but a lot of dogs. No phone signal.

Nice spot with great view on rock island full of pelicans. A lot of trash on the beach. We did not see pinguïns. Sundown was awesome.

A lot of rubbish around, probably the most we have seen on any beach, very smelly, we stopped to see the penguins, sea lions and other birds but did not stay because of the rubbish and smell. Plenty more places to stop and stay and see the penguins and other wildlife along this route.

Area is very trashed but quiet and not visible from the road. I saw 7 penguins and hundreds of other birds on the rock island but you need binoculars. If you go north, there are better (trash free) places to camp near the beach (not on IO)!

nice place, could be if it wasn't for the amount of rubbish all these idiots, without any sense for ....anything! leave behind...what is happening to our planet!! what is happening with education?? enough of that...nice place to stay after coming from the east....

Tranquille, entre les criques, plage de galets

The road is a hard to find and easy to lose. A lot of trash and bird life. Nice sunset and swimming possible. Unfortunately we didn't see any pinguïns.

spot very quiet and very nice, we can swim in the pacific it's very good.

Nice, quiet place, but a lot of trash, glass and nails, so be careful. Penguins usually appear on the island in the afternoon. Some fishermen come for seafood sometimes,but everyone appeared to be friendly.

Nice spot on the coast. If you follow the narrow rocky path to the north it is less rubbishy down the end. Road noise isn't bad - the crashing waves drown it out :)

We were on a moto and put up a tent here. no penguins no sea lions but scenic shoreline. We showed up late and drove all around looking for a good sheltered spot. DO NOT DO THIS! After waking up in the morning I had noticed we Ran over at least 100 nails and very jagged glass from all sorts of broken bottles. In some miracle we never got a puncture but there is loads of rubbish everywhere and burnt pallet wood leavings hundreds of 2" rusty nails all over the place. Quiet and nobody bothered us a single bit.

A great spot but sadly a LOT of rubbish around. Why would anyone spoil such a beautiful place?

The4Dutch. Very nice spot. Entrance changed. Now 300 m earlier from direction Topopilla.

Thousands of birds nesting on the island opposite, what a site. Also lizards and awesome rockpools.
Great free camping spot.

A couple other cars came down but no one minded we were there.

Still a beautiful place to camp (May 2015). No penguins but lots of bird life. The only noise at night is crashing waves. Fishermen's huts still appear abandoned. We saw 2 cars drive by on the peninsula - presumably fishermen. They didn't bother us. In the morning, a local pulled up to talk to us and check us out as we were having breakfast, but he didn't seem to have any issue with us being here.

Island just off shore with huge numbers of seabirds and penguins.

Couple of fisherman's shacks nearby but not occupied.

Wonderful quiet overnight spot on the beach, no infrastructurefor free

about 17 km north of Tocopilla turn in the slope and the beach